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“Gessle over Europe”

Written by tevensso on August 28, 2009 to and .

HALMSTAD (Updated) - The Daily Roxette can present the (very nice) sleeve for "Gessle over Europe," designed by Pär Wickholm. The sleeve is inspired by The Clash's "London Calling" says Per.

According to the back sleeve (on the enclosed DVD will be in PAL, but region 0 and in DTS.

Update: The album has been postponed to the end of October due to German video regulations. Due to the graphic nature in the director's cuts of the videos Germany demands an 18 year old age limit on the CD/DVD.

Update 2: Per, being the tough guy he is, has gotten a 12 year old stamp on the DVD!

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Well done, Pär!
A must have in my collection. :-)

Amazing cover art. the best in year 4 me.

As an Art Director, I 100% approve of this artwork. Great job. It captures the spirit and the feel of the concert series perfectly.

Yea, nice sleeve. Like another Par works with Party Crasher and/or Tid for tystnad. Hope that new Roxette single/album art works will be his work.

Wow!! i like this sleeve!

When I look at this cover, I just can’t help the feeling that I’ve seen it somewhere in the rox-world. Yep, it reminds me Marie’s MBV-album/singles cover. Don’t know why but it’s how I feel. And of course, I like it!

Who took the front and back covers pics? Thomas, heyoka, thenicekai or someone else? And in which cities? :)

Do we know the release date and the countries-list that would be lucky enough to get “Gessle over Europe”?

As far as I know these photos are taken by Rickard Eriksson.

...the enclosed DVD will be in PAL, but region 0 and in DTS.

DvD it’s not region o, what you mean is the FSK 0 (FSK=freiwillige Selbstkontrolle/ it means the age for watching the DvD, like Movies)

Yes you are right, but the DVD is region 0.

...okay, i understand REGION 0 = If a DVD all region codes so it is a so-called ’Region 0’ or region free DVD.
Thx @ tevensso

Yep! Region free=0. :)

Very nice cover! Actually prefer it to the PC album sleeve. :-) All in all very nice package, this release.

Any release dates? Will it be released in the UK?

What has happened with “C’mon” video which isn’t on the back cover? :)

Yes, it would be great to know release date !
It will be amazing release, thank you so much Per, especially for the TWATG videos on DVD!

Good cover design. hope its released in the UK, although i hope its released to stores and not just through websites. heres hoping :) and with my least favourite tracks COYH & Dangerous missing it’s a very good album for me, no skipping!

Blu-Ray as well would be nice.. Please



Never Left The Joyride..

No BD, too costly. :(

Not very keen on the main photograph to be honest, but the layout is great. Will surely look better on an album in larger version than on a small CD.

I just checked The Clash sleeve...As long as I live I never saw Mr. Gee crashing any guitar on the stage...Cannot wait to see it! ;)

that’s one hell of a cover, thanks PG! Cant wait to hear and watch the contents!

Gessle: Det spelar ingen roll vad som skrivs, bara bilden är bra :D

It’s a pity that “The Party Pleaser” it’s not included in the CD. I would prefer that song instead of “I Have A Party...” and “I’m Not Your Steppin..”

“The Party Pleaser” is on the DVD at least, I guess that’s some form of compromise :P

For people who want to listen to the full concert in MP3 format, there are bootlegs in good quality circling the net, as well as the London concert streamed from Sirus... just seek and ye shall find!

BTW, the cover artwork is fantastic, can’t wait to get my hands on the release! :)

How about making a legal 720p or 1080p encode available for download?



Never Left The Joyride..

Hear hear!

No C’mon video on DVD!! maybe was a mistake!!! When will it release???

C’Mon video is listed here ...

Tev do you know if they recorded it in HD? If so I’m sure the film studio can encode them to .x264 Mkv’s and chuck it on bittorent.



Never Left The Joyride..

i know, but it isn’t on the back CD on

The crew that recorded the show said it was in HD, but according to my sources it cost too much to make a BD out of it...

Shame about the BD, but I can understand the reasons behind it. Still, any release is better than nothing. Can’t wait to watch it and remember my first Per concert!! :-)

Booooo :(

What?!? At 3PM, I have seen worse on TV than someone poking a fork into someone’s cheek.

Also, I hardly a know a fan UNDER the age of 18 so publish it! I am 32!!!

(Or publish it in Sweden first, I have a credit card, hehe!)

Hahahahahaha! Never thought that something Rox-related would ever be “18+ Only”. I find it kind of funny.

(btw has it ever happened before with other videos, dvd’s etc? I only recall the controversy around the TCOTH video?)
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

And I remember the trouble MTV had with “Anyone”....(thinking of Britney Spears’ video about suicide which they showed I still don’t see the problem).

About the delay: This video (and video games) thing is really strict here in Germany....but I don’t understand why they can’t release GOE in Sweden first...why does it have to be a “all over Europe at the same time”-release?


Kirsten, there’s a lot of songs from Germany. So I suppose Per thinks he can sell a little more in Germany thanks to that delay...

EMI will of course print one sleeve for all of Europe and so the classification has to be there, for Germany, from the beginning. But yes, very annoying.

Thanks Thomas. It will most probably look like this:

——————————– I had a good laugh!!!! Do we have to show our ID now in the shop?? LOL!!!
We are having too many laws in Germany... I always have known that...

Just saw that they changed the logos this year. This is the new one:


People in this world get more and more weird... What more can I say?

@Gabba77: I have exactly same feelings.

Well, that’s Germany, welcome in our world.

Didn’t know that Per’s videos are so harmful to minors. Shame on you, Per ;-)

I can‘t believe this!!! No no no !!!!! (((
Can‘t just make that DVD won‘t play at germany? That‘s all the problems!

I think it was because of the video with guys (except Per of course) showing their nipples:

And the video for “Kix” too:

DYWBMB, too - it was aired as censored version and uncensored one...

Hahaaa, yeah, the nipple contest was hard to handle! :-D

I agree withRemco, it´s kinda funny that Per´s DVD will be “18+ Only”, would hardly ever come to my mind..
Too bad we have to wait longer... but as long as I get it before Christmas, I´m happy.

Cover looks great. Can’t wait for this release.

oh no, the end of october?!?!, i can’t wait!

PER SAYS AT TWITTER YESTERDAY: Finally! Got the german approval re the videoclips. They gave me a 12-year old approval stamp! Hahahaha, so much for being a tough guy!

12 year old approval...geez talk about overkill. What do they have one for each year of age or something?

The release date in sweden maybe is the october the 21, i have heared.

My birthday :)

And 2 days AFTER my birthday... oh well. I guess that’s something I have to live with. hehe

And 2 days BEFORE “the day” in Atwerp ;) So, if it’s true, there won’t be any signing session I suppose.

Fantastic... hmm.... Europe igen? Brazil is in Europe?! :\
One more DVD that has a ferrari price....


A certain Roxette Blog site has a trailer for the DVD for download...I must say WOW! It’s Per performing Dressed For Success. It sounds weird at first with no Marie, but you soon get over that (half a rox concert is better than no rox concert at all). Now I really can’t wait for this DVD to be released followed by NOTP!!


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