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Fritzon sells out cars

Written by Mala on June 28, 2005 to .

HALMSTAD (UPDATED) - This week Göran Fritzon -Fritte - keyboardist of Gyllene Tider, will auction out two of his cars, one ’97 BMW 523i (lot 93) and one ’88 Mercedes 230CE (lot 94) at local auction-house Hallands Auktionsverk - the same that held the Gyllene Tider auction last year.

  More info available at Auktionsverket’s site, some in English and some in Swedish.

  Update Jul 1: According to Auktionverket’s site the cars weren’t sold.

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Now if it was Per...

looks like someone needs abit of cash ;-)

Maybe he needs the space for new rides? :D

I also wonder why he sells out his cars...

he need money! :P

he sells them because he had 2 tyoo much and wanted to buy a new one
he told me that Martin the auctioneer had been nagging at him to sell them at an auction

hm.. yea. My question is why the h-ll he puts them on auction? I mean, it’s a nice idea, but it’s not exactly the most common way to sell you car in... oh well. It’s a pitty that I’m not in the need of a new car.

And for those who wonder, he does have more cars than that. I know of atleast one more anyway.

Lots of famous people sell there car at auction!

Easy... the first reasonable answer is that he must have his eyes on a new car and he doesn’t need two older cars to drive! :)

If GF plays his cards right he would be able to sell that car for about 16000Euro to a private in the lane. However, being a car owned by a Gyllene Tider band member, he may even double that up!

I estimate he is just hitting 100,000km and as long as the car has service history he shouldn’t have a problem...

Milage: BMW 295,000 km, Mercedes: 195,000 km.

hm.. why can’t he sell the cars via auction? I mean it’s up to him to decide how to sell them. And if he gets some extra money because it’s “the GT-guy” car.. why not? ;)

Enjoy the new car :P

Maybe he hopes he will get so much money like the seller of the VW Golf from Pope Benedikt XVI

295k km!! Is he a taxi driver??!

Bad luck about the cars, Fritte.

I think he just got tired of those two vehicles and wants to buy a new one or two


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