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Written by tevensso on July 27, 2009 to .

STOCKHOLM (Updated) - The Daily Roxette got hold of Per just before leaving for Jurmala, Latvia and the New Wave festival where Roxette will perform "for real" for the first time in 8 years tomorrow. Per says they are bringing C&C - Christoffer and Clarence on bass and keyboards respectively, Pelle Alsing on drums and Jonas Isacsson on guitar. Per has super-charged his Gretsch this time.

It seems Roxette will play the same five songs as on the Night of the Proms; "Wish I Could Fly," "The Look," "Joyride," "It Must Have Been Love" and "Listen to Your Heart."

And just to be clear; since this is a TV-show Roxette will not be performing live, but lipsync.


5 songs? I really hope someone is there to record it...


Five songs? And fully live? Didn’t expect that! :-D

I guess they need a little practice before the NOTP rehearsals start. ;-)


My guess too!

I hope they did rehearse this one too! ;-)

I’m ready!!!Can’t wait!!!

I’m going to Riga and Jurmala tonight!
This will be a fantastic night!

Per & Marie did play “for real” this year in Amsterdam & Stockholm during the Party Crasher tour... well it was Per’s solo tour but Per & Marie playing live The Look & It must have been love count as Roxette for me

Great news. 5 songs. Wow. Roxette back on ’real’ stage first time since Room Service european tour finish.
Fantastic experience and enjoy to all who’ll be there. Another chapter of music history will be written tommorow.

Got to look for somebody with Russian or Latvian TV chanell. Everything will be broadcastes, so HQ will come (hopefully) later on :)

Well, the May gigs were surprise appearances, not officially Roxette.

Don’t you think the broadcasts will be edited? I can’t imagine a TV station showing that festival 24/7.

As far as I know it will be live broadcasting from Jurmala in Latvia, so I don’t think there’ll be any editing :)

yeahh, i hope too someone record it. video were also nice. can‘t wait proms.

Three TV stations are going to broadcast New Wave Festival tomorrow:

Russian Rossiya
Latvian LTN
Latvian TV5

Is there possibility to watch them online?

This is the night of the official roxette return!!!!

this is so great!!!!! :))) Joooonas Jooooonas :)))))
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

huh is that really live?

The streaming is however slow already now.. don’t want to imagine how it will be tomorrow :(
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

i did a little searching and found this, no idea if it‘s live though..and it is a little slow

seem to be having more luck with this one..but again i don‘t know if it‘s live!

stuey, thanks for finding. Not only it’ll be the first TV-chanell that’ll show NW, but there’ll be some “red carpet” scenes :) Can’t wait till tomorrow! ;))))

I can’t believe we’re sitting here and writing about an upcoming Roxette performance... I’d never expected it only five years ago. I am really excited about tomorrow, feel like a teenager again. It’s the start of a new era (sounds a bit pathetic but it is like that).



I know exacytly how you feel. I’m so nervous and I don’t even know why.... Thank God! I have a day off tomorrow - so I won’t check the internet every 2 min.... lol


hey folks! i’m from Riga. I have set ready the timer of my DVD-recorder to record the show as i can’t afford to attend the show, tickets cost even more than per’s recent concerts :(. Haven’t decided yet to go to Jurmala un try to sneek for rox or not. Maybe better have to check tomorrow’s flights from Stockholm. I really doubt they will perform 5 songs because on the TV it was said that each guest will perform 3 songs on the basis that all contestants will have to perform 3 songs - an international hit on the first contest day, song of the native composer on the second day and native country’s hit on the last day. So the question then remains what will be their third song considering 2 first most likely could be IMHVL and The Look, don’t you think? Maybe a brand new single? It would be in Per’s style but wouldn’t he even give us a single clue of that?

Does no one remember 2006 - The Bravo Super Show ?? Roxette was there - And me to :-) ... So not first time in 8 years but 3 !!!

Just mean. They were together in 2006 ... We had One Wish and so on...

