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“How Do You Do!” remixed by German group; D.H.T. goes UK

Written by roxeteer on October 22, 2005 to .

German trio Cascada has released their version of the 1992 Roxette hit “How Do You Do!”. The progressive trance cover is sung by Natalie Horler, Cascada’s lead vocalist. The song has been released by Zooland Germany both as a 12” single (ZOO 0105) and CD. The release date was October 17.

  Meanwhile, rumor has it that D.H.T. has been signed by Data Records/Ministry Of Sound and their version of “Listen To Your Heart” will be released in the UK on November 22.

Sebastian K contributed to this article.

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Hej! Just checked her homepage and her version of HDYD is playing here. It sounds OK! I kinda like all of these new remixes around.

Now, here comes a flood of messages like “Buuh, we want REAL Roxette stuff, this sucks!”, etc:

it,s oke i gess but it goes a bit to fast
hear singing i mean
but it,s oke

not good but oke

and yes like marie singin it ofcourse
they should forbid this covering thing it,s sad that the can,t seem to make their own song

sorry that,s my opinion

the world is LOVING roxette once more. it’s perfect timing!

If you listen to the track “Miracle” the melody sounds similiar to the bridge of “Jefferson” reminds me a little of the other group who did, “God is a Girl.”

The more remixes there are, the better it is for Roxette, me thinks.

me thinks too :-)

that version on the 12” is great!

All this Roxette revival in the charts is absolutely great
coverage for them, and will help win them yet more

I have to admit, I prefer the remixes to the covers,
hearing the original vocals is way more enjoyable than
hearing someone else singing them.

You cant wipe the smile off my face whenever I hear
Marie’s vocals on the ’Fading like a Flower’ remix in a
nightclub. :)

Unlike the DHT and Dancing DJs recent covers/remixes, this offering is woefull woefull woefull.

Natalie’s vocals are as flat as a witch’s tit.

There’s nothing to see here, move along.

Sounds awful...:(
But, they have US tourdates! :)

Great great great!!!

Well, I have to admit I was very pleased when the song started, it sounded nice... but then those loud drums exploded, and I had to stopped it!!! I couldn’t listen anymore, it’s AWFUL!!! Those drums sound like they are superimposed to the song, and the results is horrible. Remove that annoying sound and you’ll get a decent cover.

C’mon, these unknown groups are using Roxette hits to get some fame. They had no brilliant ideas, so it’s easier if they use a song that was already more or less successful. Avoid this crap!

well thats strange cos last night 2 clubs in leeds had our ’ JOYRIDE 2005 ’ remix playing , i couldnt believe it ! has that promo been sent out aswell ?

Thank go that you can hear the version on their homepage - so I don´t have to buy the CD to realise that it´s terrible...

Roxette is so much better. And who can do that song withour Per and Maries cute voices!?!?

i agree, i asked the clubs last night if they would play it , but the didnt like it , so they didnt play it, but im please to hear the joyride 2005 is out there.

IMHO, Gessle could have remixed and released these songs himself! ;))))))

I listen this cover from Cascane, I think that D.H.T. remixes is better than this.

Real Roxette not a copie,real is real,copy is know...

A cover is only positive for the original artist if the cover still has some quality and the original is not totally destroyed by the cover.

Furthermore you have the question if the people who buy these covers are aware that it IS a cover.
They might not even know that Roxette is the original performer.
Some buyers are even so stupid that when they hear roxette, they think that Roxette is covering DHT instead of the other way round.

I asked Per (a.k.a The son Of A Plumber ) what he thought about covers and his short, but clear answer was:

some i like, most i hate

I do agree with him!

sounds awful...
please no dance-covers anymore!!!!!

why on earth woudl you remix a flop? besides the bom krash version was the best

a flop???

yeah a flop hdyd is one of their worst performing singles

I wonder how this will do!

I am sure I heard this well the ending on the radio!


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