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Per needs your help

Written by tevensso on March 29, 2009 to and .

(Updated) - Per and the gang are having a blast rehearsing. "7Twenty7 has never been this loud!" Check out for more photos.

Per is also asking for songs to play:

Hey you gals & guys out there. I'm in the middle of rehearsals and having a blast trying out songs I haven't played live before!! Just for the fun of it, would you mind requesting a couple of tracks you want us to perform? 3 per person would be great! I won't promise we'll play your favorites but you'll never know. The band is certainly in a good mood and we all look forward to this trip!!!!
Thanks so much for your participation.
Lots of luv from Mr Gee & The Heavy Metal Kids


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7twenty7 ! OMG what a great surprise - I thought there was no way he would playing this song ! ;) J/K. I’m really curious though to hear if Pay The Price is up for consideration since it got mentioned in that other article somwhere !!

How exciting to know that these great songs are being played and rehersed now I can’t wait for the London gig !!

Some of the demos are very good, 7twenty7 and The Look are so nice, as well as spending my time, where the intro was used in the Joyride tour.

fantastic, cant wait even if I will have a clear idea of the setlist after the 16th April

c u in the London gig with a lot of larger!!!

Per, can you ask Pelle not to be so grumpy for once?:))))


not many nananana
on behalf of all of us, per we wantto see for once to solo your guitar, specially with ’fading like a flower’

I know it is not yet xmas:))))

so, anyone sneaked in there to have a listen to the rehearsed songs? Any inside information, tev?

Gessle: Det spelar ingen roll vad som skrivs, bara bilden är bra :D

Great! can’t wait!

Absolutely coool!!! Let’s rock!!! Can’t wait!!!! BRING ENOUGH PLECTRUMS PLEASE!!!!! WE ALL NEED AT LEAST ONE!!

Do we need earplugs in the end? Do I have to sing “I lost my ears and I never gonna find them” again?? ;) >> 1997 Brainpool, Hamburg, Knust ;)
...I think right now I feel like a little child waiting for Christmas....!!!

“7twenty7”, “Pay the price”, “Dangerous”... just can’t wait! We’ve never heard 7twenty7 live and it’s high time!

Very nice photos! But...I miss one important thing! Plugged white Vox AC-30 and some vintage FENDER for up-tempos!!! I would love to be able to hear Per´s guitar, not as on Handig tour.....That was kinda unpleasant surprise.... ;-) And as Per mentioned... Jonas is extraordinary guitarist with unique sound (Some Marshall JCM800? ;-)) so at least Per should make some rock´n´roll guitar!!!!

Like lovers do
Secrets that she keeps
Stay (at home, at work, at play)
those three would be really great to hear!

something from Crash! Boom! Bang!
something from The World According to Gessle
something from..... MAZARIN....)))) Tycker om as you’r favourite would be great!!!! I love it soooo much!)

Can’t wait to see you in Gemrnay, Per G & The Rocky Band!!!!))))
Lots of lov!

I do believe
Hey Mr. DJ


MAKING LOVE OR EXPECTING RAIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;))

Stuck Here With Me
Kissing Is The Key
She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

This is pretty cool!

After School!
She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
Opportunity Nox

I could go on....... :-)

my three songs:

she doesn’t live here anymore

a thing about you

do you wanna be my baby!

Come back tomorrow (and we do it again)
Church of your heart
Something happened today

I kinda like it like that!

Hey Mr Gee

If ’7twenty7’ really did not bother you loud, add something to it: ’She does not live here anymore’ (incredible solo and rifs), ’Lies’ or ’Keep me waiting’.

if ain’t broken, do not fix it

Y (UK)

Hello Per! Nice to read your message! JAG ÄLSKAR DIG!!!!!!

My wish:

Church of your heart
Hej Mr. DJ


Can´t wait so see you live again! You are the No. 1!!!!!!

Hi Per, see you in Cologne!

