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Written by tevensso on June 1, 2007 to and .

(Updated) - Here are some bits and pieces about Per's present and upcoming activities:

Per will perform on Allsång på Skansen July 3. He will also be on Bingolotto's season finale June 5. And most important of all: the new single "En händig man" jumped up to #1 on the Swedish single chart! It entered last week after only one day of sales at #59. The song is also presently #5 on Rix Top 6. "En händig man" entered Sweden's official Topp 40 at #10 as well.

Also, in an interview on Swedish Radio P3 Per lets us know that the Plumber's son will return…

"En händig man" soars into spot #3 after only one day at #8 and a few days at #13 on Nielsen's Music Control chart. Nielsen's count the official radio play.

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Bingolotto sometime soon. Isn’t the upcoming Tuesday confirmed then? When it comes to Bingolotto....

Grattis Per for the single chart result! :o)

Jolly jolly good. I got mine after CDON messed up the order. :) All better now !

Ofcourse tuesday is the day, because it’s the last BingoLotto for the season. He will not be there live, it’s recorded in advance.

And also he is number 6 on RixFm, he was number 3 a couple of days ago.

great :) can’t wait to hear the rest of the album :)

Can anybody tell me where I can get this CD for a Cheap Price?
Life is like a Box of Chocolates, you never know what you gonna get!,

but CDWOW only has the regular version, not the digipak with bonus EP, but they are the cheapest I have seen so far.

Per is number 10 on Sweden Topp 40

Here’s the link where you can vote for En Händig Man at RixFm’s chart:

On Monday Rix MorronZoo will be running a competition where you will be able to win tix to Per’s concert in Halmstad, stay at the hotel and meet&greet with Per :) (I hope that I understood everything all right, my Swedish is not brilliant, so sorry if I misinformed you about the prize :))

The moon is alright

So, there will actually be another SOAP album!! Yes!!!!

Per you never stop making me smile! Amazing!

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

Which interview on P3 are you talking about, if I may ask?

It was on Saturday between 14:00 and 14:30.

any links to listen to it?

OK, found it myself. It’s P3 Star :)

Thank you!

Thank you for the link :)

The moon is alright

More SOAP, please!! ;)

PS: Thanks again, Thomas and all the TDR team

What a nice little interview. Per sounds so relaxed and easy going, it seems he enjoys the little chat they have. Really great to hear, I love his voice, with the hint of laughter in it, it is so soothing. Gives some kick for the new day ahead and the working week that’s about to start (unfortunately, most of us, unlike the man himself, are the ordinary Svenssons, who have some duties to face Mon-Fri ;))

Anyone who wants it - I made an mp3 with the interview bits - just cut out the biography which we know by heart anyway. Rox on!

For those wanting to watch the performance @ BingoLotto:

And for those wanting to save it:


(I hope it doesn’t go against the rules to post the direct stream link in here? If so, then I apologise, and please, do remove it. Thank you for your comprehension. :-))


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