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Written by Roxwriter on February 14, 2011 to and .

SYDNEY (Updated) - The good news is that the very popular music channel “Music MAX” has finally dedicated air time to Roxette with this morning’s “Superstar Top 20: Roxette” special. The program counted down their 20 biggest videos including the new release “She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)” coming in at #15. Also, in a first time ever for Australian TV, Music MAX played the videos to some of Roxette’s more obscure songs including 1986’s “Soul Deep”, 1995’s “She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” and 2001’s “Real Sugar” (neither of which were ever officially released here as singles!)

Meanwhile, some less than positive news with regards to the new album Charm School with one of the nation’s biggest newspapers giving it “one star” out of five. The Sunday Telegraph review would go on to say "…the warning bell rings loud and clear with the first single ‘She’s Got Nothing On’. If old cheese is your preferred taste, then enjoy the retro feast…”

At the very least it lets the Australian market know that a new Roxette CD is available… despite the negative review.

Update:  Charm School is featured in the "New & noteworthy" section of the Australian iTunes store. (Like the single back in January.) Probably as a result of this the album is hovering around the top 40 mark which is nice. The deluxe version & the Hits are also in the top 200.

Hotblooded contributed to this article.


Yes, Charm School is very very retro-sounded album. But does it really mean, that it is a bad album?.... Is really worth to read all these ’profesional’ reviews?

I think the first single is really bad, we should admit it. However, the video and the remixes are even worse. By the way, an important radio premiered Charm school in Argentina today. They played five or six songs from the album, read some info and made a raffle. The album will be in record stores tomorrow.

Did you ever heard Lady Gaga’s song “Born this way” (2011)? All the world (critics) were waiting to this song but Gaga shown us a “version” from Madonna’s hit “Express Yourself” (1989). Sorry friends, I love Gaga as a lot of you but I’m not a fool. “Born this way” not even sounds “retro”, its a fake of inspiration. Dont be sad, anyone can say “retro” but none will be able to say that Roxette is a copy. I am happy on the outside cos there’s a star (out of five) in my sky!

Aussie Reminder

Music MAX is having another Roxette special “Best of Roxette” at 10.30 AEDT on Tuesday 15th FEB

@gessle-addict: The only thing I’ll ’admit’ is that “Radio” is fantastic, the first song to get any airplay at all in Canada since “Wish I Could Fly” and a hit in Germany and Austria. Roxette should be proud to count this song among their best singles.

People in South-Africa are loving the new song, since it’s getting a lot of airplay on all major radio stations. The album was supposed to be released here yesterday, the 14th, but no shop has it yet, and another thing that bothers me is that EMI South Africa still hasn’t updated their website yet - there is still no mention of Roxette anywhere....

Any publicity is good publicity and as Roxwriter said, at least people know there is a new album. Although, the review was tiny, taking up a 2 inch square section in the CD Reviews section (which had 2 other reviews the same size, by two other people - Cut Copy (which got a ’Must Hear’ stamp and 4 stars) and John WIlliamson which got 3 stars) in the bottom right hand corner of the page, very easy to miss entirely...maybe that’s a good thing too?

I agree with gessle-addict: it’s not one of their best singles. Don’t know in Canada, but here in Argentina even the singles from “Room Service” got decent airplay, which is not the case of “Radio”. The video is nowhere to be seen. To sum it up: people is interested in the new album, but the single is almost ignored. Being #18 in Germany is not enough to call it a hit, since we don’t know how it’s gonna perform anywhere else yet.

Guys, remember, this is the Aussie thread.

Also, I think Roxette have now crossed over from being a “singles” band to an “album” band - who would’ve ever thought that would happen?

I just wonder how many times reviewers listen to an album before writing their review and how much time they have to do it. I was excited by the 30 sec snippets, but when I listened to the album for the first time I was a bit disappointed. Now that I’ve had it a few days and listened to it heaps, I like it so much more. Still not the best album, but gets better the more I listen to it.

Agree Brad. I avoided the snippets and listened to the CD the first time and it DEFINITELY fell flat.