My wish list:

She doesn’t live here anymore
Love doesn’t live here
Lay down your arms

God, three is so hard - so I’ll pick ones I think you are less likely to have already decided on. Here they are:

1. Almost Unreal (Demo version rocks !)
2. Doesn’t Make Sense
3. Opportunity Nox

(And if I could plug “Ett perfekt ägg” just one more time! Just rename it !! lol)

Remember how successful Almost Unreal was in the UK, Per ;)
See you in London !!!

1-crush on you
2-pearls of passion
3-there is my baby

pearls of passion
singleeeee please

pearls of passion
livee song

dvd party crasher 2009

ntsc tv mundial!!!

pleasee pleaseee fansss

fans roxette and gessle


sleeping in my car
single version per gessle vocal demo

Hej Mr. P,

Gut Feeling

See you on tour :-) cheers.

Hey Per,

my 3 wishes are:

- I like it like that
- Do you wanna be my baby?
- almost unreal

Making love or expecting rain
Lay down your arms
She doesn’t live here anymore

Hey Per,

Just to get some songs we haven’t seen you performing live at all before (counting on TWATG being in the repertoire for sure anyway!), would love to hear these tracks being performed live on stage...

1. Keep Me Waiting
2. She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
3. Ramones Tribute Medley (I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend / Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment / Sheena Is A Punk Rocker)

Regards from Berlin

Secrets that she keeps(like the acoustic demo version or nice popwerpop version)
do you wanna be my baby
Hotblooded(I really think it would be a great surprise for this song to be done)

Pls released a dvd of this tour.. it sounds like it will be awesome!!

My 3 tips for Mr Gee.

- Little Miss Sorrow
- Something In The System
- She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I like it like that
Perfect excuse

Something In The Syste
T-T-T- Take it
Whatever from your solo career will be great!! but ANY from Roxette plz.
As you always say: The Roxette’s fan is the most loyal in the world.We are do.
We think Roxette is Marie + Per.It’s not fair play Roxette songs without’s our opinion.You just ask.

I Like it Like That

Argentina is still waiting!!

I’ll Be Alright (special guest somewhere down the line there’s this lady that likes to be on stage at least for a couple of minutes) Amazing song either way :)

Argentina is still waiting!!
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Great Idea Per! My Ideas

(VULNERABLE maybe? sorry I couldn´t help myself)


>and having a blast trying out songs I haven’t played live before!!

As you wish, Mr Gee ! :)

1. I like it like that
2. Cinnamon Street
3. Love spins (great, but very underrated song btw)

I agree with some other Fans:

- Argentina is waiting for Gessle!

1) She doesn´t live here anymore
2) Burned out Heart
3) After School

- Let´s Rock the town!

1 - Call Of The Wild
2 - The Rain
3 - Cinnamon Street

I’m not going to any concert but anyway, I love The world according to Gee, so I’d love to hear (on youtube ;)) following:

- Stupid
- Kix
- Do you wanna be my baby

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Hi all!
My 3 songs would be:


Thank you!!!

Have A Nice Day!




••• I’LL BE ALRIGHT (feat. M. F.)

- Keep me waiting
- She doesn’t live here anymore
- Take it!

Lets’s ROCK with...

I Love The Sound Of Crashing Guitars

That’t marvellous that Per’s songs would be a surprise for fans! Please, Per, play
1 Church of your heart
2 I want you to know
3 some new great and maybe rocky song -
if you can.

She doesn’t live here anymore
Always breaking my heart


- Elvis in Germany
- I have a party in my head
- Almost unreal


Hey Mr G! This is a great idea.

I would really love to hear:

She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
Come Back Tomorrow (and we’ll do it again), and
I Love The Sound Of Crashing Guitars


* She doesn’t live here anymore
* Dancing on the nightwire
* Cinnamon street

Rock on, Mr. Gee!

Hey Mr Gee!

Germany is “calling”...

