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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Roxette goes on world tour

Written by tevensso on November 3, 2010 to , and . Source: d&d management.

As expected after the handful of successful concerts Roxette performed this summer, Roxette has announced they will now embark on a full-fledged world tour.

Roxette is setting off on this long-awaited world tour in 2011. The band kicks off in Kazan, Russia on March 1st and will cover at least five continents during the year. Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle are returning to the world stage full of new enthusiasm after their six sold-out concerts this summer. While Roxette toured Europe in 2001, their last real world tour took place in 1994-95 in conjunction with the “Crash! Boom! Bang!” album.

“If you’d asked me a couple of years ago,  if there would ever be a new Roxette tour I would have very quickly said 'No!',” says singer, guitarist and songwriter Per Gessle. “Knowing what Marie (Fredriksson, lead vocalist) had to go through in recovering from her severe illness, this is not only unbelievable, it seems almost magical to me. It will be wonderful to meet all our audience on Planet Earth again.”

“I’ve been longing and hoping for this since 2002. It makes me incredibly happy to know we’re going to meet our fans all around the world again,” says Marie.

Besides the tour, Roxette fans can look forward to a brand new album in the first quarter of 2011.

Update November 9: Dates for Sofia (Bulgaria) and Bucharest (Romania) have been added.

Update November 10: Latest concert dates and venues as well as ticket information can be found in our Roxette World Tour 2011 Calendar.

Update November 16: Budapest (Hungary) added.

Update November 17: Athens, Greece.

Updated December 3: Stavern, Norway added.

Tour plan

1.3 Basket Hall, Kazan, Russia
3.3 MTL Arena, Samara, Russia
5.3 Palace of Sports, Yekaterinburg, Russia
7.3 Siberia Arena, Novosibirisk, Russia
10.3 Exhibition Center, Kiev, Ukraine
12.3 Minsk Arena, Minsk, Belarus
14.3 Siemens Arena, Vilnius, Lithuania
16.3 Riga Arena, Riga, Latvia
18.3 Saku Hall, Tallinn, Estonia

1.4 Viva Cuervo Salon, Mexico City, Mexico
4.4 Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina
5.4 Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina
8.4 Orfeo, Córdoba, Argentina
10.4 Movistar Arena, Santiago, Chile
12.4 Pepsi on Stage, Porto Alegre, Brazil
14.4 Credicard Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil
16.4 Citibank Hall, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
17.4 Chevrolet Hall, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

10.5 Grand Arena, Cape Town, South Africa
11.5 Grand Arena, Cape Town, South Africa
14.5 The Superbowl, Sun City, South Africa
15.5 The Superbowl, Sun City, South Africa
20.5 World Trade Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
27.5 TerraVibe Park, Athens, Greece
29.5 National Palace of Culture (NDK), Sofia, Bulgaria
30.5 Zone Arena, Bucharest, Romania

1.6  Sportarena, Budapest, Hungary
3.6 SeeFestTage, Schwarzlsee Freizeitzentrum, Graz, Austria
5.6 O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic
9.6 Plenen, Bergen, Norway
11.6 Zitadelle, Berlin, Germany
12.6 Hessentag, Frankfurt, Germany
15.6 Voelkerschlachtsdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany
16.6 Tanzbrunnen, Cologne, Germany
19.6 Torwar, Warsaw, Poland

7.7 Stavern, Norway
9.7 Bospop Festival, Weert, Netherlands
16.7 Rowlit Festival, Nordkalks Dagbrot, Pargas, Finland
22.7 Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark
24.7 Trädgårdsföreningen, Gothenburg, Sweden
31.7 Suikerrock Festival, Tienen, Belgium

Dates to be added.


Here we go! Great stuff.


Wooohooo! :-D

Any dates in the UK do we reckon? I am so excited!

Romania, Bucharest ? The new 30000 something seats stadium should be finished by next summer. So pull the stops :)

Waaaahhhh no way, this is not just some tour dates... A whole world tour, unbelievable!! Marie you fought so hard to come back, Per you kept believing it would work out. It’s a dream for everyone coming true, let’s start planning some nice trips to see you perform live!!! Wonderful news, just amazing! Can’t wait!!!

Bospop!?!?! Hadn’t seen that one coming!

Anybody an idea how long the headliner (I assume they are?) normally plays there?

(EDIT: First check, then ask...: John Fogerty and Toto both played 1,5 hours this year.)
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

is this the complete list - or are more likely to come? Just thinking of little old Blighty! ;o)

“Dates to be added” :)

Sorry, stupid dull me, just read the last line...sorry

Just look how many breaks Roxette has during this tour. Almost no dates in May. So Spain, UK and even Australia are possible :-)

wow..fantastic news!!! I just hope some date in Spain will be added :D

A whole world tour, a new album! Thinking of the last 8 years, this is more than just magical. Hey Roxette, count on me!!!

Yes. Yes! YES!

Before the NOTP, did any of us actually expect THIS??

So many dates, a few more to announce. It’s a GREAT day! WooHoo!


Fingers crossed for AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool :)

Hope to get some more infos about the German dates at the corresponding websites. So far the concerts aren’t even mentioned there...
And doesn’t know anything either.

Btw. Voelkerschalacht, that “a” before the “l” is too much ;)

What the F**K!

Roxette plays my hometown in Holland! Unbelievable!

Great news!

I just hope that spain will be added in the future to the list, there a lots of spanish fans out there that cant afford to travel outside spain to see their favourite band playing live.

Anyway I guess that we will have to orginize ourselves again and travel to any other country if we want to see them playing live, as we have allready been doing during the last years. :)

This ’comeback’ looks much much bigger than comeback in ’99-01’ . Great news. And more gigs will be added.
And now something about new album, please... :)

Damn, miracles happen all the time!! They are even coming to The Netherlands!!


Fingers crossed for Australia alright!

I notice the lack of Swedish (except Gothenberg) dates on that list so I’m assuming there is plenty more to come, hopefully on a date that I can get one the $1700 airfares with Singapore Airlines that I have seen. (It cost me $2400 to get to Europe for Halmstad... so a big saving!)

This is fantastic. I just hope any uk dates are added before we buy tickets and flights to europe!

4 Continents

1. Europe
2. South America
3. Africa far.

So. Who misses out? North America? Australia? Asia?

Why do I get the feeling the yanks will get a treat and us Aussies will have to watch it all on YouTube... hope I’m wrong.

Russia is technically Asia. :) And so are the UAE.

United Emirates are Asia too :-) This is one of the funniest and most akward gig I spotted on the list... haha Rox goes arabic!

Prague:-))))))))))))) Yes!
If we changed it back, things would never be the same

Accordning to my book and wikipedia mexico is accually in north america, so that makes it 5 continents. And Russia is in both Europe and Asia.

there certainly are some strange choices on the list but my bro lives in Dubai so i had picked that one out as a possibility!

any news on when the rest of the info will come out?

Hmmmm that UAE gig has given me an idea....

Fly to Europe from Australia, via UAE (Hopefully Emirates inflight entertainment is as good as Singapore’s!), spend a couple of days and see that concert, then continue on to Rome for a few days and work my way upto Prague in time for that concert, then a few more days gallivanting around Europe (I’m thinking Budapest... awesome city) then making my way to Berlin where a friend of mine lives, goto the Berlin concert....

