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Sign a petition to save T&A studio

Written by roxeteer on September 9, 2000 to .

During this week, Julieta Vasta and Jorge Diaz have been working on a site where fans will be able to write what they feel about the demolition of T&A. The messages will then be sent to Halmstad’s major Göran Hegen.

Julieta and Jorge are asking Hegen to consider the facts that the T&A building has special historical significance and demolition of the building would mean losing 20 years of the city’s own history. T&A has also, in part, increased tourism in Halmstad as Roxette fans from all over the world have travelled to visit the place.

“So, please, remember that your little help is crucial now…” asks Julieta. Go and sign the petition now!

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I tell you people T&A can be saved.
I am an architect and my specialness is architectonical preservation and restoration. And i tell you it can be saved.
Are there any lawyers and architects in Sweden interested in this issue? Their help could be crucial. I don’t know Swedish law (i am from Mexico so that’s why i am asking for Swedish architects and lawyers) but i do know all the theorical basis we can use to save T&A and i know too what to look for on Swedish law to support any petition.
Please, contact me.
If we are fighting we must do it the right way. I am signing every single petition out there but i believe that when petitions are accompanyied with legal and theorical basis they can produce a major impact on authorities.
If there are no architects or lawyers around, i still can tell anyone in Sweden who is willing to make some research what to look for on Swedish law.
Please, we need to stand together in this. I really really believe it can be saved.

–A.G. [email protected]

Sure! we will contact you! thx you so much for you support! and also thx Visa for you help!!!.

Save your efforts, this is futile! The building is old and crappy, if PG and MP don’t want it, why would you?
It’s not exactly Abbey Road we’re talking about here... Waste your time on something better.


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