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Tears and tantrums for Rox20

Written by ncurran on August 29, 2006 to .

EDITOR’S NOTE - The following opinion piece by Neil Currran is indicative of the maelstrom of mostly negative comments that we’ve received today, mostly about the track listing for the upcoming Rox Box. The opinions expressed are those of the author. – LEO

DUNDEE, Scotland – A celebration of surviving 20 years in the fickle world of showbiz… and a career that has included 4 US Billboard #1 singles, world tours, over 45 million albums sold. This should be a time when those of us who have supported two humble musicians from Sweden should be united in celebrating what has been an amazing career, and the fact that after a worrying and turbulent time in Marie’s private live, that she once again feels able to work with Roxette again, even in this small way.

  It is rare that Roxette fans agree on anything. The Daily Roxette’s forum and reader’s comments sections will always be places where we enjoy lively debate and discussion. But, it seems that today we are almost united… yet not in a positive way.

  There has been bickering in the pages of TDR ever since the Rox20 celebrations were announced. Some fans had steam coming from their ears at the thought of yet another “greatest hits,” while others rejoiced at the return of Roxette. There were also others that did both at the same time, myself included.

  We have been dealt a double whammy today. Firstly the cover for the new single “One Wish”. As it was unveiled there was an audible gasp of air as we simultaneously proclaimed that this “can’t be the real sleeve”…”it looks fan made”…”a bad attempt at Photoshop”. However, soon afterwards it was announced that this amateur, tacky picture will indeed be gracing record stores all over the world in October. What remains to be seen is who will actually actually buy it. Never mind though, us Roxette lovers have a tough skin, and it is only a cover after all.

  Our second snippet of news on the other hand was a little harder to swallow. The much anticipated Rox Box, for “the fan who thinks they have everything,” has been a talking point ever since the concept was first thought of in the ’90s. What exactly would we get in this box that we don’t already have? When Per mentioned to TDR that there would be 14 unreleased songs, the fans could hardly contain their excitement (though many of us did think at the time that this was too good to be true).

While it is much better to be an optimist in most circumstances, as a Roxette fan it is often less heartbreaking to expect the worst, so then at least we cannot be disappointed.

As the tracklist to the Box was unveiled, it was quickly apparent that there certainly weren’t 14 unreleased songs. There are some songs that most fans have bootleg versions of but that are indeed unreleased. However, songs such as “Always Breaking My Heart (demo)”, “Help (Abbey Road)” and “7Twenty7 (demo)” have indeed been released before.

Some things on our wishlists leading up to the release have included the “Crush on You” remixes, “Stars” demo and “The Big L” demo. Others have requested some other live tracks and remixes. Instead, we have just some of the hits (which was expected) and lots of album tracks which we already own.

What the Rox world is asking EMI and Per now is “Is this really a fitting tribute and celebration of Roxette’s career?”

Reading all the comments to the news articles that have been posted today, I think we already have an answer to that question.

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Very well said Ncurran!

“While it is much better to be an optimist in most circumstances, as a Roxette fan it is often less heartbreaking to expect the worst, so then at least we cannot be disappointed.”

I love this quote. So true! I have to say, I’m neither surprised nor disappointed by the tracklisting because I expected as much. I expect to see the same tracklist again in another 5 years too. Whatever, these days I’m just happy to see Marie again in a new pic...even if it’s only on a crappy single cover. Whatever.

Hi: I respect your opinion, the tracklist is frustrating, but I’m going to buy the ROX BOX and am grateful to Roxette for having recorded two new songs.

I love you Per & Marie !!!

“Luv and peace” from M. Vanesa N.

Ps: Marie don’t let down your arms, I wanna listen to your voice for ever!!! in special with Roxette!!!!!.

Nice to see that our voices are in the front page.
Well done, TDR.

Per, if you need money... sell one of yours Ferrarris... don´t try to sell me “The Look” again.

New title for the Rox Box: “the fan who thinks they have everything... and are RIGHT about it”


Don’t try to buy it the rox box ;) nobody forces you, become a fan of another artist. Per is not going to be sad without you.

That’s the easiest attitude. Seems you were brainwashed or something like that. After all, you don’t act like a real fan. You take whatever it’s released, everything is ok for you. And by the way, you are nobody to prevent us to say what we are feeling.

