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“Wish I Could Fly” climbs on US airplay chart!

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on September 9, 2000 to .

Roxette fans — especially those in the US — are jumping for joy this weekend as WICF moves up three notches to #26 (from 29) on R&R’s (Radio&Records) Adult Contemporary airplay chart.

Furthermore, R&R has given the song a “bullet,” which means they think it has strong potential to keep climbing.

The RoxAttaqUSA team continues to ask for your help in calling radio stations and requesting the song. Fans are being credited with helping “Wish” do well in the States, and this is an especially critical time in the “lifespan” of a potentially hit song.

  • RoxAttaqUSA (See “Forum” for Special Action Request!)

You’ll remember that Billboard Radio selected WICF as a “Pick to Click”, and Edel America is still hoping that the song will appear on a Billboard chart.

Stations adding WICF this week include KOSO Modesto, California; KSII El Paso, Texas; KDAT Cedar Rapids, Iowa; KRNO Reno, Nevada; WOBM Monmouth-Ocean, New Jersey; and WVTI(i-96) in this reporter’s hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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I think it’s great that Roxette is a big hit in the USA again.
You have to think about, how difficult it is today to reach and
convince people that you have a really good single out.
You have to do promotion and a lot of other work. In Europe WICF
was a hit, the other singles maybe wasn’t as big as WICF was, but that what counts
is the music. You can’t say: Oh, “It must have been love” was such a great song,
why “Spending my time” didn’t make it?
But that’s, what many people do I think. In Europe as well as in America.
They follow only certain trends, but not their own choice of music.
If you liked Roxette’s (really cool) POP-Music, you’ll like it forever... like I do....

I couldn’t have received a better new today, I do feel happy for Per and Marie, they both have worked hard and deserve more than that position but time will say if americans are wise enough and have a good musical a ROXETTE fan I am too happy to even say it ....way to go guys!!!!!


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