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Per Gessle joins Twitter

Written by tevensso on June 4, 2009 to and .

(Updated) - Per Gessle has joined Twitter. Follow the user @PartyPleaser for tour updates and other tidbits from the Man.

While at it, follow our own Twitter account, @dailyroxette!

And now Roxette have joined in the Twittering. Follow at @TheRealRoxette for updates

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Seems to be nice as long as Per will update it.

At least he will as long as he is promoting his album and tour. ;-) Nice enough I think!! *thumbsup*


so.. joined Twitter now.. quite a simple system or?
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

A very unnecessary system in my eyes...why is everybody eager to tell the whole wide world what he/she is doing/eating/seeing/whatsoever????

It’s a good way of keeping up with news. I think it’s great the Per is using all these websites! At least he doesn’t avoid the Internet and he’s keeping regular contact with his fans

Per needs a profile in facebook! At least a public profile.

I don’t think it’s bad to use internet, but I think facebook would be better, a page of the party pleaser with more info (events = tour, albums, pictures, news) where he could ALSO post updates and what he is doing now.. I think it would be better than a page where he can only write what he does now ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

I think a Facebook profile would be killed with stupid messages, mostly not in English. Just look at Clarence Övwerman’s profile. You can’t read what Clarence does just because said problem. Another famous person I know has about 1200 people waiting to be friends with him. He simply doesn’t want those friends or doesn’t have time to add them all. So there are reasons why Per chooses Twitter in combination with his homepage. Plus he has TDR!

I am not talking about a profile where you have to accept friends but a page :)
you don’t need to accept friends in a page, people just “become fans” of the page.

Example of pages which I find interesting:

Anyway, it was just a suggestion and my opinion. I already said I find it a good idea, nowadays it’s good to be present on the net, whatever tool it is. Have fun :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Fanpages are far better for artists that the basic Facebook profile - jeez, look at everyone on Micke and Josefin’s pages, just cos they’re Marie’s family.

I don’t think this Twittering is going to last long after the tour LOL. But then, I think people should have SOME privacy...

Per has his own profile here?

Where is “here” exactly?

@Tev: I guess, Zelda meant Facebook... If I’m not mistaken, you can find several Per Gessles on Facebook LOL

In general, I think, that it’s good that Per uses internet to spread the news and stay in touch with his fans. And yes, most probably, this “stay in touch” will fade away after the tour.

As for myself, I don’t have a Twitter account and not considering to get one. Reasons - I spend too much time online LOL However, I would really appreciate Facebook page cos I’m a loyal Facebook girl :)

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

OK, none of the Per Gessles on Facebook are real.

@Auryte: I also like Per’s way to promote tour and album and to stay in touch with us. It’s much more comfortable for him than flying around Europe doing interviews and tv shows. And it’s much more comfortable for us, too. So - thanks for that, Per.
I only doubt that non-fans will get to know about his album and tour this way. ;-)


Also, is it actually him, or is it a company doing it for him like Hugh Jackman has?

Per does his Twittering in Person. Per does his messaging via TDR and via me. :)

@Kiwein: yes, you are absolutely right. Twitter account won’t help to spread the news outside Roxette fans community...

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Does ANYBODY have a bigger picture that they are using in Twitter for TheRealRoxette????? It’s from the Ballad/Pop Hits photo shoot??? PLEASE? The thumbnail is SO small - but the pic looks HOT.


Gotta love that a guy who started playing music in the 70s is now “twittering”.

CoyRoy, klick on the thumbnail to get it big! If that fails for some reason, you find it at .

Hey!! Thanx SO much!! That is a COOL pic - super-sexy!!

The RealRoxette?
And who writing with this name there? :)


Tevensso said: “I think a Facebook profile would be killed with stupid messages, mostly not in English.”

But if you read at Twitter carefully, you’ll realise most of the stuff is stupid messages and silly questions IN ENGLISH (always from the same gang). And Per even dares to answer these pointless questions, it makes it even worse. Please, don’t tell me any of those ’questions’ are interesting because they are not.

IMO, this Twitter thing is a total waste of time.


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