I just hope marie’s truly ready for this. She’s been strong but I sat back and listened to the change album yesterday and there’s something amiss with her vocally. I know voices change but it’s kinda as if she struggles to emote with her voice now. Don’t get me wrong I’m really psyched but I don’t want something to really spoil this for the 2 of them as friends.
And personally I didn’t think the bravo show was a great return, personally I though marie looked terrified but thats just my opinion

so say we all

Kiwein: I know exactly how you feel.. coz I feel the same :)))) looking forward to tonight
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

@RJ1976: You’re right of course, but it doesn’t feel the same for me. This time it’s live, it’s more than a TV performance and most probably not even playback and more than just a song. And it feels like this time BOTH of them really want to do it.

@coyboyusa: Did you hear IMHBL and TL from Stockholm? If yes, you wouldn’t write what you write..


i think anders herlin should be on bass and christoffer should stay home. oh and i wonder wat gretsh per will bring? chet atkins, white falcon 2, sparkle jet ect.?

Roxette is in Riga. They were welcomed by few TV crewa on the airport!

Lip-sync.... It’s a shame this wasn’t made public sooner! It seems that this is like 2006 again now. What a shame, but as it’s for TV then maybe it was obvious

We all know She can sing live so it doesnt matter . I think its a good warm up show . I mean i have trouble gettin up infront of 10 people. So imagine her nerves LOL

They said about NW on the news!I was so sure about live perfomance, there were a lot of big guest strars singing live on NW, I still have some hope but whatever I will be so happy to see Roxette, I can’t wait!btw I also doubt there will be 5 songs, I think 3 not more

I hope they’re singing live at the Proms, hehe.. ;-)


They will for sure!!!!! at the proms..everything is LIVE!!!

So Roxette will play only 5 songs in Proms? I expected some more...

As in 2006, where Roxette also appeared LIVE on stage in the show,
this time it wont be live either. So first appearance since 2006 not 2001.

Hope for something new soon :-)

Would love to be there to night. But will be at TNOTP

@Kiwein1: I’ve heard IMHBL and TL from Stockholm, and I totally agree with coyboyusa. That’s not the best Roxette we’ve ever heard, and you know it. You just have to accept it. I did, and I can live with it. Life goes on...

@cvanbroekhoven: I was just kidding. ;-)

@Raëlian: No I don’t know it. I love these songs so much that I keep them playing in the car since I got them. I can’t remember the last time I listened to The Look so often. It’s maybe not the BEST Roxette we ever heard but it’s one of the best TL performances ever. And don’t forget that they hadn’t played live since 7,5 years. Give them some time and space to get the feeling again!


I can’t wait to see them performe together again. But I’m also very excited about upcoming interviews. What will Marie and Per say about future plans, new recordings, singles, albums.

Am I blind or is the “edit” button gone?


Ok, it works with this comment so I guess you can only edit the last comment done?


hmmm - great to see them on stage again. Not sure why Per needs to take all the band across if it’s just playback...or why he needs to get his guitar all ready, as it’s all playback.

Looking forw.rd to seeing the performances online later on,

mi statement is: Real bands plays live, the rest is garbage.
When they are playing live they are a real band not this unbelievable situation.

all in all nice to see them rollin’ together again. its and endless argue but i still can’t belive that a 50 years old guy with more than 1000? shows over his shoulders fells insecure to play on TV because of no sound-check , rehearsal or enough quality sound....

I think it’s not band choice to play on playback, but promoter’s choice. But may I’m wrong.

Sometimes it’s not their choice to use playback or play live. Once they said it in an interview, that they hate it but they must do playback. But yes, they should insist on playing live only.

i’m watching something on TV5...not sure if it is right or not, but there seems to be an incredibly ugly man with long hair signing some god-awful Eurovision-esque song...must be right then... I think... ah roxette, hitting the spot for the big, LOL

per’s vocals on Joyride was awesome... Man he ROCKS!!!!! He’s getting better with age..(i’m guess they are new recorded vocals?) = whatever - they were v cool.

Marie was fab too.

Shame there were only four people in the crowd enjoying it - and their combined age was...well...let’s not go there!

