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Young Swedish remixers have their way with “She’s Got Nothing On”

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on February 14, 2011 to and .

STOCKHOLM - Two Swedish house music DJ/remixers, Adam Rickfors and Adrian Lux – both of them based in Stockholm – were commissioned to create remix versions of "She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)" for Roxette and EMI Sweden.  Despite the fact that both of them are relatively young, their individual careers are well-established. They each have contracts with major electronic dance music record labels.

Sources tell The Daily Roxette that the remix EP, which will be released very soon, will have five tracks with Lux contributing two (the "original" at just over 5½ minutes and an edited "radio" version that's under three) and Rickfors' three tracks (the full "dub" version running 7¼ minutes and both a "power edit" and a "radio" edit that are each about  3½ minutes long).  

Rickfors and Lux were both given access to the master vocal and instrumental tracks, as is almost always the case with an "official" remix. The main reason the remixes were commissioned, as most of our readers already understand, is that a good remix – and our inside source assures us that these are indeed good – extends the viability of a single and serve as a form of promotion for both the single and the album and – in this case – a tour as well.


Grrrrreat! Can’t wait to hear the mixes!!!

“Our inside source assures us that these are indeed good”... pfff. I know tastes are different. But if you are expecting mixes like the ones of WICF, Stars or TCOTH, you couldn’t be more wrong. I already heard these remixes. With the exception of the ’Power Edit’ (which is basically the album version with a more prominent drum over it), the rest are the kind of monotonous, repetitive, noisy remixes that hardly feature any lyrics. Only a few lines from the chorus, that’s all - no trace of the verses there. At some point I thought it was a different song, because they keep little elements in common with the “Radio” album version that we all know.

Frankly, I was expecting something ’indeed good’, like the mixes of Reveal. It’s not the case, for my disappointment.

I am in complete agreement with Raëlian. I was also expecting another set of amazing remixes on the vein of what was done with WICF, TCOTH and specially Stars which for me remains the best ones done so far. Saddly I was not that excited when I heard these remixes for the same reasons Raëlian mentioned: repetitive and monotonous. I could go into a club and dance to this and I would never guess that these were actually remixes of a song - it has no connection whatsoever to the song, which for me should be at least the starting point for a remix. The so called “Power Edit” is completely unoriginal as it basically limits itself to overdub a drum-dance-beat over the original version. Who care about that? Uninspired work completely.

Unfortunatelly Raëlian is absolutely correct... These so called remixes don’t have anything to do with the song, they are just techno tracks with one line of the song in it and they sound terrible! And the Power Edit is the original version of the song with enhanced beat from which you can get an headache... I was very dissapointed cause I usually like the official roxette remixes - StoneBridge, MATAH, WICF, Reveal were good, but this...

That’s very good news. Looking forward to the EP.

BTW: This could improve the chart-positions of “Radio” once more.
Edit: Just a techno-beat without any reference to the original Song? Disappointing!

I hoped for some Remixes like Stars, WICF, Reveal.

Let’s wait and see......

They gave a chance to these ’young talents’ (like with Mats Udd), but the results were less than average. StoneBridge, Almighty, The Attic and even Kleerup did a better job in the past.

I´ve got the remixes, they´re really goooooooood

Yeah, well I am not surprised that these types of remixes are coming from these 2 guys. After all, they are mainly HOUSE/TECHNO style so why would you expect something different from them? Now granted, I haven’t heard them yet but I will probably agree with the opinions of those already posted. Here’s the thing... Roxette’s strength has always been the melody, and that is NOT what House/Techno is about at all. So why commission these 2 guys to do the remixes?!?! Instead, it would have been great to get BassHunter & Richi M involved. Both are in Sweden too and while great mixers, they’re style of music is generally more Pop/Dance, which I beleive would fit better with Rox’s style. Oh well... can’t have everything I suppose.

They can be glad they are situated in Sweden, God knows, I would SUE them and take their jobs away for making shit like these!! It’s the biggest bunch of CRAP I have ever heard in my life!

@CoyRoy: Calm down!!! You know u can not sue anyone like that LOL Dislike the remixes and ignore them ,,, trust me life goes in a smoother and sweeter way like that ... LOL The original kicks ass for me all the time and that is what matters :)

@Rox_Nox2003: Ya, you’re right....I will put them into my collection and skip them.... Hahaha
The original song does kick some major ass!!

you’re becoming my newest friend, it seems. keep bouncing into one onother
mail me sometime when you want to talk (about anything) - [email protected] or [email protected]

I did like that remix of Kix....was it the lovely pair mix?? Even though it also didn’t have any vocals in it, it ROCKED! Love that rhythm!!
I think the “BomKrash 12” Remix” of Knockin’ On Every Door is my all time fav!!
Oh...and that “New Radio Mix” of Dressed For Success is nr2 on my list....Great remix!!

I may not be the target audience for these remixes, but goddam they are awful.

so uhm why evenbother lol most rox remixes aside from cooper ( closer to god version) suck so say we all

I haven’t heard these remixes yet. I think that the main problem with remixes of the past 10 years or so is that they often stray too far from the original versions. They often sound nothing like the originals. The original is often what made the song a hit in the first place. There are exceptions of course, in which the remix actually improves upon the original. I miss extended mixes/versions from the late ’70s/’80s the most because most of them were based on the original versions. I say bring back the extended versions!

I wouldn’t call these remixes even, they are just weird sounds with a techno beat where occasionally you can hear a chord or a word from the real song.

The power edit is kinda okay (which is basically just the beats over the original).
The rest is pretty bad. Badly done homework for those guys.
Terrible use of vocal tracks. I do not think they used other instrument tracks at all.
I would call those “flat remixes”. I hope they got paid accordingly.

-= tridy =-

Where can you hear these mixes? I’m curious!

Downloaded the remix ep from iTunes today and I must admit - they’re entirely not my cup of tea. But I’ve come to be an old fart, of course.


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