Indeed a plan is forming.....


Spain! Spain!

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!



A free mind, free to speculate. Trädgårdsföreningen Gothenburg next summer... Ullevi is just a short walk away. I can help you carry the equipment.


Ha ha, I think they’ve chosen Trädgårdsföreningen just for that. “OMG ROXETTE HAS BEEN UPGRADED TO ULLEVI!!” :D

I’m happy because of the Rox return, bla bla bla... but I’m more than angry because Spain is AGAIN, out of the list. And I’ve heard that nice part of “more dates to be added” before but with no results. More than 20 years supporting them, with a lot of Spaniards like me today more than sad. Happy news for the world, sad news for me and Spaniards...






Russia is certainly in Europe and Asia )

Per, Marie, guys, I would certainly follow you in Kiev, Minsk, Riga and other cities that are train-distance from Moscow, but could please add Saint-Petes at least. I know you liked it September 12. We are ready to make it higher! ))))

Please come to PERU!!!

I think UK or even AUSTRALIAN dates will be announced later. The last albums were huge flops in UK and Australia, so I think it will depend on the success of the new album, if they announce tour dates there. So maybe in March more dates will follow.

The UK was already left out from the Room Service Tour, because RS flopped there.

I doubt the majority of the Australian folk going to see Roxette Live will do so due to their new album - most will go to hear Joyride and other hits.

Now. Here’s my thinking. A big MONTH gap between Brazil, Southern Hemisphere and South Africa, Southern Hemisphere... sooo why not fill that gap by staying BELOW the Equator and stopping off in Sydney? :-p

Imagine Roxette in OZ in MAY 2011?!?



Exciting news! BUT will they come to Australia? I hope so! Plenty of Artists tour Australia successfully even though they have not had hit albums here for some years Blondie, Pretenders and Simply Red.

Unfortunatley to have a hit album these days you have to be an annoying little kid like bieber or do something controversial e.g. Katy Perry I kissed a girl or go off the rails!

Fortunatley a LOT of people in Australia do remember Roxette and people are looking to listen to decent music these days, because sadly there is not a lot of decent new music released anymore!?!? Not like previous decades.

PER AND MARIE PLEASE COME TO AUSTRALIA EVEN IF YOU JUST PLAY ONE CONCERT and then we can get a chance to see you finally (I was too young to go to your other Australian concerts).

Great news. I hope they include Spain!!!!

Roxette in Brazil?

I can’t believe, I never think this could become real.
I am 23 years old, when Roxette came here last time in a world tour I was 7.

First Czech article about tour plus some pics from NOTP and Pers shows:)

They better be at least one UK date or i will be seriously pissed off ! ! ! ! ! !

i worry they are overreaching, 6 shows compared to what ight amount to 50+ including promotion etc? ctually who knows what will happen if emi exclusively has their hands on the album...seeing as rs was poorly promoted outside of scandinavia....and mexico city? with everything going on in that country that’s the last place i’d want either of them. I’m almost sure USA is gonna get skiped again and they don’t even have to play a ton of shows ehre just new york and california that simple 3 regions 3 opportunities but it won’t happen and am well just eh about it

so say we all


April 4 and 5 here we go!!!!!

So damn motherF happy!!!!
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Sounds great! But I also vote for a concert in Spain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







like magic and love lots of forgotten words

I was 11 when the Joyride tour came to Sydney, Australia in 1991 and 15 when C!B!B! tour in 1995. Like all of you, I have been waiting a long time for the new album and the tour!

The funniest thing is Bospop Festival, Weert, Netherlands.
Has anyone checked it out?
Roxette with support acts Billy Idol and Twisted Sister!!!!!!! :D

Only if Billy Idol and Twisted Sister are invited two years in a row, they still have the lineup for the last festival on the homepage. ;-)

I’m happy for the word tour, but a little bit disappointed as well, as there are no dates yet in Spain. If things don’t change I’ll have to start saving for a trip to Germany...

GREAT NEWS around the World, but “We want ROXETTE in Peru”

I wouldn’t worry, Spain– they should be coming around to your neck of the woods.

The nearest place to my city that Roxette are playing is in Mexico City– same continent, but so, so far away. Gotta start saving my shekels!

“Où sont mes pantalons?”

What about Peru???? We LOVE them here, you need to come down to Peru too !!!

The article does say ’Dates to be added’

Be patient :-)


I‘m just speachless, and i‘ll stay like that until June 2011!!!

If there’s any UK date(s) either Manchester or Liverpool will be good, especially the new Echo Arena in Liverpool.

Even Birmingham so it’s more central.

Though London will still be good :)

Any chance we can squeeze Stadium of Light, Sunderland, UK into that list somewhere? Best news I’ve heard in some time!

that would be awesome!!! where do you live SilverBloo? surely not another fan in the north-east?

CAN’T BELIEVE THE NEWS!!! Roxette in Argentina again... and 3 concerts!!! Wooooowwwwwwww. The dream comes true!

Really really great news!!! OMG!!! *-*

I’ve been waiting all my life for this!!!

They’re coming to Brazil !!!

Thanx for remembering South Africa M&P!!!!! I’m jumping around like a little kid!!! Love ya!!! :o)

If there is to be UK dates i hope the don’t forget us scottish folks and also wales and northern ireland too. I don’t mind travelling to england for gigs, but i know not everyone has the means to do that.


THIS IS THE SINGLE BIGGEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!!!! TO ACTUALLY SEE ROXETTE LIVE. I didn’t catch the ’95 tour in SA, but this time I’ll be there. Already booking rooms at Sun City - GONNA SEE BOTH CONCERTS IN SUN CITY!!! That’s a SURE fact!!!

It will be the first time seeing Roxette in real life!!! I can hardly contain myself. I’m already figuring out what to wear - DRESSED FOR SUCCESS!!!


Great News to hear that Marie and Per are to embark on a world tour in 2011. Surely a world tour cannot be complete without a couple of dates in England. I would suggest Newcastle-upon-Tyne Metro Arena (all big acts go there, including Shania Twain) and in London (maybe the O2 arena). Surely Roxette have enough fans in the U.K. to warrant a couple of dates?. On another note, it is indeed a great miracle that Marie is now back to almost full health and is able to go for a mammoth tour of the world - thankyou Marie especially! plus of course thankyou Per for putting the songs together in the first place. Alan Bell. England.

I want to read ITALY in the list .....PLEASE!!!!
In the past, Roxette have been hugely successful in Italy.......
Milan ... Torino ... Bologna ... Rome ...???
P L E A S E ! ! !

ROXETTE IS BACK YEAH°!!!! I knew it! not even cancer, not even crappy music from the States NOTHING can beat Roxette-...Marie you’re beyond us mere mortals!! I am so happy I almost chocked on my breakfast but sadly I don’t see my beloved PERU in the datelist yet...I am crossing my fingers for at least ONE date in Lima. I was there for the CBB tour right at the front but this time I want to take my baby brother who is a Roxette fan too but at that time he was too little to take him with me to the concert. PLEAASEE pretty please drop by Per and Marie, be sure you’ll have a warm welcome. I could easily afford to travel to Chile or Argentina but many of my friends and I of course would like to welcome you once again.
One more thing to pray for at night...