Had very lukewarm reactions to all the songs. But now, I can’t get “No One Makes It On Her Own” out of my head! Not a catchy big chorus number like “Speak To Me” but after a few listens, it’s fantastic!

And I also like “In My Own Way”. I fell asleep listening to it the first time, but now, I love it!

”...I can tell by the look in your eyes...”

One thing I’ve learned over the years is to completely disregard anything written by critics or reviewers in the media about entertainment in general, and music in particular. The simple fact is, reviewers will review compared to their own tastes and I more often than not find my opinion of an album the polar opposite to the review I’m reading. As one example, I read plenty of reviews on a Kings of Leon album, raving about how good it is, blah, blah. Having listened to it, I find their music bland and uninspired and would only give it a one star, yet the reviews gave 4 and 5 stars.

In short, take any reviews written in the media with a grain of salt, the paying public will decide if an album is good or not.

Don’t know if someone has spotted this yet, but I just love what this journalist from California says: ” Something about seeing Swede-poppers Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson together as Roxette, nine years and one cancer scare after their last album was released, just makes all seem right in the world”

Fact is that ’artists’ like justin bieber/lady gaga/eminem are getting all the attention from the young music followers at present.
If you’re trendy in this industry regardless if you are able to sing and perform or not, they will rate you high.

I simply Love Roxette’s music; always have and always will. So I say the fans should just keep on supporting Roxette with album sales and sell out concerts! That’s all that matters really :)

@ Roxwriter: Yep so many gold moments on the album, sitting always seems to stick in my head afterwards. Marie’s voice is what really makes this album I think. I wish she had of sang the whole of speak to me, the chorus to that song, to me, is so powerful!. But the best thing about the album is that once you finish it, there’s a whole live album to listen to next that sounds just as awesome!

@ Rezmad: I also learnt ages ago that critics and I have differing opinions, every movie review I read for example, seemed to always conflict with my own opinion. And the same goes for music reviews (more so now) too. As you said its all about personal taste, one person’s opinion versus another.

@ Heidi van Rensburg: Love that first paragraph of the review, it does make all seem right! Can’t remember where I read it but someone said Rox are old and daggy, or something like that, and that’s what’s good about them. They aren’t involved in scandals, they don’t need to rely on someone to write catchy tunes for them or stylists to make them fashionable or to appear in raunchy video clips wearing skimpy clothing, etc they’re talented and creative down to earth people who just write amazing songs and sell out concerts - can’t get more successful than that!

I found the album on the first listen, to be somewhat flat as well. But after listening to it a “fair bit” over the last few days, it definitely is a grower. Now i’m quite fond of Dream On and After All.

@Roxwriter: do you know what else they played?

Heidi van Rensburg said: “If you’re trendy in this industry regardless if you are able to sing and perform or not, they will rate you high.”

I don’t think anyone can deny that.

@Raëlian: I think you’re putting the cart before the horse: airplay leads to sales, not the other way around. In Germany, Austria, and Switzerland airplay is strong and so are single sales. The massive exposure from “Wetten Dass...?” increased downloads of “Radio” considerably in all German-speaking countries (currently at #6 in Austria, and there are actually three different occurrences of the song on that chart!). I hardly think people saw the show, thought “Wow, that’s not a very good song” and then downloaded it from iTunes to make sure.

It’s fair to say that (for Roxette) the song flopped on the singles chart in Sweden (although #14 on the official downloads chart isn’t *that* bad, it was a huge mistake to delay the physical single by three weeks, making the song eligible to chart on the official chart only then... but I digress) but airplay was again weaker there than it should have been. Unfortunately, we’ll never know how things might have turned out with a different lead single, but I think “Radio” is the most radio-ready song on the album, and besides Madonna and Michael Jackson (maybe A-ha?) I can’t think of any artist over 50 that can sell singles anymore. The fact that Roxette can do it SOMEWHERE without featuring Ke$ha or Rihanna, or without having Dr. Luke or Max Martin produce the song is all the more impressive.

I guess different people will have different criteria for what constitutes success.