I posted this elsewhere, but it seems more relevent here:

Gosh – it always upsets me when I see fans of something speak so negatively. But I reluctantly agree that the release of The Rox Box is very disappointing.

Assuming that this is the last full-scale release and career retrospective, there should have been a lot more thought put into the content.

Here’s my idea of what should have been included

1. The standard release of the new Hits album
2. A selection of hit album tracks/non-singles
3. Demos
4. Unreleased tracks / “Rarities”
5. A selection of their best live performances

1. All of the videos (hold off for One Wish and Reveal)
2. Concert highlights
2A. Live-Ism and Look Sharp! Live videos on DVD
3. Roxette: Unplugged
4. All the Roxette films (remastered and in one place)

1. Some sort of collectible trinket

Fans will shell out the money for the Rox Box. That’s what fans do. Rather than making the fans roll their eyes and grown just so they can have everything, why not include EVERYTHING? It may bump up the price a bit, but if it is TRULY worth the price, the fans will pay for it.

I think that much of the “frustration” over the release comes from fans who are so used to their high expectations being met. I mean, look at the track listing of any of the releases – hit after hit after hit. And with a drought of major new material in recent years, I think this is more of a case of withdrawal than it is anger.


@ncurran: Well said.

@LoneGunman: This was gold:

“Per, if you need money... sell one of yours Ferrarris... don´t try to sell me “The Look” again.


“New title for the Rox Box: “the fan who thinks they have everything... and are RIGHT about it”“

The fans are the winners today so many funny comments ;)

Exactly!! Like I said before the topic of the Crush on you remixes has been going around this site for 8 years now and they don’t even put it on!!!!!!!!

The tracklisting is a disgrace to the fans and they have to come up with something better...

This tracklisting is starting to look more like a nice illegal download list rather than something I would like to spend my money on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice work Neil, great article!

I would have loved to have got hold of The Big L demo in the Rox Box (the one on the making of the Joyride video all those years ago....) shame it’s not to be!

ncurran: Great article you made! Thanx...

well said Ncurran

Good article, thanx Neill!

Hear hear!!

Cool Neil, well said.

There was a massive opportunity to say thanks to the fans who have supported them all these years, but it seems that it’s been “overlooked”, be it by Per or EMI themselves.

Wonder if we’ll get a statement back from PG?? Would also be nice to hear something from Marie??

Nice write up Neil. I think that’s pretty much what everyone thinks.

What DanJKroll is what i would have liked, at least something close to it.

Hopefully Per & Co will change their mind and completely revamp the releases :-)

Thanx Neil! Great article :-)

I truly wonder what Per has to say when he is confronted with these reactions of the fans. He made the upcoming Roxbox sound so promising for us.

Thanks guys. I doubt it will make much difference really, but it had to be said.
What I would really like in response is not a defensive standpoint from Per insisting that the releases are the best thing for the anniversary, but rather an apology that they have disappointed the fans and been unable to offer them something that they will be pleased to own as a celebration of the anniversary.
After all the complaining, of course i will probably end up buying it. Unfortunately I will be paying for a box and booklet rather than the music it contains which is surely not what they would have wanted

well done ncurran and TDR editors. Keep us in touch about per reaction

well done neil. I still cant believe the dissapointment and how it will be reflected on them this coming october and november. Only time will tell if all can be fixed. I know for sure ill skip it for the first time. :-(

First of all:
“Per, if you need money... sell one of yours Ferrarris... don´t try to sell me “The Look” again.”
In Sweden there is something called “Jantelagen”. This is an attitude that sort of tries to push eveyone into being the same and not be different. When it comes to rich people- they very often don´t spend their money on objects that can be seen by the general public ´cus they don´t want people to talk about it. This is what I love about Per- he doesn´t give a shit about it. I don´t believe for a second that he does anything to show off, but he totally couldn´t care less what people see.
Why does Per come across as more money-digging than Marie- just because he buys Ferraris? Have you seen Maries boat? Have you seen her house?? Have you seen her car? All of it smells money- but hey- they´re TOTALLY worth it!! It´s great that they know how to spend what they´ve earned. I just think it´s weired how it´s always Per who has to take the blame for wanting money whenever Roxette do something new. Just because he´s not a “socialdemokrat”.
Buy 2 new Ferraris a year!! That´s one of his interests. Let the man have some fun without you talking shit about it!! Per and Marie have worked hard for their fortune!

