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Patrik Isaksson guest star in Stockholm concert

Written by roxeteer on August 2, 2000 to .

We’ve received some unconfirmed tidbits about Marie’s tour.

Marie herself has said that Patrik Isaksson will be special guest star in Stockholm concert next week.

TV4’s tour documentary will be either 35 or 60 minutes (as reported by 2 different cameramen). They have shot footage in Halmstad and Varberg and will shoot some more in the Stockholm. (Thanks Simon!)

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Wonder if he’ll go to Uppsala to, would be kewlies ;)

actually when Marie told me about the DVD, I asked her about Patrik being in Sthlm concert, she said that she’s asked him to join her there, as a special thing, BUT that he has another show in Sthlm the same night, so “we’ll see” she said.... So she didn’t confirm this 100%
And then, in Malm√∂ concert there was a cameraman aswell, filming the audience and some parts of the concert. But since I don’t know the guys filming the other concerts I don’t know if it was the same TV4 or not...

so yeah he came up on stage to sing Det som var nu :P yesterday hehe


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