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more SOAP soon!?

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Since my swedish is close to zero i don’t exactly know what it says but supose it’s related to a new SOAP album and single please anyone:

Thanx in advance

That means that the new SOAP song called ’Shopping with mother’ will be showed in ’Boston Tea Party’ show that’s broadcasted on Swedish Kanal5. Per is appearing there every week since the end of September (he has been there in 7 parts so far ;)).

Thank you :)
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But don’t expect the whole song - I think it will be just 30-seconds-snippet, cos they do like that in every programme. If you want to see previous 6 parts with Per, you can use those links (thanks Sweepie!):

Episode 1 (24.09.2007)

Episode 2 (01.10.2007)

Episode 3 (08.10.2007)

Episode 4 (15.10.2007)

Episode 5 (22.10.2007)

Episode 6 (29.10.2007)

Great! I missed part 4. More news to come about “Mother.”

Yes. We have been expecting SOAP 2 for a while now.

So, that will be the new theme song the Boston Tea Party TV show,but will it be the first single off SOAP2 as well ?

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
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I wonder what’s the sense of Pers appearance at ’Boston Tea Party’. Some sort of promotion or just for fun?
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Bet it was all made on one day ... Just for the fun ? ... Noooo way... Thats free advertising... And those short clips are funny :-)

It might be some kind of fun for him. I doubt this will be the 1st single of a new album, when the 3rd single from the previous one (EHM) is close to be released. Doesn’t make sense.


You got a point there... But - Doenst always have to make sence. Lets just relax and wait and see what happens. The one thing that makes it obvious is that he is talking about Gessle ( aka Son Of A Plumber ) ...

One new song is also fine for me :-P

And the last months we had “Kung av Sand - En liten Samling” and “Jag doppade bare Tårna” ... We are soOoOo spoiled *GG*

Maybe that’s why the third EHM single is delayed, maybe even cancelled?

Who knows, I guess we all will know what will happen soon enough.

Tevensso said the 3rd single was just delayed, and that is no longer a radio-promo only. It might mean they have plans to release it commercially after all. Then, having 2 singles from different projects out at the same time could be very confusing for the public.

I don’t think he’s going to release anything new until next year. It’s better to let the people rest for a while after so many things (EHM, the TV appearances, the tour, the Aftonbladet CD, the EHM live DVD, the book). If not, it will be very overwhelming...

On one hand I agree, that it may be best to let it rest for a bit. On the other maybe release something again while his profile is still high. Maybe once he get’s SOAP out of his system then he’ll start work on a little project called Roxette.

As for the title ’Shopping With Mother’ Well, this is going to be an interesting one!! I’m just glad it’s in English again!!

so it seems Gessle doesn’t want to follow any “logic” and doesn’t want to make any sense at all. You can expect anything from the man and.. why not?

Marie Fredriksson Online
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Is it in English? No indication about lyrics on the sleeve, so it might be an instrumental! So, in English... but only the title. Not so strange if you consider it will be the theme of a TV-show.

@ tomos85: You’re welcome. Again, glad I could be of help. :-)

Here’s as well the link to view last Monday’s episode:

Episode 7 (05.11.2007)

Funny, though, as last week, when I posted that on R2R, I did actually also post it on TDR, (on that other thread on which Gachy had asked about those “Boston Tea Party” clips,, yet the post was by then queued for approval, and seemingly never got thru... :-S (Could it be that it got queued for approval cos I had embedded the links into the text and the filter thought that to be “hidden spam” or something?... o_O I do wonder...)

Anyway, as I had posted then, here it is again; may anyone wish to have those snippets featuring Per, for archive:
(episodes 1 to 6)
(episode 7)


Thank you sweepi! ;-)

Per wants to kill himself!

And the 8th part of BTP is with När alla vänner gått hem... :D

“Boston Tea Party” episode 9 (19.11.2007):


(Ok I give up... *sigh* Last week, as I tried posting this here, along with all updated links to view all “Boston Tea Party” episodes, as Kanal 5 seemingly has been “remodeling” their webTV links and those above do no longer work, again the post got “stuck” qeued for approval, so I thought I’d now only post here the link referring to the previous episode 9 at least anyway... Hmm, so I suppose it’s the fact that the post includes such many hyperlinks that causes it to get “withheld”, would that be it?... :-S I though do wonder, Tomasz, whether when you posted those 6 links above, that post of yours got qeued too then, or?... Hmm...)

“Boston Tea Party” latest episode 10 (26.11.2007) debuting “Shopping With Mother” as the theme-song:

:-) also presents a collection of all Gessle-related moments:

Even though there are some many voices over the audio of the song, i still got a nice impression of it. This instrumental song sounds really cool !

@sweepi: Thanks a lot. I appreciate your consideration!

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

@ Carlos: De nada! :-)’s collection of all Gessle-related moments (may anyone wish to save that .flv too for archive):


@ sweepi - tack!

Any clues what P was saying in the last interview?

I was asked to convert also this last .flv to .avi so I thought I’d share it here as well (may anyone want that too) :



He said that this premiere of SWM is almost as good as Roxette’s No 1s on Billboard *laugh* :)))

Typical Per. It was funny to watch how Per tried to avoid being interviewed after Shopping With Mother got its premiere :)

Du borde sett hur underbart jag mår


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