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Per speaks about HAND’s lack of success

Written by roxeteer on May 29, 2000 to .

“Have A Nice Day” wasn’t as big a success as Roxette had hoped. The album has so far sold “only” 1.9 million copies. Per thinks there are several reasons for this.

“Looking back, I think now that the album feels a bit uneven,” says Per. “And, we simply chose the wrong single tracks.” Per thinks that “Wish I Could Fly” was a good choice, but the second single “Anyone” wasn’t. “Ballads traditionally are not very strong summer singles.”

“It was the English EMI that had pressure on us — against the wish from the European headquarters — to release ’Anyone’ as the second single. And that’s what we did. But when it flopped, England didn’t want to release it at all.”

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Per, always breaking the rules! Fuck EMI UK and “be anyone you wanna be”!

I hate to say it, but there were about X million fans saying “don’t release any more ballads”...
Per then says “well, Salvation is a nice song, isn’t it?”, which it is, but even more so a ballad.

HOPEFULLY They learn from their mistakes and release the new album with a real fast and catchy song (like “Crush on you”).
But i bet, they won´t. It´s the same procedure every time a new album is released....

Personaly I’ve never rated EMI UK’s opinion at all.
Why the hell did they listen to them????
The problem is I think it’s given Roxette the impression that we don’t love em over here anymore which isn’t true.
Time to find a decent record company over here also????
I think so!!!
EMI UK don’t care about an artist they care about ££££££.

Hahahaha.. this made me chuckle... Oh EMI did this... EMI said that... MY ARSE!

The fans have said time and time again that ballads do not work in the summer and you got burnt.

It’s pointless crying about it now, grow and evolve from YOUR mistakes and show the world what a true force Roxette can be.

So steven you know what really went on then???
Enlighten us all.

Yeah it was you Vixzter... it’s all your fault.

Really? I belive everyword you say.
I must go and punish myself.

*yawn* duh...

Punishing myself as I type. *note sarcasm*

If you really wanna punish yourself, you only have to read your uninformed and highly emmotional comments. Get a grip!

LOL and which were they???? sorry I must have missed something. ;)


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