Here are the german vote:

1. Hey Mr DJ (won’t you play another Love Song)
2. Stupid
3. The Party Pleaser

Looking forward to see you in Munich!!!
Your gang is great!

Best wishes from David

1. Anyone/I love how you love me
2. Come back tomorrow
3. It takes you no time to get here

Entertainment or death...

1) So far away
2) Almost unreal
3) Stars

That‘s a great idea Per!
So here are my threee favourites you should play:

- Cinnamon street
- She doesn‘t live here anymore
- Gut feeling

Message for Mr Gee & The Heavy Metal Kids

... and the nominated are:
1. Drowning In Wonderful Thoughts About Her for SOAP
2. T-T-T-Take It for TWATG
3. Doesnt Make Sense for Party Crasher
Special prize: Real Sugar, The Look, Joyride, Dangerous (by M. J.), She Doesnt Live Here Anymore, Fingertips, Little Miss Sorrow, Pride (not sure if its yours)

Wish you nice and funny rehearsal
with not so many wasabi:)

Greetings from sunny Prague,
the soft rock kid:)

1. June afternoon /in my opinion best Roxette single/
2. T-T-T-Take it /great sunny track from TWATG/
3. I was so lucky /after Wish I Could fly best ballad from HAND/

I know that this is and english tour with english songs, but wouldn´t be great to have small swedish part in it /maybe in half of the show/ with around 10 minutes medley which could include 5 or 6 of biggest swedish hits? /for example Ga & Fiska, Det ar over nu, En sten vid en sjö i en skog, Tuffa tider, Har Kommer Alla Kanslorna (allsang), Tycker om när du tar på mig/

- Silly Really
- Kissing is the key
- She doesn’t live here anymore

Well, seeing that 7twenty7 is already being rehearsed, and I cant just decide on 3 songs, lets do it like this, shall we?

She Doesn’nt Live Here Anymore
June Afternoon
Opportunity Nox

Gessle/Rox Demo’s:
Always Breaking My Heart
Love Doesn’t Live Here
Blah Blah Blah

Do you wanna be my baby?

The Junior Suite
I Like It Like That

Party Gessle:
Silly Really
Gut Feeling
The Party Pleaser

And just to kick&mix it up even more:
An English version of Spegelboll!!!

Well, it would be awesome if you could play these three songs in Amsterdam:

- A Girl Like You (not SOAP but original/demo version)

- Wish you the best

- There is my baby

It would also be fun to throw in something from Modern Times, if you catch my drift? Those songs would be perfect for this tour!
Maybe “Just Another Heartache (Vart tog alla vänner vägen?)”?

Have fun rehearsing!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stuck Here With Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kissing Is The Key !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C’mon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for listening ;)

1. She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
2. Keep Me Waiting
3. T-t-t Take It!

great idea, mr. g.!

even if i’d also go crazy just by seeing you blowing on a comb, there are some songs i’d like to hear:

opportunity nox
i like it like that
gut feeling

see you in cologne!!!

My secret hint: She doesn´t live here anymore, The Big L., I´ll be alright.... (pleeeease) :)

Really looking forward to your concerts in Zurich and Munich! My top-list:

She Doesn´t Live Here Anymore
Late, Later On

Best wishes! Only four weeks until... wa-hoo!!!

Very hard, really hard, Gessle.

1. I like it like that
2. B Career
3. Jo-anna says

1)She doesn’t live here anymore
2)The Heart Shaped sea
3)Keep me waiting

1. Drowning In Wonderful (+reprise in the end of the show)
2. She Dosen´t Live Here Anymore
3. Do you wanna be my baby

(And please, make a DVD!!!)

-Wish You The Best
-I’ll Be All Right
-I Wanna Be With You

1. Hey Mr DJ (My mothers wish!)
2. Drowning in wonderful thoughts about her
3. Burned out heart

She dosent live here anymore
Burned out heart
Sleeping in my car

1. Saturday (Opener)
2. I like it like that
3. Church of your heart

Thank you Per for asking us! I‘m so happy. Love u forever! :))))

Please play:

I have a party in my head
Brilliant career

Mr.G. - we see us in prague :)

Oh, “Keep me waiting” would be a great choice too!!!

