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US compilation album to be released in August

Written by roxeteer on May 17, 2000 to .

According to an answer on’s “Ask Per” section, Roxette will be releasing a new compilation album in the States this August. Unfortunately, this also means that the “Have A Nice Day” album won’t be released in the US at all. However, Per says that some songs from “Have A Nice Day” might turn up on the new compilation album.

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1 comment

this is going to be great for Rox...i mean...the states
havent heard from them since God knows when...
i live in Mexico,so all Rox material gets here directly
from the US material at all since 4 or 5 years
ago...most of SouthAmerica is in the same situation so
Rox is losing easy...2 or 3 millions fans for lack of material
except of course Argentina and Brazil...
Good for them...hope its a good compilation,though...


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