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Radio Halland’s annual interview with Per Gessle today

Written by Jud on December 28, 2010 to .

Pelle Hörmander's  traditional after-Christmas interview with Per Gessle will be aired today on Radio Halland during the program Konsekvens, which runs from 15:03 and 16:45 CET. The interview with Per is expected at around 15:30.

You can listen to Radio Halland online.

Thanks Tomasz Wysocki and Roxette Latinamerica for the information.



Would it in be English?
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be

I doubt it, it’s in Per’s hometown radio, average listeners are locals and they normally speak Swedish there. Doubt this has changed.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

The interview will be in Swedish. After it’s Swedish local radio. And all previous interviews were in Swedish.

I forgot about this, thanks for the reminder!

Can any Swedish fans translate for us what Per said?

i can’t understand one word!!!!!!!! but it’s ok per is here to talk about roxette and this sooooooo great!

There is hardly any new info. Per has chosen the songs as they are his favorites. Today.

Only one sentence about new single. :/ But what about announced TDR interview? Any publish deadline? :)

He mentioned Perfect Day as a favourite and Opportunity nox (a great power pop tree chords song he said).

Said also that the latter is great to play live and if i am right he said he is glad to play in Buenos Aires and Rio again (in that order... LOL i’m argentinian).

Im little bit confussed because he mentioned Dubai too. I thought Dubai was left out of the tour plan.

My svensk is quite basic so i can not catch everything but I did my best

OK, checked forum, interview on Jan 4.


My swedish is so basic i only understood Nevereding Love, Night of the proms, Perfect Day, Marie, Opportunity Nox, Buenos Aires, She’s Got Nothing On (But the radio), hehe

Not much ;)

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Yes, our plan is Jan 4.

right on time for the single radio start ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Yes I really want them to come to Asia...Either make it Dubai or China....but pleaseeeeeeeeeee think about your Asian fans.....................................
Coolbluez- - The Place To Be


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