I Won’t Back Down (Tom Petty cover - acoustic)
Drowning in you
Har kommer alla ... - special english version

Per!!!! Great news!!!
I would like to listen
- June Afeternoon
- Always break my heart
- Joyride

Thank you!!!

I will see in London and Amsterdam

June Afternoon
She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
Pearls Of Passion

Hard to choose, Sorry but I can’t write only 3.
You’ve written too many good songs :-)

She doesn’t live here anyomore
So far away (like the Som i en dröm demo, that is so great!!!)
Crash !Boom!Bang!

Church of your heart
Anyone, I love how you love me

and NEVERENDING LOVE or HERE COMES THE WEEKEND with MARIE FREDRIKSSON as a special guest in Sthlm!? Would be Great...

See you in Prague and Sthlm!

Please do a DVD! And please ask Marie F. if she comes on stage to play a Roxette song :)
Love u!

1 - June Afternoon
2 - Cinnamon Street
3 - Little Miss Sorrow

I’m voting for;

Church of Your Heart
The Heart Shaped Sea
Heart of Gold (Cover)

Maybe I just like songs with the word ’heart’ in the title...

See you in London ....

hey per :)
come arround to melbourne or sydney.
down under is ready for another gessle sensation :D

1) keep me waiting
2) pay the price
3) harplinge !!!!!!!!!!!!

from track 3 send me an video :)
or just put it on a dvd :)

My favorites:

Fingertips‘93. Still one of my favorites.
Much from World According.Making love, I wanna be your boyfriend, Always breaking my heart.

Cheers and see you in Cologne


1- Church of your heart
2- Hey Mr. DJ
3- Vulnerable

If I’m counting well this is Top 5 so far

She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore 25

Keep Me Waiting 8

Saturday 6
I Like It Like That 6
Cinnamon Street 6

June Afternoon 5
Do You Wanna Be My Baby? 5
Church Of Your Heart 5
Hey Mr DJ 5

Almost Unreal 4
T-T-T-Take It! 4
I’ll Be Alright 4

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I don’t have any single chance to go to one of these shows, but anyway I hope other people enjoy for me ;p I would like Per to perform these ones:

1 - I’ll be alright
2 - Jefferson
3 - I love the sound of crashing guitars

Well, She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore seems like a very popular choice doesn’t it! :-) YAY!!!

That would be such a great song live!

Hej Hej,

I’d love to listen to following:

I like it llike that - my favourite from SOP
Double headed Elvis - well I just wondering why.... that’s would be great
Wish you the best - my favourite from TWATG

See you in Cologne - with much big anticipation


Wow how many have wished SDLHA!!! That’s exactly the thing I am going to do, too.

1. She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
2. Opportunity Nox (Opener!)
3. Apple In The Mud

These three songs have so much energy that they could make the whole gig ;)

GREAT! Please choose:

Little miss sorrow
Always breaking my heart
Church of your heart

If there isn´t enough time at the concert, you can continue in my living room =;P

THANKS for the idea!
Looking forward to the shows! Have fun!


Thank you Mr G.

- Love Doesn’t Live Here
- Stay (At Home At Work At Play)
- I Like It Like That

Hello Per here are my votes:P

1 Do you wanna be my baby?
2 Opportunity Nox
3 Wish I could fly

im a real Roxette-nerd so the more Roxettesongs the better- For me anyway:P

-Keep me waiting.
-Wish you the best.
-Perfect excuse.

Hi Per, how are you? Its very sweet that you ask your fans for requests :-) You are the cutest guy in the swedish music scene. I hope you will do a good show with lot´s of nice songs (Sadly i can´t go - dvd please)! What are you going to wear? I hope it will look like the one from the EHM tournee. Ok here is my song list:


Bis kisses to you, T.

