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30 second snippet of “Radio”

Written by tevensso on December 19, 2010 to , and . Source: has published a snippet of Roxette's new single "She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)".

What she got she got to let somebody find it
– "Really?"
What she got is not for her to keep alone
– "Oh!"
Nobody’s got a clue if there is such a reason
Why she wanna play it o-on her own

She’s got nothing on but the radio
She’s a passion play
And like the break of day
She takes my breath away…


Liked it, can’t wait for the album to go onto Amazon to preview now :-)
Hopefully they will tour in the UK...

Amazing song!!!!

Sound Great!!!

Per Singing the lead, like all good rox songs!

Sounds like a hit to me! :)

Can anybody share this snippet for downloading? I’m out of PC for some days, so my only way how to listen it, is to download it to my phone. Thanks.

Good Morning everybody!
The snippet sounds great, but what should I say?
It remainds me of a Party Crasher Track. I think the snippet doesn´t sounds like a Roxette Song.
Don´t you think?

Hey! Cake anyone?

mmm... don’t really like the clip... hope the whole song is better... definatly sounds like something from party crasher... I don’t know... lately it just sounds like they are just making the songs because the can not becuase they want to make no 1 hit songs like in 1990... sounds like the pressure they had back them did them good.. but anyway... just my opinion... will obviously get used to the song and them I will most pob like it... was hoping for something more Mazarin style cause the arrangements and effort in that cd was AMAZING... eventhough I don’t even understand a word... and is it just me or is Per’s inanciation (think that is the spelling) going... it feels like they do one recording and then they are happy with the result... don’t know?

I like the snippet :) But about the lyrics...I think it’s “chilly” not “really” :)

Sounds a bit like Opportunity knox , but sure caches on from the first audition, witch is a good thing, i useded to not like the songs from the first audition, so... i think it’s a good sign. Go Per, go!

Sorry, the last three comments were deleted by mistake.

“Opportunity Nox” vs “Do You Wanna Be My Baby?” vs “Spegelboll” :-)

I love the Marie bits “yeah?”

The Marie in the background is a great device, much like the whistling in Joyride, it gives the song a trademark!

Hahaha, she sounds SO sexy! Love it!

It’s just perfect! I agree that the part with the “radio” word is ecstatic! Waiting for the album and the live in Athens! LOVE YOU ROXETTE!!!!!

I agree, it reminds me of OpNox and DYWBMB, with touch of CoY.

It’s got a great driving beat behind it and I just love Marie’s bits as well, as short as they are. The part where she sings “radio” is just awesome and it’s just one word!!

So nice to hear something new after so long.

About the only thing I don’t like is that it seems slightly distorted, but I guess that’s the sound they were after. I like clean vocals to hear Marie’s lovely voice :-)

EDIT: I so much want the song to keep going after the end of the snippet. It really is a damn catchy song. PG really hasn’t lost his touch.

@kixpl: abysmo at Thanks.

Download the snippet: and click on 220220540_s64.mp3

Party Crasher recycled? It reminds me a bit of TCOTH as well.

I like it.


Gessle-Girls can do it (22/7/08)

the sound for now reminds me more of the style of party crasher album, but it is early to judge.
I really like! and I have the chorus in my head!


great!! that’s exactly the music i was waiting for so long!!

Many thanks kixpl.
What to say. :) The chorus is one of their most melodical and driving ever, simple amazing, beat is cool and sound is - oh. Party Crasher synths meets guitars - best posible combination. Excellent piece of pop, if you ask me.

TOO much Party Crasher. Not my type.
Sorry, but I dont like it ;)

I’m not sure yet about the complete song but when I heard this chorus I immediately wanted to hear the whole song. That’s a very good sign. Certainly many people will have the same feeling (if they have got good music taste - just my opinion). Sounds like a springtime / summertime hit to me.

What a great song!!!!! Maybe too much Party Crasher!! butttt it sounds amazing!! I hope we can hear more Marie’s voice on the full song!!

i love it :D

Good song. Sounds absolutely Rox! Can’t wait ti hear the whole song!

@mixella1: Agree 100%, well I’ve mixed feelings...the start was ’non-Roxette’ but when Per sings the title, it does get life....Let’s hope for the best..........

Thank you for sharing!

It’s sounds amazing! I think they are gon na follow the classical Rox formula: 1st single a Per pop hit, 2nd single a Marie ballad hit!


Not hugely impressed but it is hard to tell from such a small clip. Hope to get a promo of it soon so can decide then. It does sound like its been very hurriedly thrown together. higher hopes for the album though. As it is I dont see it getting much radio airplay in the UK so I’m hoping they do some remixes for it.



But what’s Roxette? Goodbye To You, See Me, The Look, Vulnerable, Harleys & Indians, Stars, It Must Have Been Love, Make My Head Go Pop, Place Your Love??? They always had many different sides and styles. Saying this song is not Roxette is innacurate, specially if you didn’t have the chance to hear the complete song yet.

@staringatheground why are you screaming (writing in caps)??
I like the song, specially when Per sings “she’s got nothing on, but the radio, radio”, perfect.. it’s just stuck in my head. It’s true that it reminds me a lot to the Party Crasher album, and that something I don’t like..I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy that album (I certainly did!) but as a “rox-sound” I don’t want it to be that way...
Anyway, is still too soon to say they don’t sound like Roxette with just 30 secs...

Stunning chorus, stunning beat, stunning sound. Clasical Roxette, but so excellent updated. Looping whole afternoon. The most hitable song (or at least chorus) since Joyride.

Sounds like Gut Feeling+OpNox+Coy.
But i don´t know...i am not very impressed. Thats not what i have expected.
Somehow it´s nice, but somehow nothing new.

