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TV4 working on tour documentary

Written by roxeteer on July 21, 2000 to .

The Swedish TV4 is working on a documentary on Marie’s summer tour. Footage for the film has been shot at least in the Halmstad concert, where they filmed Marie’s performance and the audience and interviewed fans. The documentary is due to be broadcasted in autumn. (Thanks to Mari!)

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Well I am already looking for a friends in Sweden(not only for the tape).If you want to e-mail me, go on and do it at [email protected].
Anything about me?
I am 21 years old radio DJ in the capital city of Sofia , Bulgaria. More...if you e-mail me.

Wahey! I’ll be in that docu!!!
they interviewed a Marie-lookalike next to me for about 4 minutes and the camera-dood ran around filming the 1st row several times :-)))

Oh oh....I just remember that there was a cameraman from TV 4 in Varberg standing in front of us...standing in the first row of course...ooh oh...Who will send me a copy??? ;))

I’ll be in that docu. They interviewed me about five minutes. Stupid questions like “what’s your fave Marie-song, why you like Marie” etc. I hope they don’t cut me off.


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