@Alan Bell - I don’t think the O2 would be a viable option in the UK. Would be great to see them fill the O2 but I don’t think that would happen :-(

Shepherds Bush Empire springs to mind? If a UK date is announced that is


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to UK!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

Oh yeah!!

I could not see them in 95, I had 4 years old when they came to CBB .... now I want to see them live, here in Peru, Lima
PLEASE!!! COME BACK to PERU ... I love you ROX! Forever!!!

PERU!!! .....PERU!!! .......PERU!!!

I really want read PERU in the list.

PLEASE!!!..... PERU!!!

Suggestions have been made in the past for Liverpool Echo Arena as Per likes Liverpool and of course Manchester Arena, but anywhere is good outside of London!

Wow! A new world tour! It’s really amazing! I never thought Marie would like to travel a world tour again, that’s really impressive. But let’s forget all old negative thoughts and look forward to this fantastic tour. My wish is that they take Isacsson with them so they have 3 guitarrists again and sounds a little bit havier like they did back in ’95. And put “The Rain” and “Lies” on the setlist. I miss those songs. And it’s also very nice that they have a gig in Gothenburg again and in the summer! Yeaaaa!

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh its a dreammmmmmmm? Man....Roxette are coming to Brazil..... I can’t believe. I love you Per and Marie. THis shows here will gonna be the best ones. We promisse you!! :D

AMAZING NEWS!!!! you made my whole year with this announcement. I hope they add a date in Central America (I am from Costa Rica) or USA, or i am going to start saving to go to Mexico or Chile. But this is definitely great news!!!

Thank you Roxette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad to hear the good news!!! I do hope they add a USA leg of the tour. If anything, I hope they return to Chicago, IL.

Snälla kom till Stokholm också!!!

It’s a very fantastic and unbelievable news!
I will going to Graz and Prague sure!
I hope comes more east and south European countries to the list! ROX ON!!!

i’m so happy! I didn’t dare to believe this could happen again!

Really good news!
My vote to add Spain to the list, Barcelona and Madrid must be there too!!! It’s been a while since we last saw you here... ;P

wow, really great news!!!!! i hope in one date in italy.... thank you Per & Marie!!!!!!!!!

Rox-Spainers!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have to vote together for a concert in Spain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe one day... one wish.... (My wish is becoming true)

I think we are already doing the Spanish vote. So far it seems that we are “winning”, but let’s hope our Rox-mates from Australia, UK, Peru, etc. also get their concert(s)!!!

Come to ROMANIA as well! Lots of fans await you here.

A world tour! Excellent! Seems Roxette will start off bigger than in 1999!

I’m just wondering how many shows they could fill in this tour schedule? During the TV-documentation about the C!B!B!-World Tour (Really Roxette) someone said, that a World Tour has to be around 100 shows to make economical sense. So there are only 35 gigs posted yet. About 65 are missing! I can’t imagine that the costs are less expensive nowadays than back in the 90’s.

I’m also wondering about the confirmed shows in Germany. To me it seems that all the four of them are part of festivals and not Roxette-only-shows.

I’m from Munich. First I thought, ok Frankfurt is not far away, just four hours by car or train. But on the other hand I don’t want to attend a Roxette show that is embedded in a festival, because they will play a shortened program of about 15 songs (see the Copenhagen show this year) and especially the interesting songs to me, the non-single-album-tracks will be left off in such a show. Secondly it will be hard to get close to the stage, because of the masses of other fans who attend the shows of all the other artists.

And Munich was always a must for Roxette and Per-Solo-2009. They played two shows in 1994 here, and in 2001 the tour took its start in Munich. And the feedback during the four gigs of the Night of the Proms was enthusiastic. My guess and my strong hope is, that much more shows will be added to this list. It also seems very untypical for Roxette to play festivals.

Another thing which came to my mind: in 1991, 1994 and 2001 the album was released in spring and the tour started in autumn. After the record release, Roxette did a promo tour and rehearsed for the concert tour afterwards. Now the concert tour starts in March and it’s not likely that the album will be released that much ahead. So I guess they are not going to do a separate promo tour. Just giving some interviews and TV-appearances during off-days between the shows, which I think is totally alright.

But anyway: GREAT NEWS !!!!
Good luck Per & Marie for the album, the tour and the comeback in total!

Great news!! Maybe they’ll perform at the Vienna Donauinselfest too, but the bands for 2011 are - as always - a big secret until now. The ’Rockhouse’ in Salzburg or an open air-concert in the old city of Salzburg (like in 1992) would have been cool locations as well. But maybe there is more to come ... even in Austria!? I am looking forward to a great new year! What more could a fan wish for? – Just imagine people: A new album AND a world tour (with a live DVD or a 3D-blueray around Christmas ’11 maybe/hopefully) ... Awesome. Or to say it with Marie’s favorite word: Fantastic!!

And by the way: When bad Photoshop happens to good people: // – Take a closer look on Marie’s ear and face - those unnecessary retouching-effects look like she had a bad face lift ...

WOOOOWWW!!! VIVA!! At last I will see you again!!! VIVA VIVA VIVA!!! I am soooo happy!!! After 16 years!!! MEXICO!!!

Come to AUSTRALIA!!! For the past several months now, “A Collection Of Roxette Hits” has been sitting in the top 100 on the ITunes albums charts. There is plenty of references in the media to Roxette even now. Given one or two dates here (even if they are connected to a festival) will definitely see them return to the charts. I can think of nothing more exciting than the opportunity to see Roxette live again. There will certainly be plenty of Australians who would also be seeing Roxette for the first time. So many people, young and old love their music here. COME TO AUSTRALIA!!!

as much as I’d like a gig in the North East of UK, anywhere that saves me paying for a flight is the main thing!

if enough ppl sign we might get roxette to spain!

If South USA does not get a concert, I may be visiting Mexico City unexpectedly.
My wife already said “we will go”.

I think as far as UK gigs go there should be 4 one in Scotland, one in Liverpool or Manchester one in Birmingham or London and one in Wales.

I also think they should pop over to Ireland as their Hits album reached Number 8 over there so obviously popular.

Roxette - World Tour 2011, never thought that would happen! I thought the ’news’ would be a single or album announcement, but this was totally unexpected, at least for a while yet.


Oh my gosh! Finally I’m going to re-feel what I felf in my younghood! A deep emotion just hearing the name of “Roxette”. I hope to see it on the whole world with capital letters because Per&Marie deserve all the attention from media and I’m also crossing my fingers to see them in thei FIRST concert in Italy (what about Milan or Turin?) Roxette I love you!!!!AndreaTORINO

Bucharest? ROMANIA?

Australia please!

Unlike some, I couldn’t have dreamed of paying for a trip anywhere to see you last year, and I can’t this year either.
Happy to travel to any capital if necessary :) :)

Great news, I’ll be in Prague for sure;-) But I hoped we’d hear something about a new album, too... how many songs, for example :-)

Wow...............What about London and Italy??????? Please!!!!!!!!

Wow i never thought this headline was possible a few years ago!!! Miracles do happen!

