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Fan publishes concert diary on the Net

Written by roxeteer on August 8, 2000 to .

Simon Gledhill, a fan of Marie also known as simes or essjaygee, has dedicated a site to Marie’s summer tour. He attended at four of Marie’s concerts and has now published pictures and a diary from his trip, “to share the enjoyment of the Marie Äntligen tour”. The site will still be updated, because he’s soon leaving to Sweden third time this summer to see Marie on stage in her last concert in Uppsala.

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great work Simes!!!!!!

I love it when people miss the point entirely ... :)

The whole point of this site is not about how many concerts I went to; or about who is a die-hard fan or who isn’t. But to share in the pleasure that I had from being there. I am not trying to score points but to share a little of what I enjoyed with everyone else.

Also trying to present the site in an attractive and entertaining way. Telling of the experience of “going home” to Sweden after being away for 10 years.

Well, I don’t think Simes’ intention was to have “the best Äntligen tour site”, whereas yours pretends to be.
Why all this fuss about it? Why don’t you just make a site for yourself and the fans that want to visit it and skip the competition part?
Simes’ idea was great! I have fun reading his log :-)

Wish we could have made it to the concerts. Hopefully there will be a video released from this tour. Rox On! DnT.

To Martin:
How do you know the “strange” fans singing along didn’t understand what they were singing? I’m from Switzerland and I speak swedish, among other languages! And besides, I don’t think Marie is embarrassed about any fan, having a good time at her concerts!

To Simon: Thanks for the great work! I read everything and looked at each photograph. Really nice! I’m the girl standing behind you in Sölvesborg.


Sorry I forgot to log-in - that was me - S|mes above !!

Take care!!

Well said Simesy!!!! What is it with Roxette fans who have to try and out do each other????? It doesn’t matter if you went to none or all concerts but its nice to share the memories which is what Simey’s sites all about.

To “Martin”, I don’t understand what you mean by saying that Marie must have been embarrassed when some “strange” fans screamed along... etc. etc. I don’t think that they were strange to her because they have been her fans for 12 years and I know she knows them. And they all speak or understand Swedish fairly well, so they understand what Marie sings about. I don’t think that you know them at all, so you shouldn’t judge them like that. And I think it’s more embarrassing if you don’t sing along at all and show no support to her during a concert. She loves that and you know it if you are a big fan of her. She likes any style. Even the “rainbow”style, so don’t say things like that.... ciao N.


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