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Roxette song in a Hollywood movie!

Written by roxeteer on July 15, 1999 to .

Roxette’s “It Will Take A Long, Long Time” will be featured in the movie “Runaway Bride”, scheduled to open “wide” on July 30th.

Director Garry Marshall reunites with leading lovers Julia Roberts and Richard Gere for another go at the gold (Pretty Woman made nearly a half-billion dollars worldwide). Roberts plays Maggie, a commitment-fearing woman who has left so many men at the altar that a feisty reporter, Ike (Gere), wants to do a story on her. The two don’t get along at first, but will they eventually find L-O-V-E together? Hector Elizondo and Joan Cusack add color as Ike and Maggie’s best friends, respectively. Look for Runaway Bride to do the boffo business expected of any Roberts vehicle, even though some early reviews of the movie have been negative.

The Roxette song does not appear on the soundtrack album due, in part, to the fact that it is being released by Sony Records.

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