This news makes me feel like it’s 1991 again! That excitement I had as a 13 year old die hard Roxette fan returns! : P
I hope they make it to Australia on this tour! They’ve been in the media a bit more in the last year or so & a lot of the music channels have shown Roxette specials so now would be a great time to come back to Oz!! Also I hope they add shows in Spain, Italy & more in Sweden because if I go to Europe next year they are the places I wanna visit, Spain for the first time & Italy and Sweden again : )

The joyride continues!!! : ) : )

Waaaahhhh!!!!! NOVOSIBIRSK!!!! en fantastiskt trevlig nyhet :)))))))))))))))

The very woo-est of hoo’s!

Roxette, Please come back to the USA even if its at some small theater. I enjoy your music and last time you were in America I was very young and didn’t know too much about music in general. I’m in my early 20s and would really like to hear the songs live and in person. Please return to the USA, you still have fans here, I have a coworker that likes you too.

I’m thinking the breaks in the schedule are for Marie’s sake more than anything. Just a guess.

Sunshine is a lady who rox u like a baby!

Ahem...we yanks deserve a treat, thank you very much. By the time this tour gets going, it will have been what, 20 years since they’ve been here? And most of us were too young to drive then. I for one have never had the privilege of seeing them live.

However, I hope no one, least of all the Aussies, is forced to watch it all on YouTube. As the schedule stands, it doesn’t look like too strenuous of a tour for Marie, so who’s to say anyone will have to be disappointed?

Sunshine is a lady who rox u like a baby!

I’m not too proud to beg for the USA!! Chicago would be perfect!! Right in the middle. And a small theater would be even better than a big arena.

@cartoonsandgameshows Amen!!! Amen!!! Amen!!!

Sunshine is a lady who rox u like a baby!

It seemed the the USA fans will have to go to Mexico to see them. It took only 4 hours flight from LA, and definitely cheaper than to go to other countries.

Now, I’m just waiting to buy the tickets!!! Computicket must hurry up!!

Any news about the new album’s release????????????????

What excellent news!! I really hope there will be an Australian leg in the tour, doesn’t have to be alot of shows, one in each capital should do.

Any idea when will the add new dates?? I still can’t believe they don’t include any date in UK, Italy and SPAIN, specially when they’re doing few gigs in other countries (4 in Russia or for example Germany)

OMG!!!SAMARA???!!!! I’m shocked to see it in the list!!! It’s just near my town!!!! I can go there by car!!! Of course I expected big news, but this!!!! I can go to Novosibirsk as well!!! I’m about to faint, I’ve been to Moscow concert not long ago and now this!!!! I think I can go crazy!!!

How I wish they would come to Australia - They would without a doubt fill out quite a few venues. It would certainly be worth their while. There are still many fans here

Here’s hoping an Australian date is added

How glad I am to learn of a new album and new world tour. Come on Roxette, your many fans here in Oz await your return here.

I live in New Zealand and I will be flying all the way to South Africa to see 2 ROXETTE concerts. I am in the process of selling 1 of my cars to raise the money for my flights. Pity no dates have been set to say if they will be in Oz. It will be worth it seeing them on stage again. ROXETTE RULZ.

I do hope Roxette does at least one show in the US or Canada. Mexico might be cheaper for North American fans, but not exactly safer.

I’ve never bought concert tickets for overseas shows, but I guess I’ll have to figure out how to do it if I’m ever going to see Rox in concert again.

It can be an adventure if my experiences getting tickets for the canceled Anderstorp (eventually through, after giving up through The Race Legends to my good fortune as I was going to get race tickets as well) then on again, but now in Halmstad show is anything to go by.. lol

The real trick is finding out who to buy the tickets from. Once you have that sorted out, then should be as simple as buying tickets for a concert at home, in that you punch in your credit card details, get the tickets e-mailed, sent via snail mail or picking them up from the venue when you arrive.

Fantastic news, as we all get excited with the whole world tour.
I find it unusual to announce a world tour even before the single was released, will be a hit? and be promoted properly?. I think they made this album for a world tour in the first place.
Bytheway, no Helsinki this time, to kick off the tour
Let’s get some news form per himself...

Has any of the Aussie/Nz fans cotanted DCE to bring Roxette to Aust/NZ if not reply to this and I’ll give you the details.

Looks like all the Aussie’s are coming out of hiding :-P

@BWAD- send us the details (email is in profile)

Hi zargo






Could you not post in capitals please? There is no need to shout! :-)

And one post should do it. Thanks!


Sorry pwbbounce, won’t happen again :-) Cheers

No worries! Thanks buddy


I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing roxette live either. And i missed per’s show in london last year due to my dad passing away. If no UK gigs, I think i’ll be going to the weert gig

Roxette fan since 1989 :D

@scottishroxfan - If no UK dates are announced, I’m sure a few UK fans will be flying off to different places to see them. Personally, I’ll probably be going to the Gothenburg gig...


@pwbbounce same here, i’m sure that if there are no dates announced for spain, spanish fans will travel somewhere to see them live again. We can’t miss this tour! :)

I’m also thinking of Gothenburg- however, I am reluctant to make big plans and spend a lot of money if other dates are to be announced. I don’t like the way these things seem to unfold! I held out on the Anderstorp thing and was glad I did as it was obvious that a larger tour was on the cards. Definately wanna get to a show this time but it’s difficult to know when to buy especially when trying to make other hol plans! I hope Rox come to UK but just can’t see it happening.

More excited about the new album at the minute! :)

Maybe a fan meeting in Weert?
Count me in!!

Sound good. I saw room service in goth and handig man i shlm so if i do have to travel out of the uk it will be somewhere i have not been before mabe russia!

Roxette 2011 - Back with their greatest Hits? Is that the official name of the tour?

BTW, the person who chose the songs used in the video must have been stuck in 1994... ;-)

@ Starrox: to me it looks more like the trainee got the order to design a nice picture and title to go with the announcement, and went crazy with google and microsoft paint...

The only new thing we’ve seen up till now is the black and white picture back to back. I can’t imagine that this mix of logos, fonts and this title is the official design for this tour. I’d expect that to be in line with the style of the new album.

_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

someone can give information on the date of February 14 in San Remo in Italy? Is it a date of a promotional tour?
This roxette comeback is great!!!!!!!!!!

I can only do one or two dates, have to seriously watch the pennies thanks to the wonderful governments new university fees bombshell as I am hoping to get into uni next September now, but Gothenburg and the Denmark gig look the best, and even better is Easyjet now fly from Manchester to Gothenburg and Copenhagen so that would keep the costs down!

Thats good to know alison as you cant fly anywhere on the cheap from Newcastle these days! unless u wanna go somewhere hot on a p*** up! :(

Evviva! Please come to Luxembourg!

i really hope this poster and video is nothing offical, as i mentioned before, this pic and the unnecessary photoshop-stamp-effect is very (!) scary (marie’s face and ear) in my opinion.

@Claire Yeah the Copenhagen flights have been running most of this year and the Gothenburg flights started about a month ago, I checked recently a return flight to Gothenburg is around £80 in December, I am so tempted!!! ;)

if this is the official poster, i don’t now what to say except for: horrible photo and a bad typographie. as a graphic designer, who always loved roxette’s artwork (until now) i would go for something like that


Great news! Even Leipzig - thanks a lot!

But - the Zitadelle is not in Berlin but in Spandau of course... ;-)

Of course great news...but, this tour plan is quite strange for me. Roxette will go in some baltic capitals, cities with less then 1 mil inhabitans,instead of choosing Bucharest, Madrid or Barcelona.