This talk about “another greatest hits album”.....
Have you ever thought about that Roxette have a record-deal with EMI? In such deals you´ve guaranteed to release so and so many records in a certain period of time. If anyones pushing for a new album it´s EMI. Not Per! Per has other projects to work on. I´m sure he would love more than anyone to make a brand new Roxette-album. Unfortunately at the moment this is not possible due to the circumstances around Marie. We should all accept that and let EMI release their new HITS album.

I cant wait for the new songs! Finally something new with Roxette!

And Per- I hope you hope you continue to buy nice new cars in the future. You´re starting to get a real nice collection!!


Actually it’s not about cars or GH albums in this case. It’s about the Rox Box for “true fans” (Per) and the rip-off with it.

lol i was gonna copy n paste the reply i did for the first article, I can’;t really both reiterating my disappointment, yes I am actually agreeing with so many people here its scarey. It would be a bit hillarious if the track listing was a hoax, but I don’t think that’s ever going to be true. I guess my predictions that some of the marie demos would be out, and technically what we considered already released to per they aren’t they were b-sides to his solo projectes intended to be roxette tracks, so I dunno, I will probably buy the box on....simply cause it’s gonna round out my roxette collection and after the single from the hits cd they may be the last thing I actually purchase from them....I’ve been a fan for over 15 years, and I dread the day i have to find another talented band to follow, since mostly likely there aren’t any worth my time, so this is like a really disappointing tv plot where a main character is killed off in a cheesey way, kinda like when dax got killled by dukat on ds9, thats what the rox box represents to me, EMI’s half assed way of putting roxette in their grave

It’s good to see this article published in here, as the opinion from us the fans..
However, in my opinion we can’t quite compare the disappointment due to the sleeve design to “One wish” with the Rox-box tracklisting..!
A sleeve in only a sleeve, I suppose you don’t buy a record for its sleeve but for the music itself - so until I’ve heard the song I can’t say if it’s worth buying or not.
The Rox box tracklisting on the other hand is just enough to put me off from buying the whole thing undoubtedly!

that attitude you describe is also common in Germany, but in a much(!) simpler way: enviousness

For me, sleeve of “One Wish” is fantastic - colourfull, funny, full of life. But who cares, problem is with RoxBox tracklisting. Actually, I expected so that all those unrealeased tracks will be from illegal CDs, but I expected at least that ALL of them will be included. Where is “Reaching High”, where is superb “I’m under your magic spell” ? And of course some demos & remixes would be very nice

I never thought I would be fooled so badly by...

I really think Per will skim over our comments!

I agree with the article writer.

Anyway, I’m happy because Roxette is coming back after a long and difficult time.

thanx to the one who wrote this. it summarizes most of our opinions.

i also agree with someone who told per: “if you want some money, sell one of your ferraris, don´t try to sell me the look again”.

i hope we get an answer from the rox camp.

@ncurran: Well said. Nice effort. I appreciate it lots.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Neil, congratulations! You’ve said better than I ever could!

Yo Neil! Good to see your still around! Nice article by the way. Ahh...can’t believe that it was five years ago we we’re traveling through the last tour. Hope you’ve been doing good.

Longunman, that was so funny! I loved your comment!

Well Said Nel. Man Have roxette learnt nothing. I bet it’s EMI pressuring them to release this by years end. Take your Time Dig up some rarer releases do some re-mastering, and for gods bloody sake DUMP EMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TDR Ed’s we want a conference with Per/D&D or EMI, and we want it now!


royalball, yeah i remember you from the RS tour. good to see you are still about too

ncurran & royalball, I also remember both of you from RS tour. We are all alive ;)

Very well said, Neil. Let the fans speak!

I can remember you too Ramas...did you not win a meet and greet at the Karlstad show aswell?

As per my last posting...

Just a thought, didn’t Roxette have humble beginnings? Remember the video for Soul Deep? How simple it was? I think the new Album Cover for “One Wish” reflects Per and Marie’s return to the simpler times. (Like Pearls of Passion) It’s the start of new beginings. Everything goes full circle, enjoy the Joyride...there’s more to come :)


Yes Neil, I was also in Meet & Greet ;)

Stop Whining and get a life, will ya!

This forthcoming Rox Box is having excellent tracklist. i am definetly bying it.

Hopefully copy control logo is not appearing in front of Rox Box.


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