But who is the backing voice when Per sings the part before the refrain?
somebody sings with him and it sound not like marie. It sounds liek a child or an other woman.
You can hear it very good at the words “...find it”, “...alone”, “...o-on her own”

It’s oh so addictive! I like the sound on the background during the chorus

Wonder if there’s more Marie in the song after the snippet ends? In a recent deleted video Marie said the song was sung by them both..

This will grow a lot when the time comes. Can’t wait to hear it in the car really loud :)
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Most likely Per.

Yes, the voice is an other woman. Where’s Marie?? The song is a TWATG or Party Crasher recicled!! I don’t like it! Sorry!! I miss you ROXETTE MUSIC!!!:-(((((

Maybe when i‘ll hear the whole song i‘ll change my mind but for now it‘s a NO as a first song from the album .
Maybe i expected too much from this new album !
Do not shoot me for being honest !


Oh well next time then, strange way to return with a Per leading first single. Is the world prepared to that!?!?

At least more Marie than in Op Nox?

Guess we’ll be hearing a lot of her in the actual album. Either way it’s oh so addictive!!
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Chill out staringattheground, how can you be so upset from a 30 second snippet. It’s just music. Knowing Per there’s probably 75 % Marie on the album.

maybe the 2nd verse is sung by marie!? that would enrich the song a lot and make it unique (because there are no pop-rock-duets at the moment in the air). however i like the song and sound and can’t wait to hear the full version.

(tevensso) Ok i will wait hear the totally full song and full Album. I miss Marie voice.;-))) ok, I will wait.

Yeah! I was afraid it would sound like that. I don’t know why but somehow I didnt have high expectations for the new single therefore Im not that disappointed.
There is nothing that is really exciting about their music anymore which is strange because Mazarin was very exciting to me. I think Per is still amazing song writer but songs executions feel indeed rushed and incoherent. And lyrics!!!! Well! I think they cant pull off silly lyrics anymore as they could with The Look or Joyride. It just feels tired! I had to read the Lyrics on Amazon to actually get it but if it was in swedish it would’nt make a difference to me. It just means nothing to me! But I still love the single!!! cos I love Roxette but will it be enough to excite someone who listens to roxette for the first time??

Well, well, well.... VERY interesting comments from all of you!
Most of you like it, and here and there is a disappointed fan.

Well, I must say the song sounds GREAT!! I love the guitars and the fast beat - that’s the ROX part of Roxette. Hopefully the album will be overwhelmed by Marie’s voice! The song wasn’t catchy for my, but it will surely grow on me.
But I’m sure there are better songs on the album.

It’s exciting, although I thought it sounds like Party Crasher as well, but after the 5th time, Party Crasher began to make sense to me.

I’m sure this album will do great!! Us fans must promote the album for Per and Marie.... C’mon jump on the SCHOOLbus and join the joyride!!!

Check out for snippet of Wish I could fly live.

it’s just 30 sec ,but for now i can say-
Sound -too much Party crusher.
Lyrics...mmm -they could be better

Yes Roxette turn many diffrent kind of songs in to the hits in the past, but all had something unique something roxetish ,some style.
Maybe for the part of the sound contributed old members of the band.. i don’t know
but Roxette were the PARTY MAKERS not just party crushers.

and yes –who is the backing voice when Per sings the part before the refrain?It really sound like a child or an other woman.

Lets hope there is more from Marie ,not just – “Oh!”
Cos she could turn an ordinary song into the hit giving it the feeling and meaning.

The only good thing is that the song seem radio frendly ,but now all songs are like that, there are must be something more to be notable.

So far I can say I like it :)

Sounds like a mixture of Party Crasher and The World According To Gessle but also reminds me a bit of that Pussycat Dolls song When I Grow Up. And the refrain sounds very roxettish.

Maybe it´s Maries Daughter :)

But all in all, it´s very radio-friendly and it could get some notice, because it´s the comeback-single of roxette. That´s a small bonus.

I already told all my dear friends to buy Roxette’s new cd, even if they aren’t fans... Hahaha. Let’s support Roxette, and hope they will record many more albums in the future!

Maybe it’s Marie doing the sounds in the background herself, who knows what she can do with her remarkable voice. I’m sure she can bend it to sound like a little girl’s......

Well, if this doesn’t become a radio hit it will only be because they have gotten too old to go on stage wearing lace underwear & G-string like most young and famous artists do nowadays. And that’s the ... damn truth!

I kinda like it like that!

To be honest, so far it hasn’t grabbed me.

I hope the rest of the song is more catchy.

I will wait and judge then.

+100 Gabba77, that is spot on!

People judging the song on this 30sec need to hold off condemning the entire song/album. Yes, there’s barely any Marie in the song, but as Tev pointed out, based on previous albums chances are Marie is singing 75% of the others. I’m pretty sure it’s been noted that this is supposed to be a duet to some degree. So my guess is Marie is singing the other verse, which I think might change a few peoples minds.

For the moment just enjoy it for what it is...30sec of an entire new Roxette album.

@RobS yeah, i think so too. i really like the snippet and i guess and hope, marie is singing the 2nd verse and per is the one with the “really-yeah-oh-words in between”.

i doubt per is singing the whole song alone – i’m sure he knows that his solo-songs in that style weren’t huge (radio-)hits so why should another “more-or-less-solo”-song (but under the name roxette, of course) change that fact now? it would have been like releasing 7twenty7 as first single of have a nice day; impossible somehow. anyway, i can’t wait to listen to the complete song in high quality!

So what do we think of that familiar sound once again?

No, not the new single... but the sound of whinging fans again :)

Ahhh, this takes me back! :-p

Haha, it’s really catchy, Per’s vocals are great!!! hoping for some Marie’s parts, since she said this song was sung by them both ;-) yeah, it sounds like Party Crasher, but I can’t complain, cuz I love The Party Pleaser, Thai With A Twist and Gut Feeling, which are all uptempos...

