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Back pain forced Per to start training

Written by roxeteer on August 28, 2000 to .

Per will leave for the US promotional tour in better shape than ever. He actually dropped his weight 10 kilos in a rather short time. “It was the slipped disc that forced me to change my lifestyle and start training,” he says in Aftonbladet. Now goes jogging and works out in a gym. He didn’t need a strict diet to lose weight. “You don’t need one when you train,” Per says.

Per speaks about how easy it is to become lazy when one gets older. Now, however, he thinks he’s in a good shape. “I will be Sweden’s answer to Warren Beatty,” he says laughing.

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i think per looks wonderful with his new look!!!! in summer i recognized him being less fat *g*.no per looks great anyway.

cu out there

He’s really dressed for success!

Please translate the whole article...

mmm he looks pale he was chubby, he looked like he is as a a teenager. His “hamstercheeks” were so cute (the four of ’em...hehe)! :-))
But I dunno why he didn’t let it fix by the doc. Would be less trouble. This way, “only” doin’ some training, the disc is still slipped. Training just gets some pain off.


that’s true. does anybody have an idea, why roxette did’t use the color BLUE on album covers?,white,red,orange,pink(&green),brown... but blue...never heard of it mister karl-magnus...

about HAIR: per with darkbrown shorter hair would be fine, but marie looks great right now (on the äntligen cover and on the concert pics from

About bloody time ;)

Jordan: may I ask if you’ve got a crush on Per? ;-) You’d be the first male Perfreak I know! :-))) (Finally a male Gessle-“Girl” for a change!Interesting!)


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