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Identification of Gessle Book issue?

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Can someone tell me how many different issues there are exactly of “Att vara Per Gessle” and which label-codes they have.

I have a problem:
I ordered it in a German bookstore and explicitly asked for the issue with the 9-Track-CD.
Now it seems that they got the book, but they are not shure about a CD inside. They want me to have a look for myself if it is the right one. So if it’s sealed, how can I find out which issue they sell (of course I do not want to pay and then find out it’s the wrong one)?

Can someone help me and write down the label-codes or another attribute to identify the right version of the book?

Thank you!

The 9 track version has a pink and white sticker saying LIMITED EDITION. It’s only sold via AdLibris so if this German bookstore has ordered it from them, then it should be the 9, but that sounds very unlikely.

The sticker also says that there is a CD with 9 songs inside! Good luck! I don’t have the ISBN number here but the two versions have two different numbers if I remember it right. The one from ADLIBRIS is the one with the nine tracks...the ISBN from for example is the one with the 7 tracks...or is there even a verion without any CD?

9 track: ISBN 978-91-0-011739-9
7 track: ISBN 978-91-0-011200-4

Thank you!

So there are only two versions of the book? I thought that the “usual” version is without any CD.

However, I checked it and my bookstore ordered the “wrong” one, but I will get the 9-Track edition soon, although it costs a little bit more.
Hope it’s worth :-)

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