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Bon Jovi name their new album “Have A Nice Day”

Written by roxeteer on July 4, 2005 to .

After Bryan Adams publicly apologized for naming his album “Room Service,” the same name as the Roxette album from 2001, Bon Jovi name their new album “Have A Nice Day.” Roxette released an album with the same title in 1999.

  Bon Jovi’s album will be released in September, first on the 14th in Japan, then internationally on the 19th except in the USA and Canada where the album is released a day later, on September 20. The first single from the album, released on July 18, will also be called “Have A Nice Day.” The song is about racism.

Jean-Francois Lejour contributed to this article.

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Always the original is better!! hahahaha...
I love the HAND Roxette.

Bon Jovi havent got any good idea? :(

guess per was right ’took the tram round the bay where everyone tells you to “have a nice day”...’

Wow, Bon Jovi releases album the same date as my birthday!!!

I’m sure Jon and the guys don’t really care about having the same name as a Rox album. As we all know the “Have A Nice Day” saying as a national American institution, so they can’t really be expected to apologise to Rox. Don’t know why people thought that Bryan Adams had to apologise either. Rox didn’t own the Room Service title.

Ha ha, people are so sensitive. The song is great, and I want the single NOW!
Jon wanted to write with Per a while back ago (Destination Anywhere), but Per denied, claiming he was busy. Unconfirmed, but still probably true.

Nice to know! :) one for the wanted list!

its hard work when 2 popular albums are named the same !

i think per wanted to promote RS and HAND and asked BADAMS and BONJOVI to call their new albums like Roxette’s. Therefore on google and say amazon searches, people searching for badams and bonjovi would also find roxette ;) I’m waiting for a new JOYRIDE to popup somewhere :P

madonna’s new album will be called CRASH BOOM BANG and michael jackson upcoming worldtour will be called JOIN THE JOYRIDE ;)

And the first single of Jackson’s Joyride-album will be called “Little Girl” :-)

Little Boy more likely...

The stereophonics also called their album Have a nice day

This is terrible news.

You know, I just had to tell my work colleagues about this development and at first they didn’t believe me. They just could not accept that 2 international music artitsts could somehow share the same name for an album.

“MADNESS”, they cried at first, but I soon proved my tale of woe by pointing them in the direction of this site, (thank goodness for The Daily Roxette).

Perhaps we could start a petition? Maybe the fans can rally togther and somehow reverse this unfortunate situation.

Maybe we could write to our local government representatives and lobby support from the powers that be?


I did love the MJ joke then! :)

@ PeterGm: Actually, there already is a band called Joyride here in Sweden... although it’s a band for old people to go and dance to... I really don’t know how to translate it, but here it’s called “dansband”.

well im pretty sure that MJ would be very happy to called a song little boy....but..someone could sue him because of that...everything is now sure...MJ can reffer annything to billy jean watch yourself!! ....

i love you guys...sometimes some jokes on this site is not these times....

by the way...Job Bon jovi alreay apologized for naming his 4th chil romeo cause month before...Miss ’spice’ Beckham did the same thing...and she wanted apologize from him..riduculus but he did it annyway...

so maybe he will apologize...

by the way the song called ahve a nice day is way upbeat then rox one...its more likely in the same style as its my life...but i more heavy...or maybe its just because im tired of listening to its my life..

anyway Per already stole joyride from the;-)

I’m glad that Don’t bore us wasn’t called Greatest Hits, imagine all the excuses that had to be sent...

1st Bon Jovi steals Pers ’Kix cha-ch-cha’, now this! Somebodys a fan! :P

maybe people will get confused, buy Roxette’s album and will think “huh, Bon Jovi DO have bad taste for covers!” ;)


Well, Roxette doesn’t have the monopoly for song and album titles...

Hej! I remember when Rox released the “Room Service” album somebody mentioned that he/she was a fan of another band who had released an album with the same title many years ago.

About this, discussion also claimed that you can state a song attempts plagiarism, but can’t do so with song/album titles.

Also, remember Per has been inspired by some Tom Petty titles and songs. Petty has a song titled “A thing about you”, just to name one.

Had a big laugh with the MJ joke also here!

Last minute news: ___THE_RAMONES___ have a song titled “Have a nice day” (from their album “Adios Amigos”, 1995) ... mmm, this explains it all! :P

Well I guess there is no news about Roxette so they have to find something.

I say the words “Have a nice day” many times and never think of Roxette. I think it takes a bit more than 4 words to talk about “inspired in” or “stolen” or whatever... especially with a sentence used by hundreds of millions of people every day.

@flower: “Don’t bore us - get to the chorus” is not a sparklingly inventive sentence either. Per and Marie got it from a logo of a recording company of the seventies, if I’m not mistaken.

So what if BJ releases an album with the same name, a lot of artists have songs and album titles with the same name. If you want to get picky I wonder where Per got the song title “Run to You” from maybe he saw Bryan Adams single “Run to You” which was release years before Roxette released their’s.

@Auryte: so it‘s a bon Jovi present to your birthday!

I don’t think that this is good,that BJ named they’re New CD HAND!

I have this song “hand” of the ramones and I do not like...

yeah...... :S or ?


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