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Fritzon’s company develops audiobook machine for libraries

Written by tevensso on June 21, 2005 to .

HALMSTAD - SweMD, the Halmstad-based company owned by Gyllene Tider’s Göran Fritzon and MP Persson among others, started their web-based audiobook store in October last year. Their idea was to sell books in MP3 format. Seems they were correct as many major companies in Sweden, like CDON and AdLibris, have since entered the market.

  Now SweMD has taken the next step with a stand-alone audiobook downloading machine for libraries. Using their machine, people can borrow audiobooks for free.

  The first one to get a prototype of the machine will be the city library of Skövde. It will be installed and opened tomorrow by Göran. If all goes according to SweMD’s plans, libraries all over Sweden can become their customers.

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so now since kids don’t have to count to make change at cash registers anymore, they wont have to know how to read either?

Well, at least schools haven’t got these machines yet :)

It’s good idea... but a little OTT

Great idea! Audio books are very popular and it’s nice to listen to someone who reads a book for you while you’re doing other things (doing the dishes, cooking, driving) but this doesn’t mean that reading becomes redundant...

*comment from a future librarian ;-) *

I’m listening to audiobooks while I’m cleaning, walking or riding my bike.
Hard to read while doing those things :)

Just too bad you can’t buy them as mp3:s on cd or dvd (the lifetime on a pressed CD/DVD is sooo much longer than on a burnt CD-R/DVD-R).

Oh, and I love this idea because when I used to borrow them at the library they were usually scratched and stuff.


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