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“It Must Have Been Love” covered, twice

Written by tevensso on April 1, 2006 to .

The tremendously popular Roxette track that went all the way to #1 in the U.S. in 1990, “It Must Have Been Love,” has been covered by no less than two artists lately. One of them being the British Idol version - The X Factor - runners-up Journey South who has done an acoustic version that’s included on their debut album “Journey South.” The album was released last week and went straight into #1 in the UK with more than 225,000 units sold. It’s expected to stay at #1 (or #2) another week at least.

  Shirley Clamp is the other artist that has covered the song, although her version will be in Swedish when it’s released in April. “The song has been wonderfully translated into ’När kärleken föds’ (’When Love is Born’) by Ingela ’Pling’ Forsman.” Shirley, who indeed is Swedish in spite of her name, will release a new album in April where she covers, or interprets, her favorite songs.

  Other artists TDR knows of recording IMHBL include Polly Esther, Digital Bitch, The Chipmunks and Sanne Salomonsen.

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The Chipmunks? That would be interesting.

haha!! that sounds like the smurfs!!

Sanne has an incredible voice :O Now that’s a voice, so sexy and hot *goes to listen to her last album*

IMHBL was also covered by The Axel Boys Quartet, Shirley Bassey and by Studio 99.

Studio 99 is not what I personally would count. :)

Everything Counts :-))

shirley bassey covered IMBL?

lol digital bitch is such a cool name

personally, i like Sanne Salomonsen version best of all, if roxette did a version like that a re-released it, would be a hit.

I think IMHBL is the song taht has been covered the most time of any Roxette song. I know a LOT more artists who covered, mixed or made an instrumental out of it.

The correct name is “Digital Beach”, not “bitch”; LOL!
And you can find an extensive list of covers from which IMHBL is indeed the most covered one so far at
Credits to Scott/RoxCyn for this site.

You know you’re getting old when your fave band is getting covered all the time......I think my fave version is the country version on Tourism. ;)
But Sanne S. is also very good!!!

@Mary: It is actually “Digital Bitch” and not “beach”! It is on the Absolute Christmas Hitmania CD. I just checked it since I have it. :)

I got a version of IMHBL by a band called Goatskin tis a rock version and they’re German I think

found their website here and it lists IMHBL as a track on an EP

After listening to the medley, i think the chipmunks version is one of the better ones ;-)

Goatskins version is here if anyone wants a listen, right click ’save target as’

i quite like it LOL

Thanx sooo much! Great version :D Made my day

The Chipmunks also recorded Joyride. Scary.

IMHBL has also already been covered by Cecilia Vennersten on a TV show.
I am pretty sure there are tons of cover versions out there no one’s ever heard of!

He He - I think it’s funny!

Where could I found more cover mp3’s, PLEASE??

what covers do you want? i have a few scary ones ;-)

@Vix Any cover is welcome :D Thanx for the imhbl one again!!

Ok, your probably gonna think i’m crazy, but does anyone have a copy of the chipmunks version of IMHBL they’d like to share??

sorry i haven’t got that one ;-)

@Vixzter can you please share some of the scary covers you got?

i’ll upload them in a bit

same url as before

theres a a smurf version of GT’s ’Gå&Fiska’, that effort by Mio or whoever of GT’s ’Nar Vi Tva Blir En’, Mobius Loop’s version of ’Sleeping In My Car’ and Listen To Your Heart’ by Petrus

if i find anymore i’ll upload them

Thanx Vixzter!!!!!!

Thank you :D

@Vixter: Goatskin are in fact Austrian, not German! Just wanted to add that so all Austrians can be proud of having such a wonderful band! ;-)

german, austrian.....whatever ;-)

@vix: Haha, if you want enemies in those countries you should say like that! ;-)

i have enemies everywhere a few more won’t hurt ;-)

@vixzter: wow, the remix of “när vi tva blir en” is really cool! love it! thanks a lot for sharing it :)

JS Version is really good!

Shirley Clamp? I don’t believe this. Somebody please kill me...

Never heard of her!

Shirley have been competing in the swedish eurovision song contest a couple of times. I think in 2004 and 2005 if I’m not misstaken. After that she has also been a part of the RixFM Festival summer tour atleast once. That’s all I know she has done... anyway, that’s what she is mostly known for.


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