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Roxette to perform at Virgin Times Square

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on August 19, 2000 to .

The U.S. release of Roxette’s greatest hits album will be launched at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square, New York, on Wednesday, September 27, and the record label, along with Per and Marie, want you to be there.

Roxette will make an in-store appearance and perform several songs from the CD, “Don’t Bore Us… Get To The Chorus,” including “Wish I Could Fly” which is currently being played on scores of American radio stations, with more being added every week.

Marie and Per will be arriving in New York from Boston following their appearance at MixFest on the previous Saturday.

Directly across the street from Virgin is the Viacom building, home of both MTV and VH1. The U.S. RoxAttaq, with the support of fans around-the-world, has been trying to get the “Wish..” video to be shown on these networks. According to Edel America (EAR), the RoxAttaq is having an effect, with VH1 in particular showing interest now. An EAR spokesperson said “We’re so happy with the support the fans have been giving us. This RoxAttaq you guys are doing couldn’t be more important right now, as we try to get even more radio stations to add ’Wish’ to their playlist.” EAR hopes to see Times Square overrun with Roxette fans that Wednesday. “We really want the fans to be there,” said the spokesperson. “Per and Marie are eager to connect with their American fans again.”

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anyone know around what time of day? I will be there!!

This is awesome... I’ll be in Boston but not too sure about New York. Brian: If you read this, contact me! I’m in Kitchener... I like to keep up with fans in the area!
Chris - [email protected]

Would those of you not registered as “subscribers” to TDR please do so! Thanks.

OK, so now that VH1 is FINALLY showing interest in the video, I think we should concentrate all our requesting efforts now in MTV and VH1, since those channels are broadcasted all over the US, even in those areas where WICF hasn’t been added (like LA & NYC).

Why? Because the WICF video was directed by Arkelund and we should take advantage of the ArkerlundMANIA all over the US. And also, note that the video is *VERY HOT* (the gorgeous blonde showing her breasts). SO, IF WE MAKE MTV & VH1 SHOW THE VIDEO, IT WILL BE AN INSTANT HIT! (with all those perverts flooding the station with requests... LOL!).

So, start requesting WICF at MTV & VH1!. Cheers. M.


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