Sounds great so far, not in the least bit disappointed.

Not sure why people are surprised that Per is singing lead for the first single, he sang lead on The Look and Joyride, look what happened to those two songs - MASSIVE.

This won’t be massive in most places but I like it, miles better than One Wish and smacks the arse off anything on Room Service.

Don’t Bore Us! Open The Forums!


You say you want the “Mazarin” sound?

Go listen to “Spegelboll” and then listen to “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)”

Same driving synths, same pumping guitar...


This song proofs that Roxette is back.....TO KICK ASS!!!!

I thought having a “power pop” song for the lead single is a good idea, i don’t think they would have as much success going up against pink, katy perry, lady gaga, eminem, tao cuize, dr dre or whoever with a big ass balad. i think if they did they would have the same problem as “have a nice day” yeah wish i could fly was nice but anyone and salvation should have been crush on you or 7twenty7 or ycpuaawag or something with balls! in todays world pop charts better than ballads, some people get away with it like beyonce or whoever but in todays youth driven world i think per and marie are better off with some power pop that a ballad good choice guys.

it also is good to see per singing lead, i mean alot of fans are marie all the way, i think per needs abit more credit i meet, the look, dangerous, joyride, the big L, church of your heart, how do you do!, fingertips 93, vulnerable, fireworks, june afternoon, she doesnt live here anymore,real sugar, a thing about you, oppitunity nox, one wish............................. he sings lead on alot of singles and smashes it!!!

I did read somewhere that this album is going to be more 50/50 because they are trying to make more songs like dangerous where they both sing to keep they fans intrested and to make the live exicution for marie more easy which makes sense to me coz the last few live shows ive seen per almost takes a hype man approche, comunicating with crowd, jumping around with so much energy, its fantastic to watch. its great to see he really cares for marie.

Me like a lot. A lot.

So excited about the upcoming album!

@ Roxwriter

What I meant by Mazarin was the way it was produced... alot was going on in the song... just an example... after he sings she’s got nothing on... there is no vocals for like like 2 seconds and in that two seconds they don’t use the time to do something cool with the music it just plays on like it is just a backing for his voice... I always said the music must be the second voice when they are not singing something must happen in the music that makes you want to sing with the music or hum not just wait for them to start singing again... an example... I hit the road out of nowhere (da da da) hat to jumpin in my car (da da da da da da)

anway... the verse sounds alot like kix... All she’s looking for is somebody to feed you... all she’s looking for is someting in the air...

I like it, doesn’t sound like old rox, but I’ve downloaded the snippet it can be my new ringtone! ;)

@konstpaus: Um, Marie sings major parts of your listed songs! 50/50 in many of them with Marie belting out the chorus! Sure they also had hits with Per on lead, but always with some Marie parts being the icing on the cake. Just imagine The Look without the Nananas... ;-)

You can’t really judge the song from 30 seconds. We had a snippet of Centre Of The Heart and it was Per’s bit then as well. And then when the whole song was released, it was Marie singing most of it.


Somehow I did not get so impressed by the song. It will probably take more time to get used to that and more than 30 sec. But I would agree that it is more Crasher than Roxette. It is heavily guitar based. I, personally kinda liked synth from Silly Really and melody from Sing Along. I hope it will be keyboards on the album. We’ll see.
But it’s not bad at all!

-= tridy =-

ow me likey very muchey :-) . Catchy fun. Does remind me of party crasher, but i loved the up beat songs on that album also.

Here’s a question... What do we think this song is about?

(Probably should wait till we know the rest of it, but still...)

Knowing Per, probably nothing! ;)

A fascinating girl with a lack of clothes! :-D

I think Thomas nailed it - it’s probably about nothing in particular!


I like it! it’s my ringtone now (thank you kixpl!!!)

I was not surprised when I first heard the snippet yesterday everning. It’s not unsual to have Per and/or Marie solo music influencing the sound of upcoming Roxette recordings. It has always been like that from the very beggining. So this time around the song does take a lot of influence from what Per did on the “Party Crasher” and maybe some bits and pieces of what he did on “Mazarin” (I personally don’t see Plumber in here but that’s me) ... in overall it still does have the name “Roxette” stamped on it very strongly. The chorus is my favourite part: catchy and hooky the way Roxette has always done. The verses are quite interesting but also retain a very peculiar Rox-trademark: the “duo dialogue” that we remember from Dressed and also from MWMLML although this time around is Marie reacting shortly and in a sexy sassy way that I strongly liked. The sound of the song is what may lead to conflicting opinions and this is nothing new when we go back to the dramatic years when Rox-hardcore fans got angered at the lack of a more “raw rocky sound” on the songs during the HAND and RS days? Well this time around the guitars may not be like a Mettalica song LOL and the drums maybe not be strong or sharp like a Def Leppard song .... yet the Power Pop sound Per has always stood up is there. I guess that the definition of Power Pop is not the same between Per and the fans. This is 2010 ...Per and Marie are in their 50s and naturally a lot changes over the years the sound, the way to record songs, to produce them, etc etc etc ... Still I like what’s going on here because it has a territory of its own and does not follow in any way the today’s contemporary pop sound that it’s cool at the beginning but easily makes me wanna throw up when it’s too much (e.g. Rihanna, Gaga, Perry, Cyrus, etc etc etc). Roxette have a sound and a place in music of their own and therefore I never get tired of them. Now if you excuse me I wanna drive singing this snippet, so don’t bore me, get to the chorus okey? LOL
PS: The verse does remind me a lot of “Kix” (which for me was one of those solo songs Per did that should have been a Roxette song!) while the Chorus does kinda follow what one hears and feels when “Real Sugar” or “Crush On You” comes to mind

My first impression was; it sounds familiar and reminds me somehow of joyride (not melody but style!!). It hasn’t blown me away, but i like the synths in the background! Especially I think, it’s too early to tell much after hearing only 30sec. I don’t care about the rest of the album, because I know, every song will be different (with much of Marie’s lovely voice and a mixture of both-which is exceptional), as it’s always been, and no matter what happens; Roxette, I will always love you!!

