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Raving review of “Wish I Could Fly” in Billboard

Written by roxeteer on July 31, 2000 to .

A recent issue of Billboard Magazine had an absolutely raving review of “Wish I Could Fly”.

Swedish duo Roxette scored nine top 40 hits during its U.S. heyday in the early ’90s, including four No. 1 songs (remember “The Look” and “It Must Have Been Love”?). But what many don’t realize is that after EMI stopped promoting the band here, it continued to thrive overseas, maintaining a level of depth and soulfulness that far exceed what we call pop music on these shores. Thankfully, Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle have been signed to Edel America, with a greatest-hits album heading this way Sept. 26. The first release—the most-played single across Europe last year, according to Edel—is an extraordinary ballad with all the juice of previous winners like “Spending My Time” and “Listen to Your Heart.” Like those titles, “Fly” begins wistfully, then builds methodically with elegant aplomb, never crossing the line into melodrama. Foremost is its rich, melodic palette, the ever-potent vocals of the astounding Fredriksson, and the song’s production, always one of Roxette’s strongs suits. “I Wish I Could Fly” is truly a magnificent anthem, the kind of song that possesses such personality, it will etch the times of listeners’ lives. An ecstatic moment for top 40 and its mainstream sisters. Don’t overthink it; just add it.

This review is not in Billboard’s online edition.

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So Billboard really like WICF eh? (smile)

WICF is a great song- very commerical and ideal for release.
However, in Australia it didn’t do much. There has been no
promotion at all for HAND, or any of the singles. While we bought
WICF single here, we got the remixes imported from the Rox
I’Nat FanClub, and subsequently got Anyone, Stars and Salvation
imported, as they were not even released here. Talk about
slack. EMI need a boot up the ass! There’s room for a great
band like Roxette over here, seeming there’s so much SHIT
on the radio and in the charts. We never listen to the charts,
only Rox and related music. Rox On! DnT.

Here in Sydney I did everything I could to get them to play WICF when it was first released but they never did.

I hope it turns out to be a huge success in the States and then I’am going to be the first person to e-mail 2dayfm in Sydney and tell them just how wrong they were in not playing it, not even giving it a chance!!!!


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