Well done M&P. Great to see ya back! x

How many songs did they do? Stupid live-streaming wouldn’t work here!

it appears they did five songs, the three that i got to see were shortened a bit....
i got the impression that at least pers vocals were re-recorded at least...sounded powerfull.


I copied what I wrote on the R2R forum:
It was an awful lipsync they “sang” 4 songs, The look, LTYH, IMHBL and Joyride. But I can’t really decide if The look and Joyride was totally playback or Per sang live on a playback music, because that 2 songs was not the album versions, seemed to be live or what was that?
And Per should have imitated the whistle, it was terrible to hear the whistling but he was away from the mic and did nothing... just terrible.. I hate these playback craps soooo they are so good in singing’s such a shame... and the audience was a bunch of crap except some people who seemed to be Fans and at the end they started to chant Roxette, Roxette

Yes, The look and the Joyride was a very clever thing (I mean to do a new recording of it, which seems to be live) It was COOL but IMHBL and LTYH were the 23 y.old versions :-(

oooo –it was great!!
you saw few old people jumping –i saw many young people jumpimping and enjoying it.
It’s normal to have old people in the audience in such competition and in that town.

I think that Per sang the first and last song
but lets see after few minutes on tv Rossia cos the on-line brodcast was too slow.

However -both Per and Marie did a great job .
Nobody even notice that Marie have problems.
She rocks!!!!
And Per was fab as always!!

i can’t wait till 23.10.2009 ;-))

Oh... I want to watch!

First video appears on YouTube thanks Hotblooded from R2R forum. I have a night shift tonight, so I will collect all fan YouTube links if they’ll be posted on several fan sites and put them on my site (RoxRoom) to get them all together. Just click the link below. ;-)

I watched Tv5 for most of the day on the links i had posted, Benny Hill in russian! lol Come 8 or 9ish the concert started and to me it looked like the crowd was a tough one (A lot of unhappy faces!) When it was eventually announced... “Roxette” Per n Marie walked on stage together...
Per seemed to sing some parts of the songs live and others were lip sync know what!? I don‘t care sooo happy
I would loved to have heard Jonas on the guitar live after so many years still it was amazing :-) When Marie was singing It Must Have Been Love I saw the old fire and passion in her eyes..the hairs on the back of my neck n arms stood up...
It was something i never thought i would see again

GO MARIE :-) GO ROXETTE!!...roll on Night of the proms!

Kiwein1: I agree with you. Those two songs are great. I was also there in Stockholm and Marie simply sang great. But as we know, it’s just a waste of time answering to that one ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

it’s not the first time in 8 years, that roxette perform. they did perform in germany for the bravo.
It wasn’t live but this isn’t either. the first REAL performence is notp.

Was just looking through wiki..

Is this true:


Oh my God!! Am soooo excited!!! Even though it is a good title for a GReatest Hits, but lets hope its not!!! :D

23 pics from New Wave Festival:


The forthcoming Madonna’s compilation got this name. Nope, it’s totally fake.

@eBay - i hope Roxette WOULDN’T name an album that - its quite tacky. Don’t believe it, someone thinks its funny to put false information out there....

That info was added to Wiki by an anonymous user, I wouldn’t trust it.

My God! They sang 5 songs as was promised! Wow, our russian channel showed us only the Look and Listen To Your Heart.... Had to wait till the end of a boring show. Lot of thanks to Roxette anyway, they were fantastic and it was a real pleasure to see them and pleasure to listen to them on the stage again. Unbelievable feeling! Thank to the people who placed their videos in the internet for the others to look at the full version of this great performance. Allt lyser upp igen!!! :-)

Another two new videos (Listen To Your Heart and The Look) can be found on RoxRoom site.


