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Sirius and Nordic Rox free for two days

Written by tevensso on October 24, 2006 to .

NEW YORK (UPDATED) - Satellite radio station Sirius will be free to listen to all over the world on October 25 and 26 with stars from around the world participating in the free global radio event.

  Per Gessle, who has a regular weekly show called Nordic Rox on The Spectrum (channel 18), will be a guest DJ on Big ’80s (channel 8) where original MTV VJs – and current Sirius DJs – Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter and Martha Quinn will share their biggest ’80s moments. Another Swede, Ace of Base’s Ulf Ekberg, will guest DJ on The Pulse (channel 9).

  Special editions of Nordic Rox, including an exclusive interview with Roxette’s Per Gessle by original MTV VJ Mark Goodman, and interviews with ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus and the Hives’ Pelle Almquist will be aired on The Spectrum (channel 18).

  Nordic Rox is on Wednesday between 12.00-15.00 CET.
To be able to listen you have to register.

  Sirius has more than 75 channels of talk, entertainment, sports and commercial-free music and is launching the internet service for $12.95 a month.

  Update: Per Gessle’s shows will be re-run tomorrow, Thursday. Interview at 13.00 CET and his show at 18.00.

Ron Wienand contributed to this article.

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Will use these two days to listen to Nordic Rox and listen to some Roxette and related songs on the radio, something that is rare over here. :-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Maybe we´ll get another great interview from Ian.

I’m listening to Nordic Rox now, pretty nice and so cool to hear Per again, among others.

what about the Big 80ties show, what time exactly is it aired on Channel 8? Today or tomorrow? Hopefully it will be on the time it is still possible to listen online for free.

According to the SIRIUS web page it should be today at 3:00 pm CET and re-broadcasted tomorrow I think at 1:00 pm CET.

Confusing - I actually found this:

Today 9:00 am ET
Roxette’s Per Gessle drops by the SIRIUS Studios to hang out with Mark Goodman and chat about the band’s 20th anniversary and their upcoming greatest hits CD from the band.

Rebroadcast: Thurs., Oct. 26th @ 7 am ET.

Isn’t ET European Time? If so then it’s alrady been aired. We gotta wait till 7 in the morning tomorrow.

What’s this?: Roxette’s Per Gessle Hosts Random Access
Today 12:00 pm ET
Roxette’s Per Gessle couldn’t get enough of the Big ’80s, so he stuck around for some more quality time... he’s going to be hosting Random Access. Hear Per’s favorites from the decade of big hair, including (of course) some tunes from Roxette, as we hand over the controls to the SIRIUS airwaves to Per.

Rebroadcast: Thurs., Oct. 26th @ Noon ET.

What channel is Random Access then, the same as Big 80 ties?

ET means Eastern US Time. 9 a.m. should be 15 pm European time, so the show will start in roughly 40 minutes :-)

Per is there right now!

This is SO cool! I’m glad I saw this. FINALLY, something special for us here in the States! Out of the blue it’s going to be a big Roxette day! It’s not often you can say that in the U.S.

Don’t forget, Per will also be on Random Access as a guest DJ at noon EDT! It just keeps getting better...

I’m sorry I turned to be a bit ignorant of the timezones.... Per does not tell us many new things but it is still sweet to hear his warm voice!

Can someone answer my question: Random access, is it also on Channel 8 or where? Thanx!

Random Access is on Big 80’s, Sirius Channel 8 at 12:00pm EDT

thank you, shammes!

now that was funny - doesn’t he remeber what year he and Åsa got married? >:-) He starts saying we’ve been married since.... and than he finishes off by saying many years. Lol!

Hope I’ll manage to listen to the whole thing before I have to head for work...

playing ’reveal’ right now... wish they’d say more about the new cd.

It is 1014am here in Philadelphia (EST) and the Big 80s station is playing Reveal. It is always such a rush of a feeling to hear a Rox track on the radio – but to hear something brand new is even more cool. :-)


This is GREAT promotion for Roxette, especially in the States (where almost all of the Sirius listeners are located). This whole deal with Per being involved with Sirius started because a Roxette fan (and occasional TDR reader!) is one of the executives there.

They’re playing “Reveal” right now !!

in a bit they’re going to play the other new song - one wish. it’s cool to hear something new on the radio.

It’s 10:20 am ET and Per just talked about driving cars and then they will talk about the GH CD after the in a few minutes.


