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Per’s mother, sister and nephew exhibit their artwork

Written by ATLTK on August 3, 2006 to .

KUNGSBACKA - Per’s mother Elisabeth, sister Gunilla and nephew Christofer Loneberg are currently exhibiting their artwork at Tjolöholms Slott, a beautiful manor house here built in the Elizabethan style. The house, erected between 1898 and 1904, fascinates thousands of visitors every year.

  The art exhibition, titled “Three Generations, Three Expressions,” includes acrylic and oil paintings along with various drawings. Both Per and Åsa attended the opening (vernissage) yesterday.
  All of the paintings displayed are for sale.

  The exhibition continues until August 13, and is open daily between 13:00 - 19:00.

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any pictures of the artwork available?

art runs in the family ey.

That’s cool!

Gessle family roxxxxx!!!! (-;

How fun!

... Art exists in the family gessle, no doubts :)

Would be cool to see some pictures! ;)

Awww they should have displayed some of Per’s work and Gabriel’s word as well.... make it 4 generations!

And they had ” Kaninhoppning” ( Rabbit jumping) at the castle too.

Something for Gabbe?

Aren’t the generations two?

So Per, Per’s sister and his cousin are not the same generation?

Do they have a pic from the exhibition when Per visited it?

No pictures from the exhibit as far as I’ve seen.

Wow... that´s exciting news... I mean, Gessle´s family in a exhiitzzzz....zzzzzz...zzzzz !!! :)

@Ippie: I think that Christofer is Per’s nephew and not cousin. So that would make three generations indeed.

Yeah, I agree with you ’Kiwein1 ’ that Christofer is Per’s nephew. I remember that I read it somewhere.

Thanks dear readers.. we’ve revised cousin to nephew.


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