Please include Bucharest in your schedule plan!

when I fly cheap I use Ryanair, I know they are rubbish but I can usually buy 2 seats for £60 return and spread out on the plane! I also get the amusement as the staff and other passengers can’t get their heads around why anyone would pay twice on a budget airline. Usually have to drive a few hrs to Liverpool or at worst Stanstead but Newcastle and Leeds have lots more routes now too.

I really hope US or Canadian stops are added. If there are any concerts in North America, I’ll be there.

Otherwise, I might try to go to the Copenhagen and Gothenburg concerts.

Also, I suggest that this be called the “Miracle Tour”, in celebration of Marie’ recovery.

So the tix for Gothenburg go on sale before the rest of the dates are announced?? Not fair! Most of us are going to be planning our summer vacations around this tour, and we need all the information before we can buy plane tix. By the time they add more dates, will the original dates be sold out? Highly irritating.

Sunshine is a lady who rox u like a baby!

@roxulikeababy: I agree!! I’m in Australia & really need to know ALL the dates because a lot of planning has to go into this if I am to go to Europe next year!!! The earlier I book the better chance of getting a good price on flights etc too... so really hope they don’t leave it for too long! Also I’m concerned that some of these dates up now that I could go to may sell out before I have a chance to know what’s going on! Hope not!

@BWAD: Yes I contacted DCE yesterday, fingers crossed!


I am edging towards Prague and Berlin, as these fall in early June and can easily save upto $900 on the airfare from Australia (which for me is a whole week extra I can spend in Europe!) against anything that may happen in July or August.

However I would also like to see what other dates are going to be announced as I plan to bring a friend who has never visited Europe so it may influence where we go.

I’m so far thinking of Gothenburg (If no UK gigs get announced) or Alison gave me the idea of Poland (cheap beer!)

I’ll just go with the flow!

Don’t Bore Us! Open The Forums!

and if my experience there earlier this year is anything to go by, cheap vodka too!

@ TEV: Do you have a bigger format of the picture you used for this article??
I would love one!! Thanx!!!

I’m a Scot currently working in Kuwait. Who else is going to the Dubai concert?!

Is it possible to know when they will add new dates to the tour?? are they trying to go to any country in particular?

Coming to South Africa!!! That is fantastic news!!

Just bought my ticket to the Gothenburg consert! :D

tickets are on sale already? this is not good all dates need to be announced at the sametime for the sake of travelling fans who spend a lot of hard earned cash

Yes, they are. It’s possible to prebuy on since 9.00. The “real” ticket release will be on Monday morning at 9.00 for Gothenburg.

@RoxetteCafe: THANX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just checked out Live nation’s homepage. It’s possible to buy presale tickets to Bergen and Warsawa too! The “real” ticket release dates for both those consert will be on Nov 8.

I have decided to do the Copenhagen and Gothenburg gigs and bought my Gothenburg ticket this morning, check out :p

I still may attend Warsaw because I love the PC tour there and Warsaw in general... but I wouldn’t mind a Spanish gig and still am hoping for the UK of course!

Yes!!! I’m going to sweden and hopefully Denmark..
Way better than a dutch festival...Although i hope roxette will come to holland for
a real concert and not a festival

is it possible that in that date they are guests at SanRemo Festival?

I think I’m OK for now, there has to be lots more dates added to this schedule especaillyin Sweden. Just hurry up and give us the final list, in some ways it would have been better to keep us waiting until a final list was ready!

I’m now the proud owner of a Göteborg ticket, but too early for plans yet...

There’s never a final list at the initial announcement of a world tour! I think in 1994 we only got the European dates first, rest of the world some months later.

“tomos85 said on November 3, 2010 11:48:
United Emirates are Asia too :-) This is one of the funniest and most akward gig I spotted on the list... haha Rox goes arabic!”

It’s accually funny. I asked my brothers girlfriend how many tickets she wanted. And she answered: “If they play in Dubai I’m going with you.” I said that I didn’t think that would happen. I was wrong :P

alternate tour poster

@Joyrider: GREAT poster - I would take out the first line saying “comeback”
and I would take out “live”.... It should simply say: ROXETTE WORLDTOUR 2011

I’d like Roxette to go to Barcelona on tour. Traveling to other countries is very expensive! :D

@Joyrider: Nice work! But I agree that comeback greatest hits should be removed.

thanks guys! i am happy you like the style. you’re right - the “greatest hits comeback” is not necessary but i am afraid the actual tour-title is even longer “roxette back with their greatest hits 2011” as seen on the offical poster (the one where they used the moscow-concert photo and the 2005-greatest hits-design).

You missed it!!


What about PORTUGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! CMON!!!!!

@Joyrider: The swedish poster only says Roxette 2011

Per, Marie please please please come to Romania! Listen to our hearts and add Bucharest in the World Tour.
Roxette, Jag Alskar Dig!

This is great! Roxette in South Africa again! The CBB tour was amazing at least. Sun City is not that far from Johannesburg and I have friends in Rustenburg. I’ll be harrasing Bigconcerts and Computic till tickets go on sale. Thank you Per and Marie... after 24 years you still rock and still care about your fans.

roxette fly to italy please!!!!!! what about sanremo??

hey Pmrox, i’m Wah from Malaysia.. i’ll most probably go to South Africa if there’s no other dates closer to Malaysia (eg Australia).. are you from South Africa? it would be great to get help from local people.. there’s direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Johannesburg.. what would be the best and cheapest way to travel from Johannesburg to Sun City? And to make the trip more worthwhile i plan to visit South Africa as well.. Kruger National Park is a must and probably up to Victoria falls! i’m more into nature, wildlife, waterfalls etc.. it is my dream to go to Africa and what a perfect time with this world tour.. just like how i planned my Europe trip last summer and went to Halmstad’s concert! perfect trip! :D

Yes i stay in johannesburg. the fastest way is probably to fly suncity do hav a airport close by that will take about 20 minutes by plane, you can go by car or by bus im sure suncity has some great tourbus service than theres also greyhound busses which is topclass it will take you about an hour and half maybe 2 depending on how often you stop to view the great cenary

Awesome. I hope they come to Scotland. A lot of singers come to the UK to tour but somehow forget about Scotland.

new alternate tour-poster design:

I would hope I can come to a concert in Copenhagen in Denmark and I look forward to it regards Bjarne

@ JOYRIDER: perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that background!!!! I wish I could be so creative with a computor.... want to design some dvd covers......

Nice work there joyrider!!, not a fan of the roxette font in the last one though, but still better the some of the possibly official ones.

Would be nice to know if there is infact a title/theme for this tour, and if the poster seen so far are official.

Not a huge fan of the current promo pics so far either. Would love them to do something like TBH/TPH photoshot, they were HOT!!

great news.i do hope new york gets a tour date.

I do too!!

Thanks a lot Pmrox for the info! Do you mind if I join you and other fans to go to Sun City?

Does anyone know where I can buy tickets for Riga and Tallinn when they go on sale next week? There are so many different websites and I have no idea which one of them that is reliable...

I’m not sure, but it seems that is the official site for Tallinn tickets.

