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Another remix of “Wish I Could Fly” in the works

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on July 31, 2000 to .

Edel America (EAR) is considering commissioning yet another remix of Wish I Could Fly, looking for an even more “updated” sound than that of the Todd Terry or Stonebridge remixes. Should EAR go ahead with such plans, the record would be released to “dance” format radio stations and club DJs. It could also possibly be included on a U.S. commercial (retail) version of the single, should the song continue to do extremely well on radio and make it onto the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Over 65 radio stations in the U.S. have added WICF to their playlists in the first week, and a fan-based “Roxattaq” is underway at

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Any idea of who will make the new remix?

Although the original WICF remixes were good, they are not
“Roxette”. A trek back to the earlier days of remixes should be
used as a model for WICF. Who doesn’t love The Look Head
Drum Mix, Dressed for Success Success Mix, Dangerous Waste
of Vinyl, Joyride MagicFriend, How Do You Do and Knockin’ on
Every Door BomKrask Remix? The essence of the song has to
remain, with the remix making a great song even better.
Rox On! DnT

Oh joy....another remix, well let’s hope it won’t be as bad as the last ones.

I like to know if WICF is in the hit list in the USA?? tell me a soon as posibble
rox-on d-san


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