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Per indicates new Roxette single slated for January release

Written by roxeteer on May 7, 2000 to .

Comments by Per, published in a Göteborgsposten article, indicate that the next Roxette single will be released in January. The new album — which is already being produced — will be released a month after that.

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ok, so this means that they will be postponing the release again and again, just like they did with HAND. Wasn’t it supposed to come out around autumn? Bleh...

(sigh), this is so despressing. Didn’t they learn anything from the mistakes with the release of HAND and it’s singles??? Here we go again!

Great thinking again! If they release it in January they don’t have
to go through the hassle of selling lots of records for X-mas!
Hopefully the DVD will be released in January as well... (if ever).
Wait a minute, this must leave enough room for the Crush-single?

sometimes i think, why we have yo wait so much, we know that evry‘record have a delay, always, but if Emi has decided to pospone the new release, what about Crush on you!, I´m sorry but i am hating this fucking record company, sorry about my english. another tip, i hope the next album carry them to argentina.

I can understand the delay and I half expected it anyway.
What with Marie touring almost the whole of the summer they aren’t gonna find time to do all the stuff to make the album great.
The longer it takes the better it will be, well that’s my theory anyway!
So what if it takes a little longer! I think sometimes people forget what is involved in making an album.
I’ll still buy it whenever it comes out wether it be 2000, 2001 or 2010 ;)

I am also not suprised at the release date. I Think Both Per and Marie need time to recharge their batteries, (I don’t think a small tour around Sweden will be too taking for Marie). All we need for this album to be successfull is a good first single and promotion. Both of these things are out of our hands, so there’s nothing much we can do but wait.
P.S. A tour would be nice too!

Roxette.... a band that used to be famous :-)

Too bad tho, that Crush On You wont be release as single while there’s plenty of time left since the new album has been delayed. EMI sucks, that’s for sure, so I don’t understand what Roxette is doing with EMI anyway.
Hopefully the next album will be smashing so they will be back on track like in the early 90’s...

Yup EMI sux for sure ;) but I should think the descision to delay the album was partly Per and Marie’s anyway.


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