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US radio directors praise “Wish I Could Fly”

Written by roxeteer on July 25, 2000 to .

Hitmakers Online (see the previous article) lists comments of Music Directors and Program Directors of American radio stations on the new releases. Many of them mention Roxette’s brand new US single, “Wish I Could Fly”. Here are the best bits:

  • Rick Vaughn, APD, KHTS, San Diego:

    “Don’t think this one’s just a novelty, spend some time with it.”

  • Jim Allen, APD, KRSK, Portland:

    “This could be a surprise hit in our format!”

  • Ted Striker, PD, WILN, Panama City:

    “I heard this at the Conclave and I love it. It’s got a cool, moody sound and the video is provacative and really cool. I’ll be one of the people to get this record rockin’!”

  • Beau Derek, MD, WNDV, South Bend:

    “We tested this and it did very well.”

  • Jeff ’Hitman’ Dewitt, MD, KIXY, San Angelo:

    “Great upper-demo record! It’s perfect for your middays.”

  • Brent Ackerman, PD, KROC, Rochester, MN:

    “I really think this sounds like Roxette at their peak. It’s got a great retro feel to it.”

  • J. Love, MD, Q95, Detroit:

    “I’m vibing it!”

  • Kevin Palana, PD/MD, WQGN, New London:

    “This is surprisingly better than what I thought it was going to sound like.”

  • Tommy Bo Dean, MD, WZEE, Madison:

    “There’s definitely something to this.”

  • Bruce Wayne, Interim PD/MD, WMC-FM, Memphis

    “Great f#%king record!”

The remixes of “Wish I Could Fly” also gets very positive feedback:

  • Mark Perry, MD, KSMB, Lafayette:

    “The Dance remix is out of this world! It will probably be a hit in the clubs, in our area at least.”

  • Mark Perry, MD, KSMB, Lafayette:

    “This is a good song. Check out the club mix.”

  • Krash Kelly, MD, KSMB, Lafayette:

    “Check out the remix. It should be the single.”

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