Carlos E., New York.

Did he REALLY just ask Per if he has sex in those fancy cars?!?

Yes, in a biit they will play One Wish. Well, i guess it can only be One Wish!

What a nice felling!

Carlos E., New York.

he sure did!

You can tell that MTV has come a long way from its crazy 80s beginnings. The DJ not only asked Per if he has sex in the cars, but he was pushing Per to divorce his “expensive wife” Asa! lol. Now MTV is trying to be all grown up and I am not even sure that they have VJs any more...

Yes, he did!

Btw. the wedding day is not the only day Per doesn’t remember. He also can’t remember the year he met Åsa; he should say 1984 except of 1986. Anyway, soooooo great show, will listen also the re-broadcast tomorrow.

per’s back on now.

Seems to be quite funny! :-) I can’t listen here at work...

They are playing it now! One Wish!! 10:40 am ET.

The interviewer, who seemed to know how big Roxette is in South America... asked Per about it. Per said “South America was enormous for us... still is...”, and explained a bit about the recording of the Spanish tracks... but... even though the interview asked AGAIN for Per to explain just HOW big Roxette is there (the implication being compared to the States I think)... Per didn’t (in my opinion) do a very good job of making it clear that Roxette STILL has such a large fan base there.

I agree that Per was a little too laid back on the interview. It could have been more of a hype-up session for the release.

There is talk elsewhere about Per being on at Noon as well. Is that a mistake or is there another channel that I need to dial up on here to listen to him again?

I’m hearing it now... It’s awesome. Love you Rox

But it’s 17 CET now... wasn’t it between 12 & 15 Central European Time? Tomorrow I should stay connected 24h!

Argh, I can’t enjoy anything of it; I could register but can’t log in due to some confirmation codes I can’t read, and the “listen” link that should help me identify the codes doesn’t work here... Did anyone manage to record the interviews with Per at least? I would be interested to hear it.

Per’s on again right now – Channel 8, The Big ’80s – as the DJ for the next hour. He’s started off with Belinda Carlisle (who he’s worked with), and “Heaven Is a Place on Earth.”

I know i just heard him present a song.

He presented Tom Petty’s song Refuge, and left! He wil be back tomorrow.

I got it working now; fiiiiiiinally!!!

Oh, it seems like a lot of fun. I’d like listen to it. But do you need to be a member of Sirius to be able to listen to the show? I don’t get that part about registration :(

forgive me for my yawn but i find it hard to believe enough people actually listened to this for it to have any impact on the success of the upcoming release in the states

I’m listening to him host The Big 80s again today... started with Jefferson Starship with “Jane,” then Per’s intro for Gary Numan’s “Cars,” now it’s KC’s “Give it Up.” ??? Never heard this one.

Next is “I Eat Cannibals,” by Total Coelo. I may have missed one while working on something else, but right now it is Olivia Newton-John with “Heart Attack.” Supposedly a whole new set of Per’s picks compared to yesterday.

Now Per is introducing Soft Cell doing “Tainted Love,” and talking about the history of the songs and the 60’s version.

Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald doing “On My Own”?? I like Michael McDonald but this really is a cheesy song!

Next is “Jacob’s Ladder’ by Huey Lewis and The News, who are AWESOME in concert, BTW. :)

... Kool and The Gang with “Misled”...

Per is introducing David Bowie with “Let’s Dance,” and saying he will never forgive David for killing his solo release in Sweden with the Let’s Dance album. :)

I am starting to think they got four or five clips of Per, and a few song choices, while the rest is standard programming this hour. I don’t think these are all Per’s choices. Who knows, though.

Tina Turner singing “The Best.” Great song!

I think his faves are the one that he introduces, and the rest are part of the program... so I agree with you. It’s great to hear his voice on the radio!

Now it’s “Cruel to Be Kind” by Nick Lowe. Even though it came out in 1980, it still sounds older than 1980 to me! :)

Per says he is coming back December 26th to introduce each and evey song from the Greatest Hits album (being released in the States that day) and departs by introducing one of his favorites, “Friday, I’m In Love,” by The Cure.

One of my faves, too, Per!!

Per is on Nordic Rox right now... a rebroadcast of the show recorded live in Stockholm yesterday.

And he played 727 Demo on the radio, amazingg!!

I’m blown away!

Carlos E. New York.


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