@Roxwriter: Okay, this will be kind of sort of on-topic :-D I don’t mind negative reviews (as a Roxette fan, you get pretty used to the critics spewing their venom Per and Marie’s way - it’s always been that way), but what really pisses me off about some of the reviews is that they make it sound like they LOVED the old Roxette albums, singles, and shows, and the new music and performances somehow pale in comparison to what they were doing in their heyday. But I’ve been reading reviews of Roxette records and shows for 20 years and with a few exceptions here and there (most notably the critics at, critics have ALWAYS loathed Roxette, and probably always will. Anyone remember Q’s review of “Crash! Boom! Bang!”? In its entirety, it was something like “Crash, boom, bang, plop, fizz.” So it’s really quite disingenous for, say, Nunstedt to trot out his standard “We’ve heard it all before, and better” line when he’s trashed EVERY Roxette album (the only thing I remember him liking at all was “Party Crasher” and Unplugged). It’s fine for them to say they hate “Charm School” but they should really come clean and admit that as long as Roxette continue with their irritating habit of sounding like Roxette, they’re going to slaughter them.

Anyway - SO great to see EMI Australia communicating with fans and getting the word out about the album. Hope the tour makes its way down there!

I heard She’s got nothing... in my favourite bar last friday and the song sounded excellent in that environment, very rocking!

Why is it so important what other people think? I personally don’t care about charts - it’s the music and it’s meanings that count. I just hope that P & M don’t care too much about the success in numbers. Of course there is economical aspect as well, but they’re both quite rich already and I guess especially M knows that there is more important things in life than trying to get richer and richer. I hope they’re satisfied with the album and will make good tour and enjoy the love they have from us - like we enjoy their music. :)

Who listens to critics/journalists anyway. They get paid to write reviews. The public will make up their own minds whether they like the album or not. I LOVE the album!!! :) :) It’s great though that Max is giving air time for Roxette music videos. Keep voting for the new single on radio and television!!

Oh and don’t forget to like my page:


“I personally don’t care about charts - it’s the music and it’s meanings that count. I just hope that P & M don’t care too much about the success in numbers. Of course there is economical aspect as well, but they’re both quite rich already and I guess especially M knows that there is more important things in life than trying to get richer and richer.”

Well it’s a little bit naive to think, that sales & charts are not important for artists and fans. Sales figures and charts are the only things where artists could have an overview, if their music is well received and loved in the world. I don’t think it would leave Per cold, if the album will enter at No.1 or No.2 on the big german market next week. He would be very proud and happy, I am sure. It has nothing to do with getting rich, but with having some feedback from as many people/buyers as possible.

If you are cooking for a group of 10 friends in your flat, what makes you happier? If 8 people love your meal or if only 2 people love it? There is nothing wrong that artists would love to touch as many people as possible with their music.

As a fan: Are you not happy too if you see, that a Roxette album sells well which means Per and Marie reaches many people with their music? I loved to hear that many young people here in Germany wrote positive comments about SGNO on many websites, and they didn’t know Roxette before.

Also you shouldn’t forget: If an album is succesful, the chance for many sold out concerts is higher = more concerts will be add = more fans in many places in the world would have the possibility to see Roxette live.


The Music MAX Top 20 Special was as follows:

20 - Real Sugar
19 - Soul Deep
18 - Crash Boom Bang
17 - The Big L
16 - Church Of Your Heart
15 - She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
14 - Run To You
13 - Vulnerable
12 - Spending My Time
11 - June Afternoon

10 - You Don’t Understand Me
09 - Dangerous
08 - She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
07 - Milk & Toast & Honey
06 - Joyride
05 - The Centre of the Heart
04 - It Must Have Been Love
03 - Dressed For Success
02 - Listen To Your Heart
01 - The Look

And as for this morning’s “Best of” special, all they played was SGNOBTR, JOYRIDE and LTYH (in that order)

@CoyRoy, is it KFM & Jacaranda that are playing She’s got nothing on (but the radio)?
Would love to tune in if I knew on which show?

Interesting list they chose. No SIMC, HDYD or FLAF. But great to see some of the more obscure clips being shown on Aus TV.


