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Per about Anton Corbijn - Kobra Intervju

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Per about Anton Corbijn - Kobra Intervju - SVT1 - 13.08.2007
(Per’s part starts at about 10:40 min.)

Don’t know whether this has been referenced here in the forum before?... Don’t think I recall seeing no mention about it... (Came across this interview, when I wan checking on that stream of 24 Direkt about the Göteborg Book Fair seminar...)

Anyway, just in case, I’ve cut and uploaded the segment with Per’s part, for anyone who may want to keep it:


Thank you very much, Sweepi. You are always so useful to us!
By the way, did you manage to get the “Boston Tea Party” interview, that was aired in Kanal 5?

I have not seen the stream anywhere!

Best wishes.

Thank you so much, Sweepi! Very nice video!!


@ Gachy: Nope, no luck either, yet, with the streams to those clips. :-S


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