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EAR considers releasing new “Wish...” dance remix

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on October 10, 2000 to .

A freshly remixed “Wish I Could Fly,” intended to generate interest in the U.S. release of the “Don’t Bore Us…” Greatest Hits album, was commissioned by Edel America (EAR), but it is now uncertain whether it will be released, even as just a promo.

While the identity of the remixer is undisclosed, it is a dance version intended to be distributed to dance- and CHR/Rhythmic-format radio stations, club DJs, and directly to some nightclubs. The remix is finished, TDR has learned, but was sent back for some minor, last-minute “tweaking.”

As previously reported here, the remix could also possibly be included on a U.S. commercial (retail) version of the single, should the song pick up steam again, and make it onto the Billboard Hot 100 list. Per and Marie’s promo tour, set to conclude today, was expected to produce a major blip on chart and playlist activity, but time will tell about that.

In the meantime, over 70 radio stations have added WICF to their playlist, and the RoxNorthAmeriFans’ “Roxattaq USA” campaign – supported by this e-newspaper – continues to ask for your help, especially in making telephone calls. The goal is to call stations already playing the song, and get them to play it more often.

Editor’s Note: The “cover” photo is for illustration purposes only, and is based on the design of EAR’s “Wish” promo CD single. -LEO

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