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“Silly Really” enters US chart

Written by tevensso on April 8, 2009 to and .

"Silly Really" has entered Sirius XM Satellite Radio's biggest station, Sirius Hits 1's chart at #27. This by requests only. Per comments to TDR: "Exciting!!!" Sirius XM has 22 million subscribers. The song is reviewed in Billboard magazine.

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Wow. US is on the list again. Congratulation Per.

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where can we vote for it?

Yes, I’m wondering like Mixella, where can we vote?

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

ha ha ha
Very nice!

This is very good!!!! Congratulations Per! Jag älskar dig!

This is really great news! I agree with you Per, Exciting!!! :D

Great stuff Per!! The US seems easier to get into than the UK does now!!


Would be great to see Per on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart again. Or Independent Chart.

Do you remember?...
Last song in Billboard Hop 100 Chart: 1993 - Almost Unreal - 94
Last song in Independent Chart: 2000 - Wish I Could Fly - 26

Does anybody know how strong impact have this radio chart on these national charts?

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Wow, finally some non-swedish news about Per’s new stuff.

Here in Germany you don’t hear anything about Party Crasher, Silly Really or Per Gessle.


Nothing about Per Gessle in Germany? ... Not completely!

At least on the South German radio station SWR1, “Silly Really” was played two times. The first time the moderator mentioned the release of the new album, the second time the song was accompanied by a small story including Roxette, Marie and Gyllene Tider (pronounced in a very funny way ;-) ). There was however no information on the tour.

P.S.: SWR1 has an average number of approx. 350,000 listeners.

I know SWR1 (I wake up with them every morning and their football show on Saturdays is just the best ;-))

Great to hear that Per gets at least a little attention, they have hardly a reason to mention the tour as non of the German gigs takes place in the transmission range of that station. Or can you listen to SWR1 in Cologne (I don’t think many people listen to them via Internet)??

Reminds me of the old days - “and I go la, la-la, la, la...”

On WDR 2 Silly really will be playes almost every day. You ca see it on the playlist on WDR 2


Rox fever again

@abysmo: Actually, the last single on the Billboard hot 100 was “Sleeping In My Car” at #50=)

it’s satellite radio so honestly does it matter? has he shopped the album in the usa or not? Where is the video for the 2nd single? I’m kinda underwhelmed

so say we all

Hey all,

Rather off topic, but Party Crasher will be released here in the Netherlands, I’ve just learnt.
May 1 is the release date here. No single release is planned.
Per plays de Melkweg at may 6. Live nation mentions it in adverts, so they need to sell some more tickets to fill up the venue!


It’s still great to read about Per on Billboard :)

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Wow. It really is silly that “Silly Really” is getting this much airplay on satellite radio. As for shopping for a label in the USA I’m assuming that it will ultimately be Capitol Records (see the Billboard article). Honestly, I don’t expect to see the album get released here (maybe digital at best). Nonetheless, it’s great seeing a song like “Silly Really” on the charts with all the other stuff out there right now in the U.S. It really sticks out because Per is such an established artist next to all the latest fads and hitmakers.

Down to #41 now.


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