@RoxNox2003 - Wow - that is a mouthfull!!! hahaha Great analysis.

I love songs like SLEEPING IN MY CAR and OPPORTUNITY NOX - and basically all the songs from the JOYRIDE album, and songs like RUN TO YOU makes Roxette so special. A HUGE variety of pleasure in their music.

I always thought that powerpop, guitar-driven songs are Roxette’s fundamental strenght with Marie’s voice screaming out the lyrics - on the harder side. Together they create magic, mixing their voices together. Marie can sing anything and Per brings magic when he sings the songs that fit his voice. A Winning team!!

I personally don’t think Per and Marie took Roxette serious when they created the HAND and RS albums, and one can hear that. The “spark” in Marie’s voice was gone and the musical arrangements in the songs were shitty. I think a lot of the songs on RS and HAND could have been better if they had the same lust they have now. You can hear in this 30 second snippet that there’s something happening here. Roxette is definately back!! The snippet is great and it would sound 10000 times better if Marie took a leading role, which I’m sure she does.

I’m sure the album will be GREAT. Marie has found a new urge for singing, a new urge for life and I’m sure we will hear it in her voice on this album.

So, I really hope Roxette won’t stop recording new albums now. I would like them to be around a few years more!!

Well, I think that the song is good enough. I suppose that it sounds like Per’s albums because they have been many years without Roxette’s scarcely material and the evolution of the way of composing of Per we know it’s from his recordings. I do not believe that Roxette turns to sound like in the Look Sharp or Joyride period.

Anyway, the song seems to be catchy. We will see... :)

I like the backtrack - the keyboard in the background - sounds like the 80’s song “Neverending Story”....GREAT!!

@Sascha - and who will be the one in the video? :)
@first girl on the moon - i made my ringtone from the 14 sec chorus part yesterday ;) its sad, that snippet ends with “breath awa,,,” and that they didn’t cut it 1 second later :(

@CoyRoy: I don’t know what you mean by spark in Marie’s voice, but I think her voice on HAND is very, very good (there are some exceptions like the last chorus of Salvation, but that’s not important to me). I’m sure they’ve always taken Roxette seriously, OK, maybe there’s no way to prove it, but I can’t see any reason why they shoudln’t...
when RS came out, they both said they liked the album very much (even called it their best work) so I guess, they took everything seriously ;)

I love it !!! The sound is catchy and modern.
Can’t wait to hear the whole song!

@WICF - there recently was an interview with Per where he said that Marie didn’t want to continue with Roxette in 2001 with Room Service. I think he mentioned that she “didn’t take Roxette serious anymore” ... and that is clearly hearable in her voice. She didn’t use her voice to its full potential on any of the songs, except maybe “Real Sugar”

But the point is: ROXETTE IS BACK, BABY!!!!

Check back after X-mas for the full lyrics of Radio!

for me is a great song and will be great all the album, i’m sure!
@thomas: when the daily roxette have a restailing?

It’s okay, but I really wish Roxette would move away from trying to do the Euro dance pop thing. It feels like they’re trying too hard to do something that’s not them.

Perhaps She’s Got Nothing On snippet isn’t representative of the whole album, but I wish they’d lay off the synthesizer and drum machine overload and go back to keeping it simple with some catchy riffs and lyrics.

It is a classical Roxettish sound. I agree with early comments, it is more related to TWATG style (i.e DYWBMB), as there are more guitars than PC. They have made an effort to produce it in a MORE ROXETTE style than solo one. I missed the old days that Per had hits in his sleeves, because he said that he produces hits only when a project is ready to be made. Sorry, I do not want to be negative, it is my humble opionion.

Well I keep visiting Amazon page and playing it....defenitely falling in love with this new style. What I like about Roxette is that they are not stuck in any era, this is very modern sound and very different from previous Roxette work. It is creativity and diversity. At first I wasn’t that much sure about Marie singing those vocals but now they DO seem to make sense.

I personally won’t agree about HAND missing Marie’s voice depth. I think she did great especially on songs like WICF, Anyone, Stars and It will take a long long time. But yes Room Service....I guess earlier B-sides like The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye, The Voice, WICF (accoustic version) and even Everyday, It Hurts, Bla Bla Bla and Entering Your Heart were far times better than RS material. And lot of things seem to be copied in R.S. like similarity between Real Sugar and How Do You Do!, Center of the heart video stopping in between like The Look, piano of MATAH matching with the ending piano sound of Salvation, Make my head go pop somewhat derived from 7 Twenty 7, My World, My Love, My Life ( I guess some singer has title like My world, my life) conversational style as in Dressed for success except Per not mentioning family members in that song....Hhh but I’ve a nicer version of Room Service which includes songs like The weight of the world
New World
Bla Bla Bla
Do you wanna be my baby (Per Gessle)
It makes the album really cooler.

Sounds a lot like CBB and HAND material mixed together. Very Exciting!!! Can’t wait for the release.


Roxette and Mellencamp Forever!


OH MY GOD! I can’t believe you’re a Mellencamp fan too!?!?!?!? LOL

I thought I was the ONLY Roxette/Mellencamp fan. We need to talk, LIFE, DEATH, LOVE and FREEDOM is the best album ever made.


guys, i am not sure if you remember but roxette is performing on Dec 31 in Warsaw
and i git a feeling that for the first time ever they are going to be singing the new SONG!!!
everybody goes to Warsaw Poland

Love it, I didn’t even expect to love it! Yi-ha :)))

Default_Green - you’re always on the money, my friend.
Give me ’June Afternooon’, ’Vulnerable’, ’Kix’, ’I Don’t Want To Get Hurt’ or ’Tyker’ instead ANY DAY.

