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Per “celebrates 30 years of pop music” with cover tracks set list

Written by roxeteer on April 1, 2009 to and .

(Updated) - Per revealed a big surprise today; instead of playing his own songs on the Party Crasher tour, he's going to perform mostly cover tracks. Instead of an all-Gessle set list, Per and the band are going to perform only three Gessle-penned songs! Per sent us this message:

hola every-1! to celebrate my 30 years in pop music me and the heavy metal kids are going to play the greatest pop songs ever for you guys and gals! it's gonna be so cool to play 'eye of the tiger' and other favorites on stage!!!

and hey, don't forget to send your suggestions for songs! we still haven't decided which three songs will be the mr gee songs we play!!!!

luv, p.

We also received a preliminary set list:

  1. Let's Dance
  2. Send Me A Postcard
  3. SOS
  4. to be determined
  5. Livin' On A Prayer
  6. Poison
  7. To The Moon And Back
  8. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
  9. California Sun
  10. Eye Of The Tiger
  11. Take My Breath Away
  12. to be determined
  13. Ever Fallen In Love
  14. Every Breath You Take
  15. Manic Monday
  16. Friday I'm In Love
  17. Carrie
  18. Pour Some Sugar On Me
  19. Born In The USA
  20. Don't You (Forget About Me)
  21. Wish You Were Here
  22. Africa
  23. You
  24. Words Of Love
  25. to be determined

The missing songs will be selected from the ones fans have requested.

Editor's note: As many of you already know, this was an April Fool's joke. Per's set list still remains a secret…


And what about 7twenty7 ? ...seems to be April 1st ;o)

well, each year the first april’s joke seems to be duller and duller...

Yeah, you’re right! These jokes are getting more dull. This sounds like something Lars would think of! Muahhahahhaha, hehehehehe!

ahahaah great ;-)

And where´s Summer of 69 ???!:)

The funnier thing could be that the whole tour had been canceled because of the crisis or bad sales...

Ivanych, got off on the wrong foot?

Nope :)
But you should work out better even the april’s fool’s jokes ;)

What about Britney Spears’s ...: Im Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman :-) *LOL*

Finally the man from Roxette will perform “Roxette” hit - Take my breath away :D

btw. “Let’s dance” seems to be the great opener!

all work and no play makes [put _any_ user name here] a dull boy...

Ivanych: for having married today you don’t seem to be in a good mood ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

I am in a great mood :) Just explained my attitude and that’s all ;)
Anyway, have a great fool’s day and have fun!

This very good 1st of April joke:-) nice try:-)

If we changed it back, things would never be the same

that wouldn’t be a bad idea...but the crowd is looking for PER not for Alice Cooper!! haha....GREAT JOKE ;-)))))))

Let’s DO IT!!!! i only miss a song from the beatles...haha

Eye of the tiger would be awesome


still miss “purple rain” and “sweet child o’mine”, my ultimate per gessle favourites...

due to my information “y.m.c.a.” will be the last song...

Anyway I would be curious how they play these songs.


Nice effort:)))
But imagine for a moment it was true... I think there would have been an enormous amount of messages against this kind of tour instead of the planned one. That might have lead to closing not only TDR but also Per’s websites.
Looking forward to the tour & the merchandise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

swedish teaser

not the best one to celeb of the first april.
but still funny.
well done :)

lol it’s an apriljoke

... and if they dress in silly outfits for “Let’s Dance” I’ll pay triple the ticket price! lol

Silly me :p silly really :) I always believe this jokes. I was so excited for listening that version of To the moon and back, I guess I was the only fool to believe it. But don’t blame me, in Costa Rica we don’t have this celebration, we have something alike in November called “Día de los inocentes”, so I don’t expect a joke in a day like this. I feel like a fool... ;p

a nice try! But well... been here too long to be tricked. ;) Thanks for some laugh today.

Gessle: Det spelar ingen roll vad som skrivs, bara bilden är bra :D

funny, el dia de los inocentes is in December in Spain :)

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Oh my God! For a second or two I almost lost my breath.
Thanks God - it’s April 1st.

Hahahahah, great list! I knew it, Per loves Savage Garden! :P heart stopped for a second when I saw this hahaha

Roxette-atic: My heart too! Really, I didn’t even got it that this was a joke =D I was so shocked, I’m SO relieved that this was just a joke =D ! such a great joke anyway!

goodness, I was nearly taken in...then realised it was after midday! Phew. I would seriously be asking for a refund if that was the case! well done tdr. :o)

It’s nice to know you have a good sense of humor!

what kind of obsessive visits TDR on their wedding day? Anyway, I wasn’t fooled for a second, though I might have been if I had logged on first thing this morning and was still half asleep!

Per singing Africa or Born in the USA

Couldn’t believe my eyes when I came here... but luckily remembered today’s date within a second ;)
Anyway... would be cool to hear Per’s version of “Livin’ On A Prayer”.

Per, see ya in Hamburg and Sthlm!!!

Per doing Alice Cooper’s Poison....THAT would be cool *lol*

good joke, very good

I was actually in the doctors surgery this morning thinking “God I’ve not checked TDR’s April Fool Joke!”

Ha ha ha... wonderful! You managed to find some of the worst songs ever for this... I despise “Africa” and “Eye of the Tiger”... I can’t imagine Per playing those horrible songs live!!

APRIL 1!!!

I actually find this april fool’s joke quite cool .... It would have been nice to hear Per performing of these songs on stage ... many are awsome though it’s also hard to picture Per doing them ... it would have been challenging for sure!

Wait til you hear what covers he really intended to play...

He also can perform a famous brasilian song ......SANDRA ROSA MADALENA!!!!
I’m sure that all brasilian fans will agree with me.

Yay... I agreee SANDRA ROSA MADALENA is The Song!!!
Greetings from Brazil

Aaarghh, I REALLY believed it, for several hours... Until I realised what day it was... Scary.

claudia soul deep
hi “its only love” from bryan adams its a good song why don‘t you play it ?
claudia from madrid.

Holy..s.., I thought how on earth is he going to be able to do Africa as Ive seen Toto do this many times Live..its a different style. Then I thought OMG Pers new favorite song is Eye of the Tiger... Manic Monday...slowly my hair started to stand on end !!
Dont you forget about me...who is going to sing the high female part at the end...more hair raising thoughts....whats happened to him...theyve been reahearsing too long hours and lost it totally ha ha ha great joke....
love from Jane Australia...we miss you down here xxx

if this is the track listing i will cry, just bought a ticket from KL to London just to see him live..... :-(
better be a april fools joke...


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