Yeah it’s weird? You would’ve thought “Fading Like A Flower”, “How Do You Do”, “Almost Unreal”, “Sleeping In My Car” and “Wish I Could Fly” would get played before something like “Vulnerable”.

Bizarre. But again, who cares, good to see Roxette on Aussie TV!

@ Ingo:

I see your points and I understand why it’s important for many people. And of course it’s okay to enjoy, I just hope most of us sees the album successfull enough instead of not always waiting and wanting more regardless the actual char numbers.

About the cooking example: it didn’t necessarily make me happier if 8 of my quests liked my meal than just 2 liked it. My happiness depended on many other things as well, for example if I liked the food myself or how the cooking had went etc...

Just had a look at Aus itunes tonight (Tues 15th) and Charm School is currently sitting at #54, Roxette Collection at #79 and Charm School Deluxe at #93.

you have to wonder tho if the bad aussie review results from nothing being available after hand and just maybe some reviewers not having a clue what has happened since then. lets be honest if the last album you heard was HAND and then you hear charm school...yeah you might be a little put off. Charm school is best put this way...what if grreen day grew up and made a soul’s that same kinda jarring impact...HAND was the new joyride....charm school for all intent and purposes is the new tourism....

so say we all

There were 3 reviews in the newspaper all by different people. I just wonder what the other reviewers would have written if they reviewed it? Some people may find it a bit hard to compare when there’s no consistency.

And yay for the 20 rox vids, I’m guessing that was on foxtel or w/e. Wish it was on free to air instead = more viewers (me included!)

I was pretty disappointed with the 1 star they got in the Sunday Telegraph, I mean come on!!! Obviously the reviewer is a Roxette hater (not unlike most Aussie reviewers!!). I think at the very least they deserved 2/3 stars!! I also wonder if reviewers listen to the albums only once when they do their review?

Like a few of the other Aussies I too thought the album was a bit flat on first listen. I expected something far greater however now that I have listened to the album many times I have fallen in love with it! There are probably a few things it lacks & it feels a bit disjointed to me. Also I was really bored with songs such as “Dream on” & “After All” initially, however I actually enjoy those two songs much more now with repeated listens. Marie’s voice is sublime throughout! The way she sings “Sitting on top of the world” is the reason I love Marie’s voice above anyone else’s in the industry. I would have liked to see her a bit more in the uptempo tracks even doing more backing?! For example “Way out” is such a cool song but I can’t hear Marie in it hardly at all? Why?

I think haven gotten so many Per Gessle projects over the last 10 years definitely didn’t help this album in the long run because really I feel like I’ve heard a lot of it before & at times better but like I said the album has grown on me to the point where every song has something special for me! Thank God : P

Just as the single was, ’Charm School’ is in the New & Noteworthy section on iTunes now & i see it sits just out of the top 40 on last check, amazing what a little promo will do! Also the Hits is there & the deluxe edition all in the top 200 : )

I also thought we were meant to be getting an article in the Sunday Papers or did I read wrong? That could help things along.

With Per commenting that the tour could be extended into next year it actually makes me hopeful they may tour here & my guess is they could stop over here around DEC/JAN like they normally do. By then the busy touring calender of international artists to Australia wont be as filled as it is this year (well I hope it wont) & it would give Roxette a better chance of having a successful tour here, fingers crossed it happens!

I agree Hot - the more I listen to it the more I like it including what you said about Dream and After etc, catchy songs that grow on you. My absolute favs would be Way Out, No One Makes It, SGNOBTR, Speak, IMOW, Happy, Sitting and the whole Live disc!! Re Marie Hotblooded, she’s awesome on this album, just wish there were 1 or 2 more up tempo Marie trax too. Welcome back Marie!! Dec/Jan sounds awesome for a Rox visit here, perfect Summer entertainment! Considering how well the single, album and greatest hits are doing on itunes, I think there would be a very good chance of selling out (or there abouts) shows in Syd, Melb, Bris and maybe Perth? Fingers crossed, I’ll start saving now either way!

