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Historic T&A recording studio to be torn down

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on September 2, 2000 to .

There are plans for Gyllene Tider and Roxette’s recording studio, where Per Gessle developed some of Roxette’s world hits, to be demolished to make way for a new road.

The Halmstad Kommun plans to construct the new “Coast” expressway right were the studio is located. Plans are for the contents of the studio to be moved to central Halmstad where Mats Persson, guitarist in Gyllene Tider who wrote some of Roxette’s most known songs together with Per, has already bought a building to be used for a new studio.

Studio Styr, renamed T&A Studio at the suggestion of Anders Herrlin — who got the idea from the Rolling Stones song “Little T & A” — has been used as a recording studio for the past 16 years. Four US #1’s, “The Look”, “Listen To Your Heart”, “It Must Have Been Love,” and “Joyride” have taken form there.

The door, full of messages from fans, will be placed in Leif’s Lounge at the Hotel Tylösand.

In addition to a recording studio, the rear of the building has been used by the Boy Scouts.

Many fans are upset by these plans, and a “petition” drive is underway in an attempt to save the building.

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I thought it was co -owned by Per and Matts, whatever who wants a new road anyway, there isn’t much out that way to put a new road to.

Wonder if they’ll auction any bits.......I want the brick(s) that i signed!!!!!!!!

Why this? They already got a big highway near Halmstad. Why should they build anotherone? Please publish the E-mail adress of the Government of Halmstad and ask all roxers in the world to send an E-mail to demand the preservation of the T&A studio. Not somewhere else, but on the original spot.

The Halmstads “Kommun” (townHall? wel.. the authorities.. whatever...)
site is:

and the general email:
[email protected]

There are more email addresses in
but I don’t know the meaning of all of them...
I already wrote one email to the address above.. Just do the same ;P

also wrote to reproters :DD
I sent an email to Jan-Owe Wikström u know, he’s quite related to Roxette / GT.. so.. maybe he helps – [email protected]


NOOOOOOOOOOO!! They can’t do that!! Are they nuts??? Doesn’t have Per any idea what this studio means to all of us fans?? Doesn’t it mean anything to him anymore?? For a FUCKING ROAD?? Who needs another road to Gullbrandstorp...there never was much traffic...if Per and Mats are building a new studio somewhere in the city, the great possibilty of meeting them is over FOREVER....!! (Cause I never would sit in front of their private houses!!!! And I’m sure they will protect the new building with fences or whatever.)
I spent so many meaningful hours in front of this’ll wear black forever...That can’t be...

A Highway...yeah..I’ve nothing against Highways but there is enough space in the near of the studio! WHY do they want to put this f”§$%ing road thru the studio?? And who needs a highway to tiny small Gullbrandstorp/Haverdal/Harplinge?? I really can’t understand and accept this!!!!
T&A lies in the middle of of nothing...only farmer houses and fields around! The idea of building a Highway there is the most stupid idea of this young millennium (in my humble opinion)!

Hi! Please check and let´s try to save it! ;)


Because NOTHING is as horrible as FANSEN-TERROR!!!!!!!!!!!

My heart is broken!
First of all because i am a die-hard Roxette fan. And second because i am an architect and my especialness is architectonical restoration and preservation.

I don’t intend to list here all the facts that make T&A suitable to be rescued, because you all know them. I just want to offer my counsel on architectonical preservation theory.

Why? Well, if we are fighting we should do it the right way. I mean, any petition sholud be accompanyied with the legal and theorical basis in order to produce a major impact on authorities.
Are there any Swedish lawyers or architects? I don’t know Swedish law but i do know what to look for on Swedish law to have a basis.

Email me, i really think that studio can be saved, but we need to stand together.



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