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“Nox” gets four out of five in Sweden

Written by tevensso on February 6, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - Both Aftonbladet’s Per Bjurman and Expressen’s Anders Nunstedt give Roxette’s new single “Opportunity Nox” 4 out of 5 today. They are both notorious Roxette-bashers so these reviews are probably even better than they sound.

  “Seems all the angry Roxette fans were right and I was wrong. Roxette isn’t finished.” Bjurman states.

  While Bjurman describes “Nox” as the “…funnest, smartest, most attractive little pop tune…,” Nunstedt uses words like “…a sparkling hit…” and “…way better than anything up-tempo from ’Room Service…’”.

  Clear to The Daily Roxette is that they both truly like this. They both say this is the best song Roxette has put out since “Dangerous” (Bjurman) and “Joyride” (Nunstedt).

(Efra contributed to this article.)

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way heeeeeeeeeeey!

I agree that it’s one of Roxette’s best songs, it really is fantastic - it’s my best Roxsong since Beautiful Things and my best Popsong since She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore - I don’t think I have ever heard the fans on TDR be so united in their support of a new Roxette song - it is an excellent song, a perfect song to lead the Pop Hits and now it has great reviews, fantastic! - Rich

Sounds really good to me!

it just dawned on me this morning we are roxette r getting a big push in the uk...ballad hits didi really well and pop hits stands to potentially outsell rs...and whats happened..marie is ill..fate has a horrible way or being ironic...

Well slap me silly! I’m bloomin’ impressed! YAY to Rox!!

It’s great!!!! I KNOW IT’s GONNA BE A HIT!!!!

Expressen sucks.

s-czopek: it sux cuz they write a nice review? ;)

Yeah-yeah-yeah! We’re gonna make it! Let’s hope so... :)

Go Marie! Hey, Per, yes, you too... :D

doesnt mean anything outside the world. lets see what video is like !!!

They suck cause they say crap things on Marie.
They suck cause they can’t seem to get a good Roxette song when they hear one.
They suck cause tabloïds suck.
Got it ?

I agree they suck for being a shitty newspaper, but in this particular case they gave the song 4 out of 5 which is really good. “GOT IT”?

“They suck cause they can’t seem to get a good Roxette song when they hear one.”


I DON’T like “Opportunity Nox”.
I thought Roxette were moving forward and this is a big step backwards for me.
It deserves 2 out of 5 for me.
I’m sorry I don’t share youe enthousiasm on this song but I mostly feel disappointed they couldn’t come up with such a great song as “A Thing About You”.

Ahhh! Gotcha! :)

now I got it :P

Well, ultimatively we are blessed once again with a masterpiece of Gesslish balloon culture.

Power Pop pure: the sound knocks you off of you´re feet, the text is presumably adapted from sonny Gabriel Titus, and Gessle´s voice during the verse-parts is so cool that it´ll freeze you to ice.

Hearing to that stuff raises the question on which permant acid trip this guy is; it seems that the world according to gessle rotates 1000 times faster than ours...

Guess it took him just 5 minutes to come up with this song during a ferrari cruising through Halmstadt.

Yeah, as long as Gessle is giving us the sound of his Crashing Guitars, this world is not lost yet...

Bring the beer

ON is probably the best pop song after SIMC. i just love it!!

it FINALLY down on them...*wow* I am truly impressed...
@anonymous: this brain thing, I wouldn’t be too sure, I guess it is just temporary... Maybe he is running high fever and tomorrow this poor AB wannabe reviewer will choke on his own words?

Either way, WE know the truth, ON rrrrocks and can’t get out of my head :)))

Hej Bjurman:



(didn’t want to stay anonymous here...hehe)


Now Lets see it ON raise the roof in the UK!!!!


Well... let’s just hope that the radio picks it up and put it on heavy rotation too... then I’m sure we got ourselfs a huge hit. Atleast here in sweden... and let’s just hope that the same goes for the rest of the world too.


LOL....tevensso... “got it” ;)

you naughty boy....

Definately one of their best power-pop songs! I haven’t been this hyped over a song in a long time. As much as I try to stay away from it, I find myself playing it over and over and over again! Now let’s hope it just blows up everywhere.

You see Judith...
That’s kinda what I meant when I wrote “They can’t get a good Roxette song when they hear one”.
Wasn’t so hard to figure out, was it ?

A great track! I’m so surprised the single’s received good reviews. There are tons of songs that Roxette has done over the years, but never got any credit that they so deserved.

Expressen probably only gave it 4 out of 5 stars because they want to redeem themselves for what they’ve been writing about Marie.

I’m happy that there’s a good Rox review, I just question Expressen’s paper. It just seems strange to me how they like this single...actually I’m shocked.

I am in Canada and I was just checking out, and they have Opportunity Nox listed with a release date of Feb. 19, 2003 (which is today!). I will call the store to see if they have it in stock. EMI should do proper promotion and get the hint at what is happening in the UK with Roxette. EMI UK did promotion for The Ballad Hits, and it is doing great there.


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