Roxette comes to our province Limburg
(Weert Bospop) Holland Wauw on my Birthday 9/7/11
Only 15 minutes drive...
What else could I wish????

and again: here’s the result of playing with photos, colours, structure and type while listening to roxette

Doubt i can afford to do more than one gig outside the UK. I’m terrifed of flying. So i’d be going by train (aberdeen to london then Eurostar etc) So no idea of costs, will have do some research.

I’m from Riga. Really happy about the concert!!!!!!! I’m going to buy tickets on

They say on TV that the show in Denmark will be for free :-)

One thing I have just stumbled across while reading the comments at RXB...

Maybe you should mention here as well that the concert on June 12 will not be in Frankfurt but in a small town near by called Oberursel. Could be interesting for all the fans coming from abroad to attend that concert...

@RJ1976, really?? It would be amazing:-)

I had a dream last night that Roxette are goming to Australia, They were going to and in this order:

Hope Estate - Which is a winery (and a lot a singer have performed here)

Then off the NZ

So lets hope that my dream does come true.

Yeah BWAD that would be nice, didn;t paul dainty go to pers wedding? so he must have his cell number, maybe all these emails to PDC are gonna have and effect. then agan both of my CBB and joride tour shirts already had the australian so im not sure if they will be added.

I’m so happy Roxette in Mexico after 19 years, the best news ever!!!! By the way the correct name of the venue here is Vive Jose Cuervo Salon.
Greetings everybody! Thank God!!!! =)

I don’t know if PD did go to PG’s wedding all I know is PD was the guy that brought Roxette out to Australia in 91 and 95. Yes hopefully with all the emails that PD is getting (wish I knew how many).

Let’s do a roll call of all the aussies who’ve emailed Dainty Touring.

I’m one. Who else?

ALSO - I’ve emailed EMI AUSTRALIA asking if they knew anything

BWAD, I hope for every Aussie fan that your dream comes true!!

I haven’t got around to emailing Dainty yet, should be able to tonight.

i emailed PD twice once with my name and once with my girlfriends and here email address

Of course I emailed DCE and one of my friends have also. @ Roxwriter - Don’t hold ur breathe in getting a reply from EMI. Roxette could tour three more time before you hear from EMI Australia :-)

I tried to buy tickets for the Riga concert today. Do you know when they go on sale? I checked out the site that you recommended but it doesn´t say anything about Roxette... I´ve also checked out and that site says that the tickets are out for sale today... Thankful for your help! :)

Thanx! I got my ticket for Tallinn now. I just hope I bought a standing ticket.... It wasn´t obvious but I guessed that the cheapest ones were the standing tickets.... I´m not very good at the estonian language... And the translation were bad to,,,

Roxette is currently no 1 on Polish Top Charts

On German chart Roxette is no 4 at the moment.

@Rox1e88 I am thinking of going in Tallinn to. I also think that the cheapest are standing, but I’m not sure. Somebody out there that speak estonian?

It has to be the standing tickets that are the cheapest ones.. I tried out all the other categories and every one (except the cheapest) came with a seat-number. The cheapest one just said “hall”...

@Rox1e88 That’s good to know. Then I’ll go for the cheap ones as soon as I have convinced my company that we should go to Tallinn.


Yes it should be for free... They said so on tv and on the radio.

They will perform in Tivoli theme park, so I believe it’s for free


I expect that Roxette doesn’t forget to come to Barcelona. I know that it is repetitive but my desire also it is! I still remember the concert of 2001, it was great!

Visca Roxette! Visca Catalunya! :D

Tickets for Riga will be on sale from 15th November!!!!!

So, it should be 5 continents, because Mexico is indeed part of North America.

Take care!
Carlos E’
“Communication is key”

There’s no way I will miss the Roxette concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in April.

I’m already planning and preparing. It will be fabulous!

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

I’ve sent an email to DCE, so that’s one more person asking them to get Roxette here.

Tickets for the German tour dates have now also been added to Roll on, June!

Hi another Aussie here! I emailed PDC last week. Maybe it is time again to refresh their minds.... lol! I am overseas when the concerts are on and miss all of them. Need to hear something about coming to OZ soon!

How about in the US? Please, anywhere, I’ll fly anywhere in the US!!! Pleaseeeeeee

Good list there BWAD, I saw em in Newwie in 95, and that was pretty much sold out. In the vineyards would be awesome, perfect backdrop! But I doubt we’ll be that lucky this time round. But then again, who knows? Guns n Roses are at that V8 thing, in Sydney so hmmm.... maybe Rox n Oprah should have teamed up lol!

Hi, I’m very happy with roxette’s world tour, ... is there any chance that they include Colombia?

Seems the new Rox album will have only 12 songs and not 16!

Well, at least it’s new songs!!!

@Joyrider!!!! - could you please contact me!!! [email protected]

I need to ask you something....

Another date was added to Roxette 2011 World Tour - Sofia, Bulgaria - May 29th :-)

how cool for Bulgaria and Romania!! Congrats to their fans there!!

Maybe they could add..SPAIN too?? please? SPAIN!!!!!!

12 songs is better than 16 (that’s too much). I hope we don’t get another Room Service ;-) Several good songs, but Little Girl, Bringing Me Down To My Knees and some other songs are not my cup of tea

Thanks bevi! :-)

Can’t believe it’s true ,but I just spoke with EMI representatives in Bulgaria!!

The tickets will be on sale from 15.11.2011!


anybody knows when they will release South Africa tickets for sale?

Great, Romania, exactly on Marie’s birthday!

Well it’s good for Bulgarian and Romanian fans to have their concerts, they deserve all the attention that had not had in the past, but PLEASE, we need Roxette to come to ITALY!!! Milan, Rome, Turin, Bologna, Naples could be enough to gather all the Italian fans, at least ONE DATE but in ITALIAAA!!! Per & Marie don’t you forget how beautiful was recordin’ Crash!Boom!Bang! in Capri??

Thank you GOD! I am so happy, thank you Marie and Per, and we hope to prepare for Marie’s birthday with special fan meeting . She will remember Romania. And Romania sure is ready for Roxette. We have waited for so long. Thank you!

I love you Per and Marie!!!!!!!!!!!!

big thank you from .ro !

Yes, Bulgaria!!! Will be there:))

I am so HAPPY!!!
Roxette in ROMANIA, first time!
I love you, guys!!!

Big thanks and hugs from Romania! Thanks to the management who decided the romanian show and, as bonus, if could be any better, exactly in the same day with Marie‘s birthday! We‘ll make this day unforgetable!

i did some ’design-remixes’ with the new photo again ...

Roxette will play @ Bucharest in this place

capacity : 15000

Massive Attack, Faithless, Pink Martini, Gary Moore, Aerosmith, Bob Dylan and The Cranberries played as well here!

Still more dates to be added? Or just no way? Because I’m starting to be a little pissed off about not having any Spanish date. Hey Per, Europe doesn’t end on Germany!!! some of the most important European countries are off of that list, I mean, UK, France, Spain or Italy. Very big markets to be that apart, don’t they? I hope it’s just a way of keeping interest high, but still a bad joke for us...