PS. I HATE the production - digital, cold, grey, synthetic, cheap bullshit!

It reminds me about “Opportunity Nox” but i think that this sound much better. “Opportunity Nox” was a bit cold but this sound better. I like it!

I personally think that Opportunity Nox is the way for Roxette to go... It’s updated and 200 years from now, I’ll still think it’s a new song. Did I mention it has a lot of crashing guitars!!!!

Agree with CoyRoy (BTW great middle8 riff inside). What’s wrong with synthetisers in Roxette music? :D Maybe some of you will disagree, but Crash! Boom! Bang! sound was step back. Step back to pop music roots (Per’s own words from ’94 interview) after all this Look Sharp! and Joyride almost danceable synth sound ’spiced with guitar riffs’. So Crash! Boom! Bang! is NOT original or classic Roxette sound. The Look, Sleeping Single, Paint, Dance Away, Chances, View From A Hill, Knocking On Every Door, Do You Get Excited?, Small Talk, Physical Fascination, Comeback... Can’t you hear so much synthetisers there? Opportunity Nox or ’Radio’ is natural progression, effort for evolution. I don’t want to listen Sleeping In My Car alike songs again and again and again. Do you really think that Roxette are out of invention so they should crib themeselves evermore? I like Beatles, but hey, it’s 2010, it’s stupidity to record Love Me Do alike songs now after almost half a century. Give a chance to SGNO(BTR). This is only snippet.

opp nox was a huge flop how is it supposed to be the direction their music should go? honestly i think when i hear the rest of radio im really going to love it. i think everyone needs to embrace what coming album singles and tour..... there’s a realy chance this may be their last regardless of how optimistic per sounds. so say we all

Flop it was because of no promotion due Marie’s illness, but did you read the professional reviews to this song?

I like it, though it reminds me a little bit of Party Crasher...But when that album was released Per said that it was like a “modern Rox album”. I guess that nobody knew in that time that Roxette would release a whole new album and go on a world tour...That’s quite impressing. What I really like with this song is the synth-sound in the background and that the chorus is really get in your head very fast. I only needed 30 seconds. I want more!

when the video of the radio will be released? ;)

I always thought Opp. Nox was totally wasted: included on a compilation when it had enough hit potential to be the lead single of an original album. The timing was wrong as well, because it was released when no proper promotional actions could be made. I consider it one of their stronger singles. One Wish (with worse lyrics and a chaffy arrangement), on the other hand, charted a lot better because it was better promoted.

I LOVE the CBB album, I like music with live drums and live instruments, but Opportunity Nox was just something new....nobody makes songs like that, seemingly. It’s a pity the single went down the drain, but I think it could have been used. All my non-Roxette fan friends like that one. I like the lyrics’s really nifty.... especially “slo-mo”.... so trendy!!! It’s a step in the right direction!! It’s got screaming guitars and a beat that won’t let your feet stop tapping!!!

I take my hat off to Per for that one. Hopefully the new album is full of songs like that - with Marie on vocals. I want her to sing fast songs too - she’s great with those!!

I liked Op.Nox but I always thought this song would sound very cool if sang by Marie! The background sound was quite cold so Marie’s voice would make
this song very interesting ; a bit like SIMC.

I agree with abysmo, Roxette have always used synthetizers... they used them in hits like The Look, Dressed For Success, Joyride, The Big L, Stars The Centre Of The Heart... btw Opportunity Nox is good, but too repetitive :)

While Rox always has used synthesizers, the issue I have is for them to keep taking the direction of the utter overkill of synthesizers and drum machines in some of their songs the past 10 years.

It seems like they have the choice to either going to more of a modern rock sound or a Euro Power Pop/Dance sort of thing, and they choose to keep doing the latter.

DHT had a huge hit with their stripped down acoustic version of Listen to your Heart in the US. That was not the techno/dance version with drum machines blaring, it was simple vocals, piano and a good melody.

I hate being the kind of fan who wants a band to keep recycling their old sound. But I feel like if they did the type of music that is representative of some of both Per and Music’s solo material with more of a modern/alternative rock type of sound (with a pop flare) and stop trying to be a Euro dance/club band with the hammering drum machines and synthesizers, they’d have more success.

Could Roxette have another song that sounded like the DHT acoustic version of Listen to Your Heart? I think they can and it could be a huge hit in the US. (But they have to focus on lyrics that really speak to people, like LtYH and IMHBL, with ballads).

And I wonder whether that is what Per and Marie would rather do, or do they really want to do dance music? Or do they just think that that kind of music can be popular in Europe and Brazil?

Febuary is a good month:

Roxette - Charm School
Dr. Dre - Detox

2 albums ive waited 10 years for

the more I listen to it the more i LOVE it. Cant wait to hear the whole track. However: I dont think its strong enought to be a huge hit in for example UK etc... Its the kind of Rox-songs that we LOVE, but that dont have enought hit potential to be HUGE all over the place. Just like Opportunity Nox and One Wish... Cant wait to have the whole album in my hands:P

Definetly, that is not what I was waiting for. It seems that Helena Josefsson is on the backing vocals - and not Marie. Anyway, I will wait for the whole song.

sorry to sound negative, guys, but i don´t like this clip. it sounds so old, so party crasher-like, so per-like. i want to hear roxette!!! i want to hear marie´s voice. i want another sleeping in my car! what is this???

It’s too early, but nevertheless, I’m curious how many and which other songs from new album will be released as a single. 3 or 4 this time?

i think, the problem with the new Rox-Sound is, that there is nobody who can create a good guitar melody on a song.
but a cool guitar Sound behind Maries “radio!” would do so well in that Song!
just like in joyride or the Look. that is roxette!
that is what i am missing in the newer roxette Sound.
just rythm-Overdrive guitars is too simple.

since per is working with christoffer, they have always choose this basic guitar playing.
thats the wrong way.