Liking the cold endings !! And Per’s voice was great on “The Look”... powerful, as someone else mentioned. It would be good if Per and Marie were re-recording these songs in preparation of NOTP with orchestra backing. “NOTP Studio versions” or something. Would make a fantastic E.P or something !! =)

I thought I would die of happiness when I saw them!!!They were fantastic, they looked great OMG and what an ovation they received!!!I agree with one of the hosts who said that their music is for centuries, so true!!!

theres no difference in the performance since back in 2006. Marie is still and even on the look she was lypsynching per wasn’t. I’m kinda disappointed but not surprised.

so say we all

damn i know marie was voice over, but was per singin live or was that a voice over from another per-formance? DAMN his self confidents has really grown, usally when he sings in english he seems a bit shy, but her owned the stage, absolutly dominated, awsome show per, and good to see you got out the gretsh sparkle jet! keep it rickenbacker and gretsch and piss off those gibsons!!! well done again!

I think Marie conquers the stage with her appearance, her smile nowadays - more than she did years ago. She won’t be able to dance, jump and walk anymore. She needs to feel safe to sing as she always did. Per is the one who needs to be the more active part and I think he does well!


Hi tevensso if you’ll read this. I know you are in a contact with Per sometimes, will there be some little ’interview’ with Mr G. about new demos, september recording plans, comeback feelings etc? Would be great to read some words about new material in progress.

They where GREAT!
Am so happy to see Them as Rox again! Despite everything They still rock the stage and our hearts!
Thank you Marie and Per!

Can‘t wait to see you in Latvia again with full show! ;)

What can I say? I’m very happy!
And both Marie and Per are irresistable!
Thank you for the night to remember!
Love you, guys!

I’ll talk to him, see if he wants to talk about it.

Yeah, would be great. Hope he’ll want. ;-) Thanks tev.

Hi Check this!

Scandal in the “New Wave”: Roxette- Bilan said at the police!
“The Russian star provoked the Western celebrities”

See ya!

That silly ESC danceboy? Could someone give a short translation?

In brief (sorry for bad translation): after night partying Bilan returned to the hotel and decided that the party must go on and turned the music channel on really loud (forgetting that it was 7 a m). Per and Marie woke up and send their assistant to find what’s going on. When he knocked on the door Bilan couldn’t hear it and when he heard it he just ignored, so they had to call police.
hahahahaha I feel so sorry for Per and Marie that they stayed at the same hotel that that idiot Bilan

funny article indeed

Thank you, first girl! So nothing serious.

I like the headliner here. And I MISS THE FORUM

the same in Lithuanian.

Bad taste festival so that’s way I wasn’t here. Anyway that’s a pity because Roxette was so near...

Per says the incident didn’t happen, but was made up by Bilan’s manager.

hahaha so typical for Bilan…

I believe it’s good that you didn’t go because, it’s just awful what kind of festival they were then.

Russian Rossiya - I even hadn’t realised that I happen to have this channel before Roxette’s performance. What a pity. I could have watched at least two songs on huge screen. :(

I’ve been watching the clips on youtube and man it feels good to see em back on stage! I still can’t believe it, its great, I love it, even if it is just playback :( (oh well at least there’s new vocals for the look and joyride) hope theres heaps more appearances to come. Anyway, I noticed something about Marie. Has she had her teeth done? They look different, it was bugging me for ages then it finally dawned on me why she looked different. Has this been reported on before? If so then I must have missed it, sorry. Oh and sorry if this is a ’no go’ subject too, I’m just curious.

Yes, but already pre HAND. Maybe another fix in recent years? Prefer her old, natural, ’unperfect’ teeth. Now it looks rather artificial...

really that long ago, man am I unobservant! lol It doesn’t bother me either way, what ever makes Marie, (or anyone else for that matter) happy, each to their own as they say. It’s just great to see her back on stage, I’ve missed Rox!!

In good quality and now on YouTube!

Part One

Part Two

Doesn’t it say in the article that they were playing WICF as well? Is it anywhere to be found on youtube?

Yep, they were to play WICF, but they didn’t perform it after all.

i wish i saw them

That’s great News!!!

Thanks for youtube-links, guys!

Is it only me or does Marie look very uncomfortable and even slightly unhappy at stage? I think they should look for different ways to perform these songs where Marie possibly feels more at home. It’s great to see them back on stage, though.


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