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Edel America Records – Roxette’s new label in the US

Written by roxeteer on May 29, 2000 to .

Roxette has finally found a suitable record company to release their material in the USA. Instead of choosing a giant like Sony or Warner, Per and Marie have reached an agreement with a smaller company called Edel America Records, whose parent, Edel Records, is based in Germany.

“We wouldn’t be an important artist for Sony or Warner. But for Edel, we are. We’ll get the highest priority there,” Per and Marie report in an interview published by Hallandsposten.

This new deal is the reason for the delay in the production of the new Roxette album. The album was supposed to be released in the autumn, but is now postponed until February 2001. Then it will be released world-wide — including the USA.

“Have A Nice Day” won’t be released in the US at all. However, Edel will release an updated version of the “Don’t Bore Us - Get To The Chorus” compilation in the autumn. The new version will contain “Wish I Could Fly” and “Stars” from “Have A Nice Day”.

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I think that no companies want Rox in USA. Our band is down here now... Try with Marie and her wonderful CD (it’s a joke, Gyllene back!!!) :-)

It’s still better than nothing at all! And the fact that DBUGTTC is released there will get people remembering Roxette before they release the new album. Maybe if they have success Sony or Warner will want them!
Oh and from all the available artists, I only recognize Jennifer Paige, but hey, her albums get lots of promotion and her songs/videos loads of airplay. So, it shouldn’t be a bad deal...

First of all I had heard of Edel Before Roxette signed with them. Being singed to a smaller company is better becuse liek per said you become a higher prioity, remember EMI records is the 4th biggest record company in the world and look what they;ve done for roxette.
Good Luck to them


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