My three songs:

I like it like that
Things will never be the same
Place your love

Regards and kisses my dear Per!!!!

Elizabeth - Perú


I really would like to hear:

1) Come back tomorrow (and we do it again)
2) I like it like that
3) Keep me waiting

Thank you, Per! You are really great! I really wish you all the best so that I can enjoy your music for a long long time further!

do what you want but harm no one

What about these three songs:
- The Heart Shaped Sea
- June Afternoon
- Stupid

Looking forward to the conecert in Oslo.

hi Per!!!!!

my songs are:

1 it takes you no time to get here
2 i like it like that
3 silly really

....and please don’t forget Italy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My three songs:

- After School
- Fever in the night
- Break another heart

Please chose...

It’s not easy to choose 3 songs from so many great songs, really..very hard task... but...I have no choice ;)... So here they are:
My 3 song wishes:

1. Call Of The Wild
2. It Hurts
3. *Song - Surprise* ?

Greetings to Mr. Gee and The Heavy Metal Kids! ;)

See and hear you soon!!!!

*** 1. Vulnerable (acoustic guitar version) ***

*** 2. Do you wanna be my baby (Heavy metal kids version) ***

***3. Thai with a twist *** (so loud that the Grünspan in Hamburg FINALLY gets renovated)

Have a nice rehearsal. Vi ses snart!!

Exra lovely greetings from Germany

Three songs...well what about

It Takes You No Time To Get Here
See Me
Every Day

Btw, Party Crasher has finally landed here in Germany. They played the whole cd in the music department of the store where I did some shopping this afternoon. :-)

See ya in Hamburg :-)

PS. Have fun at the rehearsal ;-)

How could i forget...


Such an amazing song would be great to hear it live so powerful!

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Yes!! Coincido con marcusvandeursen.
She doesn’t live here anymore - Flowers on the moon - Keep my waiting - Lies - Harley and Indians - Teaser Japannese - Run - Beating Heart - The ramones tribute - etc

@ Kerstin: Cooool!! Where was that??

Please Per play the songs:

1-She doesn’t live here anymore
2-I’ll be allright
3-Beating Heart


It was at Drogeriemarkt Müller. I almost forgot that I was on my lunch break, I didn’t wanna leave the store. *gg*

Hej Per !

These are my 3 fave’s :


Church Of Your Heart
Here Comes The Weekend
Knockin’ On Every Door

Hi Per. I looking forward to the show at circus 9 may.
Here is my votes.

# She doesn´t live here anymore

# Do you wanna be my baby

# Stuoid

# Joanna says

Gessle for president...

This is awesome... Here are my suggestions:

- Little Miss Sorrow
- Cinnamon Street
- I’ll be alright

My thx go to Mr Gee & The Heavy Metal Kids! See you in London!

I have a party in my head
She doesn’t live here anymore
Sleeping in my car

I’ll be alright
hey mr. dj
do you wanna be my baby


Gessle-Girls can do it (22/7/08)

I gave up my 3 songs on the forum.

To include most of his solo hitsingels, these might me on the set:

1. After School
2. Teaser Japanese
3. Secrets That She Keeps
4. (I Could Never) Give You Up
5. Knockin’ On Every Door
6. Church Of Your Heart
7. The Heart Shaped Sea
8. Hearleys And Indians
9. Vulnerable
10. June Afternoon
11. She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
12. Do You Wanna B My Baby
13. Kix
14. I Want You To Know
15. Keep The Radio On
16. 7 Twenty 7
17. Jefferson
18. Looking For Jane
19. I Wanna B Your Boyfriend
20. Opportunity Nox
21. Jo-Anna Says
22. Hey Mr. DJ
23. I Like It Like That
24. Silly Really
25. Sing Along

1. I Never Quite Got Over The Fact That The Beatles Broke Up
2. Elvis In Germany
3. Pay The Price

Only 3 songs? That’s difficult to decide... But I’ll try :)

* So Far Away
* Something’s In The System
* I Was So Lucky

Wonderful idea, Per!!! Can’t wait to see you in Oslo, Hamburg, Gent and Amsterdam, and hopefully you’ll change the setlist every now and then!!