I think that the new single is not in a good quality enough to determine how good it is. There seems to be a really good arrangement in the background, imagine listening to that on your iPod. Sounds much better than a crappy 30 seconds clip. Besides, we have no idea whats going on with the other songs. I did not like Party Crasher, but I really liked Silly Really, which in my opinion should have been re-recorded with a little bit Marie vocals.

I think everyone should wait for their cd-singles or iTunes downloads before commenting on it. I personally LOVE the chorus. Yes, its not Joyride. Yes, its not DFS. It’s 2010. The melody is very current. And Im loving the punchy guitars. Dont know how you guys can compare it to ths songs from Party Crasher. You all wanted a return to the guitars and synths - and now that you got it, youre complaining. Complaining after hearing 30secs!!!! Wow, you guys havent changed a bit in the over 10 years Ive been a visitor to this site... “shakes head and walks aways”

@ PiterPam

Finaly someone who notice that the music has gone downhill since the apearance of Christoffer! I was think that since day one!

Here we go again - complaining, whining, crying... OK, to be fair - it’s more or less the same in any message board, be it football, computers, cars or whatever. Most of the people just love to explain why everything nowadays is doomed and that it was all better in former times.

On topic: First time listening I thought “ouch”. Second time, the chorus got stuck in my ear and hasn’t left since. Good one, guys!

I fail to hear any Eurodance in this! It’s not even a dance beat but a pop/rock drum. :-P

The trademark of Roxette’s greatest hits: “synth programming meets hard rock guitars meets Marie F’s outstanding voice”, according to critics. No matter if The Look or Almost Unreal. I think we’ll get it all on this one! :-D

If you look at this from a financial/commercial point of view, you have to listen to the good comments and the bad comments. The people who complains are just the same as the people with good comments. Both are CUSTOMERS who have to BUY Roxette’s music.
That’s where their MONEY comes from.

Everybody must realise that Roxette is a “product” we as fans are “buying”. I mean, my collection alone is worth thousands! Roxette won’t last without us fans. And we must understand that Roxette (Per and Marie) can’t keep EVERYBODY happy.

Ok..the cold, hard facts left aside.....

I also don’t like this Christoffer guy Per has been working with. He definately changed Roxette’s music for the worst. Per and Marie should stop worrying about working with “younger” musicians to keep their music fresh. Their music was inventive and fresh in the past. They should go back to their roots and work together. Seems like Per and this Christoffer is doing everything and just phones Marie to give some vocal assitance.
Per and Marie should take a long lunch and work together, like in the past. And bring Jonas Isacsson back on guitars!

But I think the new album will be a smash!!

i just wanna point out that as solo artists per and marie have both been moderately successful. those insisting trying to make rox sound like their solo stuff as being progressive and more successful is laughable. and in terms of thier earlier success especially with big ballad 2 elements are missing......anders as the engineer and mats ppersson as a co writer

How do you know? Per recorded several demos for this with MP Persson. We can’t measure his influence on the songs yet. Also, Per said that Marie was more interested/involved in the production process again. I’m sure they sat on quite a few hotel beds discussing the album sound in 2009. And Anders is gone for 15 years! Who knows how he’d sound today.

Pure Roxette, there.

Sounds nice and fresh. Pretty modern.

This is simply fantastic:

She’s got nothing on but the radio
She’s a passion play
And like the break of day
She takes my breath away…

Right on!

Take care!
Carlos E.,
“Communication is key”

Those going “The customer is always right” and “without the fans they’re nothing” take themselves much too important.

You guys really think, P&M NEED to do this just for the money? Come on...

They don’t actually depend on anyone moneywise. Just for the fun’s and creativity’s sake this record emerged. And maybe as a tribute to the loyal fans eho made them big long time ago. But do they OWE us?

Do you really want me to make believe you have been buying all your Rox collection just to keep Per and Marie’s pockets full? Is the money issue the main reason you call yourself a fan? Shouldn’t it be about the music and what that means to you first and foremost? Because when I look at my collection ... money is the least of my concerns ... but the whole range of memories attached to each song and record. Isnt’ that the same with you?

I have no problem with Christoffer ... the music has changed and the sound too but that has never been Chris fault ... intead the whole band decision on what to do on each album. They are the ones who decide what it’s gonna be on the album or not and what sound should be in it or not. They still perform with Pelle and Jonas so often ... Anders just decided to focus on music for others artists too and not just be connected with Roxette forever. In overall Roxette fans have all a huge problem: fear of change - fear that if a song does not have that type of sound or that type of arrangement or that vocal performance or that and this and this and that is going to be drama and the end of the world. I realize that the huge sucess of Roxette in the 80s and early 90s created an image of what the band in terms of sound and such image got stuck in everybody’s minds and never got out - when CBB came it even allianated everybody more and more due to the raw natural live recording of the whole album which at the time was far more mature and too serious compared to the previous efforts - but then HAND and RS came .... woooowwwwww the drama started and I believe it’s gonna be there forever. I mean we’re no longer in the years of 1989 or 1991 or in 1994.... time moves on, nothing stays the same (hello there is a even an old Rox song about that theme!!! lol) things change the whole damn time, the inpiration, the live experiences everything that can influence musical creative processes. Someone said here that it would be boring to have Roxette doing “reclying” songs like SIMC all the time and I agree ... if nobody like a Britney song that sounds like all the previous ones ... why should we enjoy songs all copy-pasting SIMC? Drums and guitars! That’s all ... it’s the sound that worried everybody and not the song themselves ... I find it shocking but saddly not surprising. I have even asked myself “do all these people really thought Roxette were a band like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, etc etc etc or even worse ... like Mettalica?” Jesus ... this is POP music it has always been. So with guitars on, with synth on, dancing europop or power pop rock .... could we all at least for once enjoy the MUSIC, ignore the money, ignore the charts, forget the sound details and just let the MUSIC speak for itself? I mean and again ... isn’t the MUSIC the main reason why we all love this band?

