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Special PR for “Stars” in Holland

Written by roxeteer on July 17, 1999 to .

In Holland, EMI is going to release 3 different “Stars” singles in 3 weeks, one release each week. Here are the tracklistings and release dates:

  • July 30 (cardboard sleeve)

    1. “Stars” (Almighty remix)
    2. “Better Off On Her Own”
    3. “Stars”

  • August 4 (jewelcase)

    1. “Stars” (Almighty remix)
    2. “Better Off On Her Own”
    3. “I Was So Lucky” (demo)
    4. “7Twenty7” (demo)

  • August 11 (jewelcase)

    1. “Stars” (Almighty 7” mix)
    2. “Stars” (Almighty 12” definitive mix)
    3. “Stars” (Almighty dub)
    4. “Stars” (Almighty alternate 12”)
    5. “Stars” (X-treme extended mix)

EMI Holland is seems to be really sure that “Stars” will be a major hit!

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