One needs to keep in mind how complicated it is to plan an actual “World Tour” as the logistics are obviously very complex. With a tour that will span several months instead of just several weeks, it was impossible to announce a final, complete list of dates without keeping those “early adopter” tour promoters from being able to start selling tickets WAY in advance (which they like to do because then they’re the ones earning interest on that money because it’s in their bank account instead of yours... and also because they need that money to start paying the upfront costs of putting on the concert).

Well, the point to be made here is that it’s really still too early to be pushing the PANIC button when it comes to a country like Spain. Roxette AND their management (including tour management in Sweden at least) are well aware that they have a large fan base in Spain. The same holds true with a few other countries that easily come to mind.

Yes, I think at least one concert in Spain will be added (it just seems like SUCH an obvious omission), but, if you really want to be proactive... rather than a “Hey Per” callout (as it’s really not up to him)... you should – as they’re trying to do in Australia – share your enthusiasm with LiveNation España, whose office I think I discovered is in Barcelona (but I just wasted a lot of time trying to find specific contact info.... it’s obvious that they don’t want fans – of any group – calling them). But if someone (RoxSpain?) knew how to actually talk to someone in that office, and let them know that the fans in Spain are organized... have BEEN organized... and are ready and willing to help promote the concerts (i.e., a ready-made “street team), I would think that would definitely be of interest to them.


Lars we’ve allready tryed to get in touch with them but we didn’t get any answer from Live Nation Spain.
Live nation spain has a twitter and a facebook account, thats the place to blame, to aks for roxette to come to spain, and not this website or per twitter or facebook ....

Per & Maria - Vær så snill å spill for oss i Lima, Peru - Hundre tusenvis av hylende fans venter på dere

I hope after Bucharest Roxette come to Budapest too!!

Absolutely wonderful :) So great to see Romania on the tour list, we can’t wait but we will :) Romanian fans await you with open arms and open hearts. What a great feeling, the moment I saw the news on I was overwhelmed. Most of us fans are grown ups but we sure dream like kids do. Thank you for this dream :)

Further to Lars’ post, similar could be done in the UK. Contact Live Nation - - via their ’Contact Us’ form and ask them to bring Roxette to the UK.


Well said LEO!

I can say billion times PLEASE come to London.... if you want, but PLEASE DO come to London... don’t boycott us... please......we love you so much... you are our heros.......
Why Russia has got few venues and UK none???
we miss you here... you know....


I found that there are sites

Roxcom, “roxetteontour” sounds familiar. If I am not mistaken, the site was used by the OIRFC during the Room Service Tour. It seems someone still owns the domain and is re-using it. Nice overview!
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

Well, according to Computicket here in sunny South Africa, they have NO idea that Roxette is coming to SA and they have no idea when tickets will be available......

Coooool :)

For the moment (2010-11-11 01:30 CET) it looks like the Norway gig is soldout. The ticketsite sais “Ingen billetter tilgjengelig” (No tickets aviable). It said that a couple of hours ago to, but then it became aviable again.

According to this article it is 6500 tickets.

Hello, What about Peru???????????
Please, come back to Peru, “If I had one wish, what would it be????” Roxette Live in Lima, Peru.

I think the management should consider the possibility of moving that concert from Norway to a bigger hall . I think Per and Marie are not even imagine that almost every concert will be sold out. You will see....

Where can we buy tix for Bulgaria on 15 Nov? The ticketpro site listed on the tour calendar doesn’t list Roxette.

Sunshine is a lady who rox u like a baby!

@roxulikeababy Sometimes they don’t list the artist until the tickets are released, or maybe one or two days before that. The tickets for the Estonia gig wasn’t listed until the time for release. So be patient a couple of days and I’m sure they will be listed soon enough.

Thanks CoyRoy for the information! Hopefully they will release the tickets very soon cos I will feel more comfortable to buy flight ticket after I’ve secured my Roxette’s ticket..

in November 1998 it was announced, on the daily roxette, that February 22, 1999, would be released “Have A Nice Day” album, and the same day we was informed that it would be the album title. So if the new album by roxette comes out to February 2011, by now should have the same kind of information .... we hope!

C’mon throw in at least 1 date for North America. I’m in Canada but would fly south of the border to the US to see them. On the other hand, it’s been a while since I last vacationed in Europe, I wouldn’t mind spending my holidays over there :)

@ettexor I think the info comes soon. I think it will be out before the tour starts. Early february is my guess.

Hi! This is a question for the management team or the moderator of this site. I understood that it is very important to have a solid and well organized fan club to wish for a roxette come back to the native nation. I think this is not so right, in fact you can’t expect from us all (fans) to make this effort instead of you! I am willing of help with promo because I RELLY DO love Per & Marie, but this is not the normal way to have internation stars like them in a country like Italy which is quite used to host important people.
Bthw...our italian roxette fan club is re-born and so we are well prepared to do all the work is please aks us whatever you need, but bring Roxette to Italy!
I need an answear, if you don’t think that the italian market is good enough for organize a concert, please let me know it now, I would like to have certainties!!!

Finally I got my ticket for the Berlin show. Due to the homepage of “Zitadelle Spandau” it is a very cool location. It’s a renaissance-castle from the 16th century, totally surrounded by water. So this would be a PERFECT location to film the show and release it afterwards on DVD. This would be a splendid opportunity!

But it also needs a helicopter to do great shots from the air.

Maybe the film material could also be used afterwards to do a nice promotional video for the third or fourth single off the new album, like it was done for “Listen to your heart” and “Dangerous”.

@ Andrea (roxfredrik): No, I think you probably misunderstood something, as having a “fan club” in a country is certainly not any kind of requirement at all. While there are no “official” fan clubs any more, there still are groups of people who work together in a country-specific way. One such group or team has remained active in Spain, and so I mentioned them in an earlier comment (where someone in Spain was trying to get Roxette to schedule a concert in Spain). But nobody is ASKING fans to make some kind “effort” as you wrote. Roxette has a company called Live Nation doing it’s tour management. Ultimately, whether Roxette comes to Italy (or Spain, or wherever) depends on whether it could work (geographically) into the tour schedule... and if there are people working for Live Nation (or the Live Nation affiliate) in that country who believe a concert – or concerts – there would sell enough tickets to make a profit. Businesses, especially these day, do not like to take risks. — LEO


Ok, screw Dainty, they’ve still not replied. So.

FRONTEIR TOURING have a “suggestion” page as to who you’d like to see here in OZ. I just emailed them and YOU SHOULD TOO. - that’s the link and then select “Tour Suggestions” in the drop down menu.

ALSO - this is the email for AMP Touring - Andrew McManus who bring out acts like Backstreet Boys, GnR, Roxy Music etc. Their contact email address is: [email protected]

Keep us posted with your progress!


Sent msg a few seconds ago. What about Chugg and Copple as well?

Good thinking LEX. Forgot about those.


[email protected] /

[MCP recently brought out Metallica for example]


Select “Bands you’d like to see tour” in the drop down menu and then send them a short message.

That’s 2 more to add to the list of Dainty, Frontier, Andrew McManus. Keep ’em coming guys!!

I really thank you for you fast reply! It helped me to comprehend better how music markets work! I hope someone in Live Nation could focus his attention in a concert in our country and I believe that if there would be just a little bit promotion, the locotion of Milan would be a great choice!!
Anyway, again, thank you very much for having aswered me!