I totally agree with Rox_Nox2003 and Krischan.
All you “fans” make me feel sad of what you think and feel (do you really have feelings?)
It’s like you can’t see what miraculous is the present with a new album coming and a world tour coming too!
8 or 9 years ago you could almost sell the soul to devil to have new Rox material, and now when you will having it in hands, the only thing you have to do is complain and (bad) criticize. What’s wrong with (fortunately not all of) you?
I think all this movement is because they want to thank us for be their rox-soldiers, waiting unconditionally and because (the most important thing) it’s therapeutic.
2011 have to be a year of party, fun and celebrate that we’re alive and enjoying our favourite music that M&P are TOO MUCH kind and nice for giving us instead of being sit down in their homes with their families enjoying their pleasures of life which both of them deserves because all their money was fairly gained.
They have to do a big effort to leave their families so much time, travel a lot, expose them to whatever, and the minimum you can do is to be GRATEFUL for all of this we’re living.
I hope that M&P don’t pay attention to all the negative commentaries here (I bet the don’t do, thanks of God!) because if I were they, I’ll never think of record anything more again neither mention of touring again.
People of all over the Rox-World, relax and again... be thankful for all the things are coming

Happy new year for everybody, from Argentina

PS: I’m living my dream ’cos I will be so lucky for having the opportunity of seeing them live in Argentina in April. Hope we can spend a magical time singing along all the songs and enjoying the shows.

I think that the fanatic fans are those who complain about people’s complaints. It’s legitimate to criticize; Per and Marie are not divine beings. We love them and we love their music, and I’m sure a great artist will appreciate the fans’ comments. I think that the main problem here is that we did have Roxette in the past years - Son of a Plumber, Party Crasher, two singles of Collection of Rox Hits and so forth. This peculiar version of Roxette (whether lacking Marie or not), has just emerged again in a very similar form, only with Marie’s vocals. Let’s admit it, in terms of music and creativity, Per is the one who’s doing 80 percent of the job. Even in the old days, very few songs were composed by Marie, and after the whole tragic affair with her life, she seems more like a guest vocalist. We don’t know really whats going on behind the scenes, but it is almost certainly true in the last few years. So when fans listen to this new snippet, they hear again the PER music they have been hearing for 10 years, with a little “Marie” flavour. I understand why they criticize.

Nevertheless, It is still TOO SOON. We didnt even hear the entire song nor the album. My point is that there should be criticism, but it’s far too early.

Anyone who’s taking the time to post on here is a fan who cares about them. Otherwise, why bother? The vast majority of us would buy a Rox album where they sang Swedish folk songs with an accordion playing in the background and listen to it over and over again. But, we all want to see Rox be successful. And I feel like they have the ability to produce far better music than most of the dribble that is charting right now in the US.

Part of the reason for Rox’s success is that they have a wide range of musical styles on their albums. And it’s great to listen to an album and not have the same sound repeated over and over. But there are styles that appeal to certain Rox fans more than others and people’s musical tastes change over time.

Nowadays, I find myself listening to the demo versions of Roxette songs more than I listen to the actual album versions. And I keep thinking how great the song could be if produced in a different way. Nothing against Clarence or other producers they work with, but I think they’ve been pegged into a certain genre that I wish they would break out of it. (But then again, if you listen to the demo for Listen To Your Heart and the album version, it just goes to show the potential for that song to be ruined by over-powering drum machines and synthesizers and the different the producing/arrangement can make.)

@ Venomthefat: I agree with you on some points u present but:

a) It’s legitime to have a constructive criticism on something in order to improve it and all I can say is that many Roxette fans have done nothing but bash the Roxette vibe with their obsession for guitars and drums as if Roxette were some kind of metal-rock band ... and music goes way beyong the intruments used to play the songs. So it’s natural that other fans will try to show things from a different perspective - I call that sharing views and opening minds - not complaints. And by the way: for the good or for the bad, for the insane or for the logical: WE ARE ALL FANATIC because we all love the same band (for a lot of different reasons!)

b) I find highly negative your expectations on Marie’s input on the work done by Roxette. Don’t forget this is is the full lengh album Roxette did after 2002 when she got seriouslly ill. And she needed time to recover on a personal level before regaining the strengh and will to do it all over. You said well: it’s too soon as we didn’t ear the entire whole album and the first single ... so therefore it’s too soon to missjudge Marie on this matter until we get the whole album. Even if Per does 90% of the whole Roxette thing: he did it with ONE VOICE in mind .... no need for presentations at this stage.

c) A great artist will appreciate his fans comments unless they bring positive input to his work - and saddly I remember how sad and dissapointed Per was with many Rox childish opinions on the Roxbox. I still ask about it “who do we think we are to demand what does not belong to us from a musical point of view?” So if you wanna use the word “complaints” you should go back to 2006 ... or maybe remember how imature and overdramatic were the opinions of some fans about HAND and RS whose music they never really stopped to listen and evolve in their lives.

Anyway, Cheers ... but don’t drink and drive ... :)

everybody of us is happy about their comeback. we all will buy the album and hear it over and over again. but for me, personally, there is no great difference between Per’s solo projects and roxette. the idea and the creative head behind it is always per.
so i compare this snippet with his solo-projects.
and i like his older material more than this newer sound.
its just my personal taste. i like them always. but what’s wrong to critisize their work when i don’t like it?
there are 11 more songs to fall in love with on the album :-)

I reckon if Rox released ’Physical Fascination’ today - you’d have jaws dropping. The production on that song is mind-blowing. It’s definitely a song that sticks out for me today.. So it’s got nothing to do with being ’vintage’ or ’classic Roxette’. It’s just gotta be a good song with the right production formula - it’s SCIENCE.