My 3 (4) suggestions (so hard to choose):

1. Come Back (before You Leave)
2. Hey Mr DJ (Won’t You Play Another Love Song)
3. Cinnamon Street or Keep Me Waiting

- Shopping With Mother
- Ramones medley
- The Junior Suite medley from SOAP

2. call of the wild

Wow! Three songs I’d love to hear:

- She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
- A Beatles cover!
- Cinnamon Street

opportunity nox!!!!

Jo-anna says
Little miss sorrow
Always breaking my heart

opportunity nox
she doesn’t live here anymore
june afternoon

see you in warsaw, Per! :)

Dear Per,

There are a few songs I wish to hear at the concert:

Roxette: The heart shaped sea or Fingertips

SOAP: I never got over the fact that the Beatles broke up (that’s my favourite from SOAP, I’m besotted with it) or I like it like that (even my boyfriend adores it so if you decide to play it live he might join me at the concert cos at the moment he’s reluctant to go to the gig)

TWATG: I’ll be alright

Yet it doesn’t matter which songs you’ll play, it matters that you’ll be there available for us for 2 hours or so. I’m still pinching myself to check if I’m not dreaming.

Love always, Kamila from Poland

Well, here are my tree sugestions:

She doesn’t live here anymore
Love doesn’t live here

I really hope you play SDLHA, it’s one of the best rox song ever!!

Like It Like That

Later late on’
Love dosent live here
Drowning in wonderful thoughts
Burned out heart
She dosen´t live here anymore


Very very hard choise. And the best thing to me might be: let the band choose and be surprised what they will play :-) Nevertheless, the following three should be great to hear live:

Something happened today
Opportunity Nox

Download our songs:

And 3 suggestions from my sister, who’s joining me to the Amsterdam show:

Hey Mr DJ

Hey Per How is it going? Seems it’s going great for you and you are really having fun!!! Well here‘s my list of the songs i‘d love to hear:

1* Crazy About You
2* 7twenty7
3* I Could Never Give You Up


1* The centre of the heart
2* A thing about you
3* June, July, August (Juni, Juli, Augusti) hehe it’s a crazy idea I have but i do imagine this song in english, it’d be fantastic.

I’d love to hear this songs:

- She doesn’t live here anymore
- I like it like that
- T-T-T-Take it!

See you in Hamburg and Cologne!!! this is just like a dream come true :-) can’t believe i’m going to see him again after so many years... :-)

For the London gig (I just can’t wait!!!):

Fading like a flower
Jupiter Calling
Crash! Boom! Bang!

Oops have I said more than 3??

My requests are:

Doesn’t Make Sense
Wish You The Best
She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Thanks, Rich

For the London gig:
1. Opportunity Nox
2. Doesn’t make sense
3. Genius gone wrong (obviously!)

Can’t wait!! :-)

Although I wont be there I would love to hear:

Ill be alright

Even though i dont understand a word in swedish I wouldnt mind to hear anything from Mazarin,

Well, it will not be able to me to watch this alive because I live in Brazil, but my 3 songs are:

1 - Silver blue
2 - It takes no time to get here
3 - She doens’t live here anymore

If you want you can come to São Paulo to show us this 3 songs alive, Per :D !!!