@bradhdyd: I agree!! The whole live disk is brilliant!! What a great bonus!! Marie’s ending on LTYH is pure gold!!

Having just watched the EPK on I’m sure i have seen ’making of albums’ during the day on CH9 in between daytime soaps this would be perfect for them to show! Wonder if they would? It’s a great mini doco & details the whole comeback very well!! We should e-mail CH9!

In the EPK Marie mentions a year long tour, so an Australian summer tour is maybe on the cards ...

There does seem to be alot of hints that the tour will be longer than what is known at the moment. Also the fact that alot of big countries have been left out for the momen.

At this stage i’m not getting my hopes up too much, but do hope there is something in the works.

hope so brent!

That EPK was great, watched it a couple of times so far... see my comment on that other Rox news blog. ;)

I’d love to see it on TV, great promo, altho I don’t think all those subtitles would work. Maybe they could re-shoot the interview in English, after all the voice over is in it?!?

It is rather curious how a lot of big countries are not in the schedule. Wonder whats going on?

theres big tours coming from rhianna, kesha, katy perry etc..there would be alot of notable scheduling conflicts this summer...and the touring industry did real bad last year, so breaking up the tour to times when other major acts are around is probably what they are trying to gaurantees better sales and better acces to venues

so say we all

’Critics’ may laugh and/or bash..but they’re on Roxette’s time now. Period.

The album is at #23 on last I checked! : )

I just had a look at and CS is the first album to show up in the featured albums section! It’s at 25 on the charts. And on itunes its 89.

iTunes update:

Hits #36
CS Bonus #50
CS Deluxe #69

And although i didn’t see it myself someone said that SGNOBTR was #10 on MUSIC MAX’s chart hits countdown tonight!! : ) : )

Not bad to have 3 albums in the top 100 (or top 70 as it is) for a 25yr old band. And Hits! has been there for quite a while.

Too bad the sales for Charm School standard and deluxe are split. If there was only one release or both sales counted as one it might’ve hit the top 20 or even top 10.

I don’t see why they shouldn’t count as one really. It’s the same album, just one has a bonus.

yeah they shopuld have held off the deluxe edition till the tour started so they would have capped the million mark with one album

so say we all

Guys, I’m pretty sure when it comes to the official ARIA Charts, both versions will count as ONE “Charm School” entry. It might not look flash now on iTunes due to the split in sales, but come ARIA Albums Chart time, it should combine as one CD.

Roxette is on rage twice this weekend Friday night (Saturday morning) at just before 1am and on Sunday morning at 6am. Maybe not the best time of the day, but I’m amazed at the consistency and variety of the promotion. I don’t remember a time with this amount of Roxette exposure in Australia in the “internet” age.

With the 3 albums in the itunes Top 100 also, this is amazing. Roxette have had no promotion/exposure in so long and to have 3 albums in the Itunes charts is something I could never imagine. The only others that are in this situation are Michael Buble (who is touring Australia currently) and Lady Gaga (who has the Grammys this week as promotion and her new single).

Great stuff from a band who is literally under the radar as far as Australia is concerned.

Roxette are also on the Video Hits website with the chance you could win one of 20 copies of Charm School. That’s what the promotion was during The Look. But no SGNO video this weekend on VH.

Hey imazombie... got a link for the Video Hits thing? I can’t see them anywhere on the site? :-(



OMG! very interesting.. did Chris put his foot in it? Or maybe he just meant ’Austria’ like everyone else seems to lately!!

The competition must have finished on the VH site. It was there last week.

So what’s this about Chris and Australia?!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT FELLOW AUSTRALIAN’S??? ROXETTE IS NUMBER 49 THIS WEEK ON THE ARIA ALBUM CHARTS. Something has gone right in the world. Let’s hope it doesn’t stop there and it helps Roxette make that choice to come to Oz this year.

Also marked as a bullet perfomer :-)

And it’s #32 on the digital albums chart.

Good to see. Hopefully it does head up higher in the next few weeks.

Awesome! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that 7 letter word on an Aria chart!

