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please help me...

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i have this for me “serious” “problem”
After seeing some German fans with a big Marie-tattoo, i thought about getting a roxette tattoo of some sort. Roxette has been such a great help in my life, i can’t even remember how it all was before i knew Roxette.
I’d love a Leif-tattoo, but for me for it 2 “real” I’d love it if per drew it and then straight after I’d go to the tattoo artist.
But then last night it hit me, if i can get him 2 do Leif why not getting his autograph tattooed.

so here is my problem, would you? I mean get a Gessle autograph on your body? even if a small one. Even if i do live in Sweden i don’t get 2 see Gessle on a daily basis so it had 2 be done on the day he signs his DVD/book.
that’s only 1month away.

it’s became a real serious dilemma for me.

Certainly, it’s a real serious dilemma. I would not want to be in your shoes! LOL

There are more important things to be worried about in life, just take it easy.

Trace his autograph from a record or a book and give it to the tattoo guy.

I don’t like tatoos very much...But if you think that you will like a Gessle tattoo on your body still in 30 years than...go for it. Can be that lots of people afterwards will ask you what it is and what it means. :)

Just ask Per to sign your arm/shoulder on that day so that you can really say it is original! Anyhow I don’t like tattoos so I wouldn’t do it but if you want one anyway then there’s not much difference what you are going to get, is there? The question is, do you want a tattoo?

Instead of something so permanent like a tattoo, have you ever considered a hermetic wrap? They’re slowly gaining popularity among the celebrity addicted and other mental types. In case you’re not familiar, the hermetic wrap consists of a gluey cellophane-like patch that adheres itself to your skin providing an air and waterproof barrier. Upon having the celebrity touch whichever part of your body that’s been mutually agreed, you quickly apply the hermetic wrap to seal in the moment. It lasts forever or simply removes with a hairdryer and putty knife when the coolness wears off. They come one per box and are available over the counter at your local CVS/pharmacy.

i don’t like tattoos at all,even if it were great painting.and i don’t suggest you to make it,and besids autograph would not look good as a tattoo,better to wear roxettes t-shirt,or something like that than mangle youre .i love roxette more than any kind of hobby, but i think its not good idea to paint body with scribbling.


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