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Fanclub web site under construction

Written by roxeteer on September 10, 2000 to .

The Holland-based Official Roxette Fanclub has put their website “under heavy construction”. The new site will be located on their own server — as soon as the Dutch telecom company has been able to supply their ADSL line.

As a sidenote, they are now linking people to TDR from their news page! We appreciate that.

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Yes, but the fanclub url is printed on every cd cover!

I agree with you, but we have to understand what they are and what they mean. However, the Offical FC support this web.
We’ll see what happen with the new website.

whats about - this side is owned by someone in malmö or sth like that. would be fine to have a side with tdr and a shop and pics and soundclips and so on, u know.

tdr for president (side)


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