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Per: “Now we just hope that fans still remember us”

Written by roxeteer on May 31, 2000 to .

According to Aftonbladet, Roxette’s record deal for the USA is not signed yet, but it will be in the next few days. Per and Marie are very enthusiastic, even though Roxette hasn’t released an album in the States since 1994, mostly because of problems with EMI’s US branch.

Things started to get worse in 1991 when “grunge guru” Gary Gersh became EMI USA’s chief. “After that it was only grunge and Beastie Boys that mattered,” says Per in Expressen. “We did all that we could to have EMI USA not release our greatest hits compilation in 1995.”

Now a revised compilation will be released by small record label Edel America and Per is very optimistic. “The US market is very conservative. In England, it’s impossible to be an ’80s band and make a comeback. But if you’ve had hits in the US, you get respect,” he said. And hits Roxette has made: 13 out of 16 songs on their greatest hits compilation have been on the US chart.

“Now we just hope that the fans in the US still remember us,” says Per in Aftonbladet.

According to Expressen, a new Roxette album will be released internationally in March 2001.

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Just one comment worries me.
The bit about it being impossible in England, does that mean they’re giving up on us???
Looks like it, still good news for the US deal, hope it all goes to plan.

No, I don’t think so. In the UK, Roxette has been releasing stuff all the time. In the US, however, we are talking about a comeback – which means a lot of work.
This doesn’t mean that everything’s well in the UK but that there hasn’t been a 6-year period without any Roxette releases.

No, but there has been a 6 year period with no promotion , terrible chart positions and almost obsucurity.

Incorrect Vicky: There were releases in 95 (C!B!B! material), 96 You Don’t Understand Me & June Afternoon (They appeared on several TV programs at the time to promote YDUM. Per released his solo album in 97, which was promoted by a mail shot and included details of the forthcoming HAND album.

And you fail to realize that YDUM and June Afternoon falied to chart.
The only decent chart position from C!B!B! was Sleeping In My Car.
Get my point?

Vixter: “Wish I Could Fly” entered at #11 on the UK chart... that’s actually higher than the third single from Texas’ latest album, and we all know how big they are over there. Also, “Don’t Bore Us...” entered at #3, so EMI must have been doing something right five years ago!

Woody I agree with what you’ve said.
Roxtexanet - as for DBUGTC entering the chart at #3, well I must have missed that particular chart and no EMI aren’t doing alot right.
Yes WICF did enter at #11 which was very good for a single that had hardly any air play on the radio....mmm was that due to promotion??? who knows.
They didn’t bother releasing Anyone, Stars never charted (lack of promo) and Salvation wasn’t released either.
Just one last comment....... YDUM never charted, June Afternoon was released in August!!!! and also never charted.
Whatever happend to SDLHA or are we not part of Europe anymore?.

I don’t think roxette is completely forgotten, because radio stations are still playing their old hits. At least I know I haven’t forgotten them, and a number of my friends still have rox cd’s!



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