MC René
Can‘t wait for Cologne!!!
I’d like to have some acoustic songs and a medley of your favorite swedish ones
June Afternoon
Hey Mr. DJ
Fingertips ’93
I like it like that
Must have:
Always breaking my heart
Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke

The three tracks that I would love to hear from you when I’m going to your concert in Amsterdam on the 6th of May are:

- Goodbye To You (Roxette 1986)

- Threnody (Frida, 1982)

- Anyone (Roxette 1999)

1. I Never Quite Got Over the Fact that the Beatles Broke up
2. Kix
3. Wish You the Best

*Run to you ( i love the demo)
*I never quit the job...
*June afternoon ( i really don’t like this so much, but it causes me a lot of curiosity to hear it live)
Thanx Per for touring in English see you on youtube;)

Sleeping in my car (Acoustic Version ) !!!

PD: Clarence, Are you ready for this PartyCrisis Tour?

- I Like It Like That
- Neverending Love (would be great to hear a 2009 version of this one)
- How Do You Do

And as a very special wish of mine.. So Far Away partly by you and partly by Helena.. It would be just totally awesome!!! As a acoustic piece especially :)

See you in Helsinki in a few weeks :)

LMAO - “Party Crisis Tour!”

I just love the fact that when the fans are asked to help out/ get invovled/ show some support there are loads of replies and all really positive! Well done guys, this is how the site should buzz the whole time.

Lovely to see positive, happy comments.

Looking forward to welcoming Mr Gessle to the UK once again, and looking forward to hearing She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore! Looks like a sure-fire winner to me!!


Hey Mr. G! My choice would be:

1. Keep me waiting
2. Little Miss Sorrow
3. After school

@onlywhen... Couldn’t agree more Matt! Isn’t it great!! :-)

@onlywhenidream Party Crisis Tour!!!
It´s for the Party Crisis World Tour not for Gessle World

When the world is plunged into a crisis Per plays to celebrate it
It´s only a bad joke.

claudia soul deep
please play “fading like a flower” and things will never be the same “but play it the same way that in tourism is my favourite version.
kisses for you all.
claudia from madrid.

I’m sooooooooo excited for the London gig!! I’ve never seen Per or Roxette live before so I’m like a child at Christmas I’m so happy and excited! Been a fan since I was 8 years old (I’m now 27) so this will be all of my dreams come true!! YAAAAAAY!!

Please Mr G play

Always Breaking My Heart
She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
Church Of Your Heart

Thanx luv from Jayne xx

@SVARTA - I see, but I still think it is funny - I think Mr G would too!

@onlywhenidream I think is funny too but my bank doesn´t think like me. Flights, hotels, tickets, parties, after parties, post parties...... you kown!

PER if you want to help me ... I promise that this time I won´t throw you any bra on stage!!

She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (should be a great live song)
T-t-t-Take It!
June Afternoon

Very difficult to pick only three songs, but my choice would be:

Gut Feeling
Late, later on (or Something happened today)
Min Hälsning (if swedish songs are not taken into consideration: T-t-take it!)

Can’t wait to see you in Hamburg!!!

Elvis in Germany
T-t-t-take it!
Big L

Bla december
Something happened today
Flowers on the moon
see you in Praga !

- Queen of Rain
- There Is My Baby
- Lies
- It Takes You No Time To Get Here
and the great new songs like Kissing and Party Pleaser of course!

See you soon in Prague!

Man you fans are really rox/mr. g. crazy! And right you are off course! But I’m not gonna choose, I will rock out to every song he will play, I cannot pick songs! Check out the site for a little message from the practice room, these are boys of 18 practising for their first tour again! Good fun! : )

- It takes you no time to get here
- Something in the system
- Little Miss Sorrow

Those would be fab.

- Roberta Right
- Entering your Heart
- Fireworks

My songs:

Secrets that she keeps...

My wishlist

Don’t belive in accident
I want you to know
Blue umbrella


It’s a torture to choose only 3 songs, I ended up with 4 actually

Church of your heart
Do you wanna be my baby
The heart shaped sea

Incredible that SDLHA got so many votes, I hope Per won’t get into trouble if he doesn’t play it.

Good luck Per!