WOW!!! That’s great news!! Considering there isn’t really a huge promotion I was hoping top 100 so top 50 is great!! Seems like the tide is turning in Roxette’s favour again!! I turned on MAX before & guess what was on ’Lunch with Roxette’!! More air time : ) Max also had the top 10 @ 10 & SGNOBTR was at #10!! I wonder if MAX would show the epk? I might e-mail them.

Well i really hope they strongly consider coming down under, it just feels like a lot of people wanna see them : )

Also in the ARIA Top 50 Catalogue Albums A COLLECTION OF ROXETTE HITS: THEIR 20 GREATEST SONGS is at #50
So cool to see Roxette in the aria charts again.

I read an awful review in this weeks WHO weekly with the caption “Cover your ears”. They gave it 1/5 stars. Although I remember this very reviewer, Barry Divola, has never liked Roxette anyway so whatever!! Again a person who just hates Roxette reviewing their new album what’s the point really?

Roxette in the top 50 is magnificent. I hope someone has sent TDR a story so it makes the latest news. A stronger seller than RS and HAND 9/10 years after their last studio album. We just need EMI to do some decent promo.

Was 1996 the last time they charted in the top 50 aria album chart? 15 years ago?!

Roxette are a love them or hate them band. The haters really hate them though :)

Even with the bad reviews, they still make it to the top 50...perhaps this shows how wrong or out of touch, these reviewers are.

#49 is great for Charm School.

It just sucks that it’ll definitely disappear out of the top 50 next and probably spend a total of 4 weeks maximum in the Top 100 unless they come out and support the album with a tour or promo tour... or EMI decide to pull their finger out.

But for now, this will be its peak I’m afraid.

@Roxwriter: Your probably right. There’s nothing really to drive the sales unfortunately so this could very well be its peak position unless something changes & more promo happens. Still its done better than HAND & RS so that’s a positive : )

Any idea what HAND and RS did on the charts?

Unfortunately Roxwriter is more than likely right, without some sort of promo from EMI or otherwise, there just won’t be enough of a drive to push it up any further.

SGNOBTR is on Rage twice this weekend...just b4 1am Saturday morning and 6am Sunday morning.

The Roxette - Charm School CD competition is here on Video Hits. Sadly, still no SGNO video this weekend again.

Charm School is at 46 this week on the Aria Digital Albums chart. It was at 32 last week. But that’s the only chart it is on.

Also the SGNOBTR remixes are now available on itunes.

Well that was predictable. Unfortunately there is nothing to keep the sales going & the only reviews I’ve read for the album have been horrible! I thought we were gonna see some articles or something? Oh well EMI came through again...NOT!

I purchased the remixes too. Having listened to them I think they could have been a lot better!

The only good thing out of it I guess is that we’ve had 2 weeks in the top 50. But a bit of promo would have helped it for sure. The remixes are so so. I think I prefer Adam’s versions his Radio edit is pretty cool. But I prefer the power edit the most, love the doof doof!! And probably cause its the one that most resembles the already cool song. Adrian’s Orig. Version makes Per sound like he’s got flat batteries! lol But as usual, each to their own.

From - Chartifacts:
For the first time in over a decade, Roxette have returned to the ARIA chart with a new studio album. Charm School is the Swedish duo’s eighth studio album. It is also their first album to enter the ARIA chart since Have A Nice Day (No.62 Apr. ’99). In the ten years between albums, Roxette went on hiatus and both Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson released several solo albums. Roxette’s best chart position is No.2, a spot they have reached twice with the albums Look Sharp (No.2 Sep. ’89) and Joyride (No.2 Apr. ’91).

Done better than HAND it seems. Too bad there was no momentum to keep it in the charts for a few weeks at least.

Any word on any radio stations playing SGNO??

come on Roxette, come tour Australia

I hope they do. How many other bands from the 80’s and 90’s have been touring here lately. If they don’t manage to attract the younger crowds, us older ppl will definitely make up for it. So many ppl my age liked at least one Rox song at school. Look how successful the greatest hits albums have been. And what kind of tour are they doing this time round.......greatest hits.


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