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Written by roxeteer on July 10, 2000 to .

Roxattaq USA website at has published the confirmed tracklisting for the revised US version of “Don’t Bore Us - Get To The Chorus!” compilation.

  1. Wish I Could Fly
  2. Stars
  3. The Look
  4. Dressed For Success
  5. Listen To Your Heart
  6. Dangerous
  7. It Must Have Been Love
  8. Joyride
  9. Fading Like A Flower
  10. Spending My Time
  11. Church Of Your Heart
  12. How Do You Do
  13. Almost Unreal
  14. Sleeping In My Car
  15. Crash! Boom! Bang!
  16. You Don’t¬†Understand Me

The album is due to be out in September. This will be the first release by Roxette’s new US record label, Edel America Records.

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According to previous TDR articles 13/16 songs on this album charted in the US. But how well did HDYD, Almost Unreal, SIMC and CBB do?! Did CBB even chart?

I’m really curious how well it will chart. I still think they should take STARS for the first single. It’s more outstanding than WISH I COULD FLY.

I think that Stars shouldn’t be there. Instead of Stars they could put Crush On You and release it as a first single and then, Wish I could fly. It’s bad to start with a ballad as a first single. Look all the other firsts singles: “The Look”, “Joyride”, “How do you do!” “Sleeping in my car”. All of them are fast songs!!!

I can’t believe they left out “She doesn’t live here anymore”!!! I think they could have included “Crush on you”, just to give it one last shot at the HAND songs. It seems like they made this album with the “law of the minimum effort” while the new album is ready. I just hope WICF and Stars do well in the charts.

I think the point of releasing a US version of DBUGTTC is to include songs that have been released as singles in the US!!! Run to You, Vulnerable, IDWTGH, June afternoon, Fireworks was not even released in the US! It would be like releasing a greatest hits with only songs that were not videos like Cry, The Rain or Sleeping Single. I think the tracklisting is perfect.

Yes,I absolutely agree that the compilation must include only hits that made it to the top in the States and the new tracks from HAND.As I remember the C!B!B! was set in the McDonalds’ restaurants only and maybe the tracks like SIMC, Fireworks, RTY have to be released as a new material.Also from the HAND tracks, I think COY is brilliant to burst thru to the americans.Amber was hit in LA , so maybe Stars is not such a bad choice for tha States.

They don’t want to make mistakes... It’s OK they release every song that charted in the US, IT’S A GREATEST HITS!. Plus some more that were never heard there, the real good stuff: YDUM co-written with a well known to americans songwriter and WICF and Stars worked OK in Europe. I think they should’ve taken the risk of incluiding and even releasing COY as second single there. It’s a very intelligent song... anyways I want to wait what Gessle is preparing to release next year... AND they could release a non-album single also if they work really well.

They should still have ALL the 18 TRACKS! plus the NEW SONGS!!!!!!!!
They should have a DOUBLE CD!!!
“She Doesn’t.....” should be released in the US!!! and also “I Don’t Want To....”.
They MUST release 5 powerful songs before the release of their new album in May, 2000!!!!!!!!!
Remember! They should have a DOUBLE CD!!! They should not delete any tracks.

Every fan has a different taste. That’s why they should not delete any tracks

Well, I have collected all albums of Roxette including Per Gessle’s The world according to,but not Balads en Espanol as i am not into Spanish.I also have the previous dont bore us collection(1995 EMI Swenska AB).I like the tracklist,though i think Knockin on everydoor should have been included.the problem is shall I buy this one or not,as i have all the songs,its just that i have this huge hunger to update my collection of Roxette albums,or shall i wait for the new album out next year.Please help me,mail your comments on [email protected]


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