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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Marie: “This tour is for my fans”

Written by roxeteer on July 11, 2000 to .

The Swedish newspaper Metro has an interview with Marie who is preparing to leave on her summer tour. The tour begins today in Borgholm.

“My fans launched a website where people could write messages to me,” Marie tells. “There were people from South America, USA, England and other countries who wrote that I ’must go on tour in Sweden’. And that’s what made me to do it. This tour is for my fans.”

The compilation album “Äntligen” has already sold over 170,000 copies. “It’s fantastic. In fact, I haven’t fully understood it yet. It’s an enormous number of records these days when the record sales in general are reducing, partly because of the Internet. It feels like this is the album that many people have been longing for,” says Marie.

Marie’s previous solo tour was in 1992 with only indoor venues. This summer tour will consist of only outdoor venues, but for Marie it’s routine after Roxette’s huge world tours. “I’m used to perform in big arenas where you have to be prepared to stand out,” she says.

Marie’s band on the tour will be Mikael Bolyos, Staffan Astner, Christer Jansson, Mats Persson, Frank Ådahl and Katarina Millton.

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