@spinster: Exactly!

Physical Fascination is always a song I forget about. Don’t know why, always liked it!

As for ...Radio - we’ve heard 30 seconds. 30 seconds which I think is the little pre-chorus part and the first part of the chorus. How can we judge a song off that?

Fans expectations are naturally very high for this album, it’s been a long 10 years since Room Service, but we need to remember that in these 10 years EVERYTHING has changed: The music, The World, even Per & Marie have changed. So, Roxette have changed as well. They’re not going to keep producing Joyride over and over again.

As for the production of the album, Per has always been the main creative mind over Roxette. Thats always been clear. Take TWATG or Crasher, it sounds like Rox. Marie’s solo album’s don’t, as a rule, sound very Roxette-ish. So, I can’t really see any difference with Per being behind 60-70% of this new album. Nothing has changed?

Have a good Christmas Rox fans, don’t worry about the music!


No one said they must make Joyride over and over and over again... the production of the song should stay the same... every song sounds like it could be a single... HAND has the same type of production... but anyway I have ears... I am not blind to their mistakes like some of you guys

I knew nobody would understand my comment, so why bother getting into an argument now. It’s Xmas, and I’m Xtatic about the miracle that is MARIE FREDRIKSSON and now the Roxette tour and new album. I love this snippet of the song, and I’m VERY sure Roxette’s album will do well, very well!!


blind to theri mistakes? I’m sorry I forgot who ehre has sold 40+ millin albums worlwide? It’s amazing how people here critique stuff they know very little about or even if they have some knowledge it somehow entitles them to be judge and juror. The only fault their career has ever seen was allowing HAND to be handled exclusively by emi, most importantly single choice...and eventually allowing emi to nix the tour we hoped would evolve from the album. I personally don’t blame marie for wanting to basically give up after that...emi dropped the ball and frankly I would have been kinda mad. And I think this needs to be repeated again..per has said flat out the old rox guitar driven style is DEAD....those were his words that people seem to conviently forget. personally the evolution of their sound minus some of the less than stellar ballads on rooms service has been right in line. They slimmed down their profile as a band, they don’t need huge production valuse and they don’t have all the free time they had 25 years ago

so say we all

Clip sounds awesome, I hope the album does sound like PC and SOAP !

This is really sad to see so many people complaining over Roxette’s music. Roxette owe you nothing, but they choose to create music for their fans and gain some new ones along the way. They are artists. They will create how they wish. They will sound how they wish. They will do it when and where they wish.
It is a miracle we are even experiencing Roxette in 2010/11. Not only the fact about Maries tumour, but what bands really stand the test of time in normal life conditions?
I personally cannot wait to hear the new album, I don’t care how they sound, what era they are sounding. Per has a style and I love that style. I know I will love it. The 30sec clip has everything I love about Roxette... if that can happen in 30secs, then imagine the sublime feelings I am going to have when I hear the whole album.
Merry Christmas.

Let’s see what the whole album will be like..

Roxette are back, this is important to me, the controversies do not matter! ..... how do you judge an album after hearing only 30 seconds of the singles? waiting for this moment for ten years, fans have to be almost 20 and maybe wrong, but I trust 100% of the work of Per and Marie and I am sure that there never disappoint! thanks roxette! Merry Christmas to all.

@COYBOYUSA.. you don’t need to be a professional to know if a song sounds good or not just ears...

We will see what it will do in the charts... that will prove my point... anyway as for a first single the 30 sec clip is extremely weak


Is this album going to be released in the US? I know with iTunes and digital copies now, it’s becoming less important what countries something is being released in, but now YouTube is blocking people in the US from seeing a lot of Roxette videos because of copyright restrictions and the videos are only allowed to be seen by people in Europe.

It’s just seems like Roxette doesn’t care about the US fans anymore. Look Sharp is my favorite album of all time. I got my mom to drive me to both the Detroit and St Louis Joyride tour concerts. They were a big part of my life in high school.

But the last Roxette album that was released in the US was Crash! Boom! Bang! and since then they’ve seems like they only want to do Euro-music that’s only released in Europe.

It’s up to them, but I was really excited about the comeback. It’s fantastic that Marie is doing so well after everything she went through.

But it’s disappointing that their new song sound like all the other ones that weren’t released in the US and has no chance of being released here.

DEFAULT_GREEN said: We will see what it will do in the charts... that will prove my point...

I don’t think that will prove anything. Do you really think half of the songs on the charts are good??

I think the song will do OK no matter what, at least in Europe and South America, as they have a strong fanbase there.

tevensso, maybe you can arrange us some snippets of the entire album. :) That will surely solve the conflict!

Conflict will be solved on Feb 11. :D
I like this discussion cos it’s kind of inteligent debating, no complaining, no insulting. Need to say only one thing. People have a different tastes, some of them prefers rocky guitar sound, others electronica. But generaly you can’t said that music with guitars is good and music with synths is bad, it’ s nonsense. There’ s so much good synth-based music and so much bad guitar-based music. And on the contrary, of course. Simply if you don’t like synth music, it doesn’t mean, that synth music is bad, it just means, that you don’t like it. :D

default didnt’ you say a few comments ago that the charts mean nothing without good promotion? aren’t you contradicting yourself? it seems to me this time for some reson emi is giving them a bit more support in terms of promoting the concerts. If that segues to the album single promotion the album could outsell rs. And guess what I have ears and I picked every successful single they had heheheheehhhehhe I am psychic

so say we all

All I am saying THIS is the song the have their comback after 10 years! 10 years of writing songs and this is the best comeback song... the song is JUST OK nothing more... and I feel even more so after hearning the second snipped!

I think is sounds great!!

Poeple take life too seriously!


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