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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

US release in fall 1999

Written by roxeteer on December 3, 1998 to .

Expressen tells that after the release of the album in February, Per and Marie are going to make a big 6-months PR tour. However, they are not going to go to the USA, because the album won’t be released there before fall 1999.

“We used to be a guitar band, but now the guitars are almost gone. We’ve tried to make an album that sounds very ’now’ and that’s why we’ve built much of it on the modern technology and programming. And there’s a lot of violins, too”, says Per on Expressen.

Per is not afraid even though the new albums of The Cardigans and Ace Of Base haven’t sold very well. “I think there’s demand for our type of music, more than in 1995-96 when we released our previous album. I’m thinking about hits like Emilia’s ’Big Big World’ and Aerosmith’s ’I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ and bands like Corrs and Savage Garden who sell millions of records”, explains Per.

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