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Do You Want Fries With That?

Written by roxeteer on May 18, 2000 to .

Did you know that Roxette has already made their new album’s website public? No?!? Me neither.

The “new album” is called “Do You Want Fries With That?” and it won’t be found in the Roxette section of any record store…

This website contains a fierce parody of Roxette and their material. Don’t get offended!

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LOL!!! OMG, you gotta love this site! I partcularly like “We’re doing techno cause it worked for Cher,
worked for Cher, worked for Cher”. Ahahaha! I just wished Per would actually visit this site ;-) “Stagnation”! Hehe! “King Kooper”!
And the funny thing is that I recognize some of the people portraied on the “Ask per” section. Groovy at the least!

hehehe.. i luv the site!!
BTW, my standard nickname is Gee / GeeBabe... (see Ask Per 4 more....)

My God! This site gave me the biggest laugh I had EVER, even more than the ’Join The Flummeride’ Movie!!!
I was crying when I read ’Marie’s Page’, cuz she was a Savage Garden fan and tried to make Roxette flop - LOL!!!
Whoever you are, please keep on making more things like those!


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