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Marie as the cover girl of Finnair’s in-flight magazine

Written by roxeteer on August 7, 2000 to .

“Soaking up the summer with Marie Fredriksson” says the front cover of June-July issue of Blue Wings, Finnair’s in-flight magazine. The magazine contains a 3-page interview with Marie, including some very nice pictures from the shooting of “Anyone” and some more recent pictures, one of them right there on the front cover.

The article is about Marie’s summer tour, but it also covers some bits of her past. They mention that “the Internet has been buzzing with requests for her to get back on stage” and that “it was strong pressure from fans that finally got her back on tour”.

Marie is described as a strong performer. “Otherwise quiet and reserved, and even serious, according to some, she undergoes a personality change on stage, where she’s in her element. You can see she’s brimming with confidence, and obviously enjoys the adulation received by a born performer.”

But Marie hasn’t always been high on self-confidence. “I was 30 when we were an international success. Of course, it was fantastic, but, at the same time, I had an empty feeling inside. A difficult time in my life,” Marie tells. Everything changed when Marie met her husband-to-be Mikael Bolyos and had her first child. Her life settled into a better balance. “The basis for marriage is a good relationship. That’s what I have. I’m very lucky to have such a good husband,” Marie says.

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would it be possible to scan the pix and the article?

A user of The Daily Roxette seems to have a problem with this article. He/she thinks that this information was old and thus isn’t worth mentioning. However, I think some other users may find this interesting. What do you think?

I’ll be in Stockholm this week, so I won’t be able to scan them before next week. Sorry...

Some people is just jealous about others doing a great job in the net, so they just have to show out their anger... *S* just ignore them, as if you want to bring up news from 5 years ago!

We love your site Visa :)

I’d actualy like a copy of the mag ;)
Anyone flying Finnair?????? ;)

Heh... The problem is that it was June-July issue and when I got it, it was already August. The pics are now posted online. You can find them at


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