The latest interview with Per should shed a bit more light on the tour city choices and album status quo:


I’ve sent emails/messages to all the aussie tour promoters listed so far.

Fingers crossed we hear some good news soon :-)

I have emailed the 5 major Touring Companies that bring singers/bands to Australia and New Zealeand which are:

Dainty Consolidated Entertainment
The Frontier Touring Compnay
Andrew McManus Presents
Chugg Entertainment
Michael Coppel Presents

So hopefully one of them will listen to us.

hello everyone;)
my name is damian and a’m from poland.i’m really happy to be reggisterd here and to share my thougts and feelings:(although my english isn’t as well as i wish:)of course i’m going to the warsaw-gig in june (with my sister)every day i’m visiting this wonderful webside waiting for fresh news bout per and marie.i can’t wait for the brand new album and for the lead-single.hopefully it’s coming out begin of january...hugs!!dami(poland)


I NEEEEED them to be in Oz... I don’t want to fly back to Europe! Can we get an Aussie facebook group to track this progress? p.s. currently in Melbourne :)

I don’t speak finnish, but it looks like the finnish tickets are relased on monday 15/11

I love them too...if You have a wish to talk to somebody, who like or adore them as much as You do, write;)
[email protected] or skype margarita22833

i am writing to say how much i am in agreement with nadira who says pleeeese come to london. 1994 was much much too long ago. i saw per last year on his tour but now i just cant wait to see marie and per together again so please please please announce london dates.

Due to the big request from ROXETTE fans to buy tickets, the organisers start selling them one day in advance, well you can buy them at from tomorrow on.


Just confirming I too have emailed the following people

Dainty Consolidated Entertainment
The Frontier Touring Compnay
Andrew McManus Presents
Chugg Entertainment
Michael Coppel Presents
Live Nation Australia

You should too if you haven’t done so!

Keep us posted! :)

I got a response from Michael Coppel!! Didn’t say much only that they will pass my request on!! Better than nothing i guess!!

LOL @ Hotblooded

Same as me :-)

Just got the same response from Coppell. But still, good to see they ARE getting the messages... I believe WE can make this happen guys! Rally the troops, ask your friends, brothers and sisters to shoot off an email too! Even if they’re your casual fan, we need some people power here!!!!

To all Aussie

I have had another idea and that is to either ring Triple M in your City and then the next major Radio Station here in Brisbane it’s B105fm ask them to see if they would be able to put a petition on their website to bring roxette to australia.

It just might help.

@BWAD: I don’t think that Triple M will be interested in Roxette! If anything it would most likely be stations like MIX106.5 in Sydney who would want to promote a tour & new single etc...

ATT: AUSTRALIANS - PLEASE do the following. I have just emailed Kyle & Jackie O asking them if they could announce that Roxette are doing a World Tour and as of yet, Roxette has no plans on coming to Australia. I also asked them if they could put a poll on their website to see if that would help.

I have as emailed B105FM’s morning crew asking the same thing. I think in Sydney it’s 2DayFM. I don’t know what it is in VIC, ACT, TAS, SA, WA and NT but anything is ago. The more of this sought of request that these radio station gets the more chance we have.

Just got an email fron Frontier Touring


We have no confirmed information available for this tour but if we do receive any word of a tour being confirmed we will notify fans on our website and on our twitter and facebook pages.
Frontier Info

@muc_ben: I’m from the US and have never seen Roxette live. I was determined not to let this tour pass me by, but I had no idea which show would be the best to go to. Thanks to your comment, the decision was made. How incredibly cool to go to a Roxette show in an open-air castle like the one in the Look Sharp! concert video. CAN’T WAIT!!!! It’s gonna be craaaaazy!

Sunshine is a lady who rox u like a baby!

Got the same from Frontier as well. At least we got a response!

I received a reply from MCP and Frontier as well. The one from Frontier sounds like they are waiting for EMI?? (someone else??) to advise them that they’re touring before they can do anything about it.

I’m curious to know how many emails they’ve received the last week...

@Roxwriter - what email address/page did you use for Live Nation Au?? Been looking for 5mins and can’t find an email address or contact us on the website.


That’s the link. You need to creat an account though. Just click on the “Ask a Question” tab to be taken to the “log in” page.


Condensed Live-Ism on Foxtel’s MTV Classic channel right now!!!

I have just sent an email to to Darryl Bailey, who is the Director of Promotions and Publicity from EMI Australia and asked him if there is any plans of EMI Australia releasing the new Roxette CD yearly next year. I also told him that I contacted the 5 major Tour Promoters to see if they could bring Roxette out to Australia as part of their 2011 World Tour.

I also told him what Frontier Touring said to me, which was

“Hi, We have no confirmed information available for this tour but if we do receive any word of a tour being confirmed we will notify fans on our website and on our twitter and facebook pages.


Frontier Info”

If you would like to get in touch with Darryl and do your own little speel, you can reach hime by [email protected]

Anything is worth a try in my opinion..

Nice work BWAD. Thanks for trying and for keeping us in the loop. Cheers for the email link. I don’t know if bombarding Darryl is the best angle but it’s good to have!

You’re right though, it’s worth a shot, it’s up to us build some heat for a Roxette-Down Under trip!

@roxulikeababy: You’re welcome! Seems like nobody else recognized this comment. But it’s a really superb venue!!! Even if I was in Berlin before, I have never seen this castle. So it needs Roxette to discover historical buildings in my own country ;o)

It is great they are back together. I do not know why there is not any dates for U.S.A. , I would like to see a Arizona tour date.

@ Roxwriter I gather that you are right not bombarding Darryl, but it wouldn’t hurt if we all just sent him one email, then he’ll see how many fans are in Australia.

Also try your local radio morning crew eg Here in Brisbane we have Labbay, Camilla and Stav you also have Kyle and Jackie O and what about Hamash and Andy and get the announcement out there by radio.

Australia has been very good for Roxette especially for Marie as it was in Sydney in 1991 that she meet her husband. Roxette has also filmed three video clip here”

Church of Your Heart
(Do You) Get Exiceted?

Where all filmed in Australia

My heart is telling me that Roxette will come to Australia after Brazil and before South Africa, with one concert at Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand, just before hitting Australia as they have 24 days rest between Brazil and South Africa.

Just another dream.

I have mailed ALL the big radio stations here in SA yesterday, telling them about the upcoming Roxette album and live shows. Hopefully South Africa will remember Roxette again and support them. I’m sure everybody will want Roxette’s album to do WELL and sell millions of copies. I sure want Roxette to relive their success from the 90’s!!!

I think Per should hire me as their PROMOTOR!!!! hint hint....


Hmmm... Budapest! I was looking for an excuse to return to Budapest, love the place, close enough to the Berlin and Prague dates to make a good trip, now just give me concerts in Rome, Paris and Amsterdam (or the damage as I call it) in June and we have the makings of a good holiday

+ a gig in Stockholm on June 20th

Assuming Roxette do manage to get to Australia/NZ, when would they be able to squeeze it in??

The only break in the schedule so far is late April/early May. If it can be squeezed in then, why would you go South America > Australia > South Africa with lots of extra flight time. After that they’re back to Europe. I can’t see them flying back down to Aus after that, unless it’s part of a second leg of the tour (like the Summer Joyride Tour) for Asia Pacific.


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