Wow, how great it would be if he would sing these :

1.Silver blue
2.Cinnamon street
3.Church of your heart

And so many many more... like “Blue umbrella”, “Here come’s the weekend”, “Call of the wild”, “Fireworks”, “From one heart to another”, “So far away”, the brilliant “I could never give you up”, “Harleys & indians”, “Listen to your heart”, “It takes you no time to get there”, “Never is a long time”, the amazing “Perfect day”, “Queen of rain”, “Run to you”, “Secrets that she keeps”, “Surrender”, “Voices”, “Things will never be the same”, “The rain”, “The heart shaped sea”, “Vulnerable”...

All these are amazing wonderful songs and any of them would fill our hearts with joy and apreciation...

I would love for Per and the rest to perform these songs:

-Thai with a twist
-I have a party in my head
-Keep me waiting

See you 9th of May.


My wishlist please:

1) Something in the system (SOTP all!)
2) She doesn´t live here anymore
3) Oh Marie

Lookin´forward! PRAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fU.k I forgot:

1) T-T-T-Take it!
2) I´m sorry - the best song Roxette
3) Jefferson

Hope you play that! Bye

My choice:

1) She doesn’t live here anymore / Fingertips ’93 / Pearls of passion
2) Love doesn’t live here / Bla Bla Bla (You broke my heart) (great songs!)
3) Solens Vän (i would kill to hear this =) )

- She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
- Always breaking my heart
- The Rain

- Always breaking my heart

- Love doesn´t live here

- I´ll be alright



With all the issues in the UK/world at the moment I’m all for a Party to forget about the problems for at least a few hours so not too choosy but please ......... LOUD!.


Lonely Boys - believe this could really work cranked up high
SDLHA (as so many)
Sleeping in my car.

P.S. my wife thinks the ’Doesn’t make sense’ music would make a great intro in those final minutes before the show kicks off. She lovee the music apart from the abrupt ending on the CD!.

See you in London - lets see just how much noise can be created in a smaller venue!

Only 3 - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa impossible!!!

The Look
Listen to Your Heart - obligatorily!!!

Covers: :-)
R.E.M. - Shiny Happy People
Savage Garden - I Want You

and Per You must tell: Hello everyone from roxforum... or Hello Lukas :-)

My songs..
real sugar
I was so lucky

jason williams

im thinking that per could maybe cover a song called ’ heart of gold ’ they covered it a while back and i saw the video on you tube before they deleted it, it was something very special.

1. jo-anna-says
2. gut feeling
3. fading like a flower

1. Let’s party
2. When you walk in the room
3. Needles and pins

1 Varmt igen
2 Doesn’t make sense
3 I’ll be alright

- Min Vän

I know it´s an english tour. But would be great to hear this old unreleased Gyllene Tider song again one day. Maybe on the next swedish solo CD?

the only song i would like to hear above all of them is Run To You

I’m not going to any concert because of the big economic crisis I’m living in (please,Per,come to Spain.We are many fans in this “fantastic” country that,because we haven’t got a job, aren’t able to travel anywhere) but ...anyway,I’d love to hear you play live :
1. Keep me waiting
2. Something in the system
3. Come back tomorrow (and we do it again)

I know, I’m replying way too late, but I’d like to hear the following:

She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
There Is My Baby

and I’ll Be Alright together with Marie!!!

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

I know I certainly am replying far too late but I’d do anything to hear my favourite...

’Love doesn’t live here’ live!!

’Jo-Anna Says’ and
’Listen to your Heart’

Hej! Jag kommer Ryssland ifran. Ursakta mej för min icke så bra svenska, jag bara läser det.:) Jag är så glad, att nu skall vara nästa turne. Jag har fått läsa din begäran.Jag vet, gruppen lovar inte sjunga allt, men Jag skulle vilja höra på:
Beautiful Things (som DEMO)
I love the sound of crashing guitars
Harleys & Indians (riders in the sky)
(I could never) give you up
Half a woman half a shadow
I remember you

Hoppas, nånting av det ska vara sjungen :)


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